Freeing myself

When I clocked how much time was stolen online, outside of work. I realized the problem is with me.

I have to free myself from some of this.

Summer colds winter remedies

A clingy cough, fever and chills won’t budge with the codeine cough medicine prescribed last week.

The 48 hour virus has outlived itself three times. I’ve fired my doctor.

Now I’ve brought out the big guns to banish this woeful condition.

It’s quite effective. I have to say.

My ears stopped hurting, my nose cleared, my cough calmed down….and I’m entirely relaxed, or just exhausted from coughing for the last 5 nights.

Today I’m grateful to be on the mend, and for the Rye whiskey I found buried deep in the cabinet above the refrigerator.

I don’t care for hard liquor. So instead of plain water, I made some chamomile tea, and added some extra lemon.

Taking nothing for granted

Breathing seems like such a simple thing, until a virus grabs you by the lungs.

Then moving, or trying to breath too deep causes coughing fits.  Cough syrup makes you dizzy.

Laying still is the only option.

It’s a good thing that there is a Star Wars Marathon on TV. I can be still for Star Wars. 

One box of Kleenex down, got two more left.  Tomorrow will be better.  Tomorrow needs to be better. 

A sweet surprise

My dear husband, God love him, sees a cardiologist on a regular basis.  I love his Doctor.  He is a chop-buster, and will yell at my husband if things don’t look good.  But that’s what my husband wanted in a Cardiologist, someone who would hold him accountable. 

So this week, my husband is in for his check up.  In check up chat, Dr. J asks my husband how long my husband and I have been married.  Somehow in the comments following the question, Dr. J sent a prescription home with me in mind. That must have been some chop-busting chat!

He’s not just a Heart Doctor, he’s a Love Doctor😍😘❤️❤️❤️.

He can hold my man’s feet to the fire any time he wants. 

The fun part was, my man was all for it.  We had a good laugh, and made some plans to go on a date. 

Great quote

If you aren’t taking care of yourself, who is?

Being busy isn’t a badge of honor.  Being too busy to develop your own gifts, talents, skill, or even your own peace doesn’t help anyone, and harms you.

What have you done to take care of yourself this week?

My last Hormone, or why I don’t want to go Bald. 

Doctors. One says yes to Hormone replacement. The other says no.

The No doctor says to me:  “do you shave your feet?”

Me:  ” I rarely have to shave my legs.  Why?”

No Doc:  “when was the last time you shaved your legs?”

Me:  “4 or 5 days?”

No Doc takes my arm:  “you don’t have hair on your arms either.  Your eyebrows are thin, and your hairline is receding.  No more hormones.”

Me:  “I’ve always been smooth, Doctor.”

No Doc:  “That’s why you are going in for an Ultrasound on your thyroid, and I’m getting 8 vials of blood.”

Me:  ” if I grow a mustache because of this, you are in trouble!”

I guess I’d rather be Cranky, Weepy, and Bitchy than Bald.

Two boxes of Kleenex, 27 hours of sleep, and a 3 peat of Roxanne

I learned about these too late!  Who knew that the fabulous minds of today came up with a product that would save the body of the dreaded Red Nose of Suffering!

Two boxes of Kleenex can do a number on the schnozzola.  But I’m on the mend.  

Today I woke up feeling better, had an appetite, and a little energy.  Gone were the shivers, the sweats, and the Booger Fest.

Today I’m grateful for feeling better, good sleep, and a good movie to watch over and over and one more time just because.


Colds, cold medicine, Kleenex, and falling over

I’m not a sick person.

I rarely go to the doctor.

But I came back from Phoenix with a cold, Dammit.

So I got on the couch with my tea, blankie, and Kleenex. 

My darling friends brought me Pho, spring rolls, dumplings, magazines, and more Kleenex. 

My nose is red, my ears hurt and are ringing, and as I sit down to soup, I fall on my butt cause I’m so dizzy.

What do my friends do?

They laugh their butts off because it was so hilarious.

Too bad my cold medicine wasn’t the old fashion kind.  But I’d really like to find some of this….

It would make falling down, so much more deserved.

To your health!


Photo credit:  Lauren Conrad

I added Yoga to my exersize routine in mid-July.  It’s an hour long Hatha Yoga class on Tuesdays and Thursday’s.  So we focus on breathing. We ground a pose, find our breath, and hold the pose.

I had never focused on breathing before, and I have found it relaxing and enjoyable.

Something so simple.  Breath in, breath out.  Breath in 2,3,4…Breath out 2,3,4,5.   Repeat.

In the quest to reinvent myself, I’ve started with the most basic necessities. My breathing.  

One of the tricky parts of reinvention is the fact, it’s still me at the end of the day.  It will always be me.  

So, breathing is underway.  Thinking is underway.  Training my body with exersize, and training my mind with casting down negativity, and doubt and focusing on positivity, strength, and learning new things.

I breath in the beauty of my future.  I breath out the creativity and strength to create and embrace it.

Is your tank empty or full?

Photo credit:  fit

I got hit with this question from two different sources in one day.  Repeated messages tend to get my attention.

This makes sense to me, as I have been drained.  Not just of physical energy, but mental and emotional energy too.

We worked in the heat again this weekend.  I knew I was whipped when I thanked my husband, and was supremely grateful for the makeshift “potty”….Aka Latrine he built using a toilette seat, landscape timbers, and cinder blocks over a deep hole in the ground.  He did a tent- like privacy cover using a blue tarp.  This city girl has come a long, long way.  The frogs jumping in and out of the cement water trough a few feet away…didn’t even phase me.  I almost took a picture of it I was so thankful…..I’ve come a very long way, indeed.

When I got home late Sunday night I said a long prayer of thanksgiving for hot running water, a toilette that flushes, air conditioning, and my bed.

Monday was a long day of interviews and research into the prospective employers, Zumba, grocery shopping, cooking, walking the neglected dogs, and an online seminar.  

Today, I’m drained.  I’ve spent myself fully.  All of the physical, emotional, intellectual reserves I thought I had are used up, drained and gone.

So for me, it’s time to unplug.  With the last of my creativity, I wanted to post something encouraging.  We all face times when we have to fill our tanks.  We are most effective when we operate out of our overflow.

If any of you are finding yourselves drained, please share how you recharge, how you care for yourself to make sure you are operating at your best.  What works for you?

Until I return, be good to yourself and to each other!