A sweet surprise

My dear husband, God love him, sees a cardiologist on a regular basis.  I love his Doctor.  He is a chop-buster, and will yell at my husband if things don’t look good.  But that’s what my husband wanted in a Cardiologist, someone who would hold him accountable. 

So this week, my husband is in for his check up.  In check up chat, Dr. J asks my husband how long my husband and I have been married.  Somehow in the comments following the question, Dr. J sent a prescription home with me in mind. That must have been some chop-busting chat!

He’s not just a Heart Doctor, he’s a Love Doctor😍😘❤️❤️❤️.

He can hold my man’s feet to the fire any time he wants. 

The fun part was, my man was all for it.  We had a good laugh, and made some plans to go on a date. 

Fitness goals, minor victories

It’s been 5 months since I started a regular exercise routine. 

Nothing big to report.  No miracle transformation, but there have been small milestones that I’m so happy to have reached. 

1.  There was the headstand. 

2. The 1 minute plank.

3.  The strength moves in the headstand.

4.  Coming to really enjoy my work outs.  My change in attitude astounds me.

5.  Touching my toes!

This might seem like the smallest of markers, but in all actuality….it’s huge for me.

Growing up taking dance lessons, being on the dance team (drill team) in high school, doing aerobics, maintaining my flexibility and splits now into my 50’s….why would touching my toes be such a big deal?

With all that flexibility, there was a tightness in my back that limited my range of motion in the forward fold.  With Yoga, I’ve now stretched and strengthened to the point where I can fold, and touch my toes.  It was a happy day.  A little milestone that had always eluded me, but now, it is mine.  Hello toes.

A happy Monday reaching a long overdue milestone.

Pie, And a frosted mug of Milk

Royers Cafe, Round Top, TX

One of those places that have been around forever, and has never changed.

Pie, first and foremost.

Atmosphere. 15 tables, and all the pie memorabilia you can handle.

Menu.  Un-freaking-believable

Music.  Roy Orbison, 50-60’s Swing, Rock, and beach music.

Friendly service. 

Apple, Blueberries with lemon cream cheese filling, cherry, Wild Berry Smash, peach, pecan, chocolate caramel crunch, the list was endless!

Your own personal Sin-a-mon bun on the side.

The Menu, humor, and indication of the fun ready to be had.

Shrimp stuffed quail, rack of lamb, this is quite a Tony menu for a town of 133 population.

You don’t “get no sides, you get pasta” sort of place.  And there is “no buckshot” in the quail….which would be disturbing if they used buckshot to bag the quail.  Birdshot anyone?  

So if you want something that Oinks and Chirps, or Some Stuff that Swims, OR Pie, this was an outstanding lunch stop.  I had to have a glass of milk with my cherry pie.  They served it in a frosty mug along side of my warm cherry pie.  I was pretty much worthless for the next hour….pie hangover. 

We weren’t even out to have a fun lunch, we were out on exploratory, canvassing sales calls!  We stopped in on a happy chance, and it was better than I remembered.  The best news was, the only bank in town received us well, and we were able to get an appointment to have a formal meeting in August, and have a chance for more yummy goodness.

I’m ready for my next road trip. 😊

Grateful for our Nation

Happy 4th everyone!

I hope your day is bright.

May your picnic be ant-free,

Your music be lively and upbeat,

Your fireworks be spectacular,

And your heart beat fondly for our great America.

Lest We Forget

Photos by me.

The United States of America broke with an oppressive Nation over and .8 cent tax on Tea.  The final straw over multiple and ongoing oppressions that propelled our nation into Independence.
I’m grateful to be in a country that has done so much for the world for freedom’s sake. 

God Bless America.


What a lovely week.

I took flowers to the office for the staff who continually makes me look good.  It made me so happy to give them a little smile.  Not the flowers in the picture, I found some beautiful yellow roses, a symbol of friendship, and Texas.

It was just an ordinary Tuesday, and the week hadn’t started off very well at all.  Never the less, a change of attitude can turn a blah week into a fabulous one if you don’t let sour thoughts take over.

Be someone’s sunshine today.


image credit Hippie Peace Freaks (toni) Facebook.



The Wide and Unmeasurable

Image credit. Pinterest

There are times when the Universe is so big.

Occhiolsm, what a great word.

Today, I’m grateful for this wide, wonderful, world and everything that surrounds it.  I’m humbled and grateful to be here. 

Half way through

All day yesterday I thought it was Wednesday…..I was a little bummed out that today is Wednesday.

May the rest of your week be grand.

I’m working on staying positive.  Do I relish having another day?  Do I celebrate how much I got finished in just 2 days?

Maybe I will take a nap, since I’ve got a little time on my hands. 

Cheers to the midweek. 


It’s Friday.


Image credit:  Momma Giggles




The monkey face says it all.  Blah.

I realize that I hadn’t been posting much.  Things have been a bit dry on the creative path, but I have been reading and commenting.


Cheers to a good weekend everyone.

My gratitude today is that I’ve made it this far.

A Presidential Story

It’s convention season.  And who should be the featured speaker at our conference this week, but George W.  Don’t turn the channel on me, this isn’t a political rant.  It’s a funny story.  I didn’t know how funny he is.  He had us in stitches.

It was a really big deal to have the President with us.  I’ve never heard a President speak in person.  So I was really interested in attending. Security was very tight.  No camera’s, no note taking, but can I help it if I remember a story?

If the Secret Service comes to take me away, I hope I can count on one of you to come bail me out.

W asked if we’d like to hear a story about Putin?  Everyone said yes.

So here’s what I remember of the story that GW told:

‘Putin came to Camp David, and we were walking with the interpreter, and I asked him if he’d like to meet my dog, Barney.  You might remember Barney, he was a little Scottish Terrier.  Well, Putin dissed my dog.  When Barney came out to greet him, Putin didn’t say it, but his body language said ‘ you call that a dog?’.  Well Barney was about the only friend I had in Washington, and that kinda ticked me off.  Not too long after that Laura and I were in Moscow at Putin’s place.  He asked me if I’d like to meet his dog.  Out comes this massive hound.  He says, ‘now this is a dog.’  I didn’t say anything back.  When we got on Airforce 1 I said to Condi Rice, do you know what Putin said to me?  ‘My dog is bigger than your dog’.

We all laughed.  His delivery was so dry.  And the way he kept saying Putin, it was more like poo-tin the verb vs Putin the name. All the bathroom jokes I’ve heard came to mind.

So that’s the fun I’ve been having this week.  Funny Presidents….who knew?