Feet up Friday night

Last night was really quite nice out. The humidity dropped, and there was a light breeze.

We turned on the fans, turned on the music and enjoyed till the mosquitos drove us inside.

Soap—an unexpected payoff

It’s time to make the soap.

I’ve gotten spoiled with this soap. It’s was a very gratifying thing when one of my networking partners, Marcee, bumped up against me, and in surprise, grabbed my arm.

Then she started stroking my arm with a very surprised, and almost shocked look on her face. In a very accusing tone she asked me “Why are you soooooo soft? You skin is so smooth, I can’t stop touching it! What do you use?”

She let go of me when she realized that things were getting a little odd.

I told her I make my own soap.

She just dropped her shoulders, and said “of course you do.”

I’m making an 4 pound batch so I can give some away with a couple of bars specifically set aside for Marcee.

Today I’m grateful for time to make soap, and the ability to make it.

What are you grateful for today?


Life has been a bit of a struggle the last few weeks with the shoulder thing.

Friday I went for the arthrogram and MRI.

That big needle in my shoulder was not pleasant, it reminded me of getting a Novocain shot, but a bit more intense, especially when the bigger needle for the contrast was put in. Two needles, one shoulder….all I can say is that I was a big girl and didn’t cry. I also didn’t really want to move for the rest of the night either.

All this fuss about my shoulder got me thinking about the human frame, and how remarkably made it is. Muscles, joints, bones, blood, intake, elimination, sight, sound, speech, thought…….we are a remarkable arrangement of atoms.

Today, I’m grateful to go to the movies with the family.

Timely reminders

Today started off with a self beating, reprimand, dress down, criticism of the stupidity of getting involved in a dying association.

Nothing is more predictable than me, making a mistake and beating myself up for it.

Then, I turned on the radio and I heard a friendly voice:

“I don’t have to go to work, I GET to go to work.”

“I don’t have to take care of my kids, I GET to take care of my children”

“When you take “have to” and change it to a “get to” it’s a game changer.

Thanks pastor Joel Osteen for reminding me of how much I “get” to do.

It’s all about the attitude.

This moment meant a lot to me. So don’t write me something nasty about pastor Joel. I don’t care if you don’t like him. Be happy that I got a message in due season about my attitude, and it helped me.

Testing my patience

Well, I did it. I don’t know why I did it, but I did.

What did I do?

I volunteered to be the treasurer for a non-profit women’s group.

We had our planning meeting yesterday.

I’m so grateful I kept my temper.

I’m so grateful there are only 8 meetings until my term is up.

It could have been that no one listened, but everyone wanted to talk.

It could have been we could have finished in 2 hours if one of the founding members would have stopped telling us stories or her opinion.

It could have been that the current board preferred to complain than actually consider a fix their issues.

What insists on remaining will never change.

It’s going to be a long year.

Well Worn Frets


I lay the old guitar on my lap, and strum.

The strings are not in tune, but the instrument is so familiar.

I pick out a few cords, find my keys, and start to tune up my grandfather’s guitar.

It’s a well played, and much beloved part of the family.

Can I do it justice?

I see the indentations made by my grandpa.  He would play and sing for us, every chance he got.

He was raised in the hills of West Virginia.  Blue Grass, Gospel, Folk music in his blood.  He would play.  I can still hear him.  It would make him so happy, if we would just sit and listen to the music in his soul.

I could find, G.  I could find D. C sounded terrible.  F eluded me, I think I’m still not tuned right.

The warm ups came back, and I was able to get to G minor, but F….where is F? F minor?

Just a little reminder, and a little effort.  A little toughening of the finger tips.  It will come back, and I can wear those frets out a little more.

Just owning it

This is so true for me.

In my early days, I put up with a lot of drama, conflict, and stress. I probably contributed to some of it too.

Now, I understand the value of Peace, Happiness, and minimal stress.

I find myself purposefully avoiding stress, drama, and conflict. It’s really bad for me.

Today, I’m grateful for a new week, a long holiday weekend, and a fresh start to the day.

What are you grateful for today?

Memorial Day

Freedom isn’t free.

Today I’m grateful for those who have paid the ultimate price to protect and defend this great nation.

Thank you.

41 years of Star Wars

Yesterday, I got done at the office around 1:30. I ordered a curbside grocery pick up but couldn’t fetch it till 5.

What to do until then? I didn’t want to go home, so I looked for a movie.

The first time I saw Star Wars was in 1977 at the theater (it was the only way to see it at the time). I was 13, my brother was 9. It was magical. We loved every minute.

In 2002, at the 25th anniversary of the movie, they put together new scenes, added CGI, and my brother and I went back to celebrate. We loved every minute.

This year, as I sat in the theater for the 2:20 pm showing with 10 other die hard fans, the opening script rolled and I was 13 again, but missing my little brother. I had to text him as soon as I got out of the movie.

Ron Howard did a great job on the film, and it was so great to see actors enthusiastic about their parts, instead of hating them.

I’m a fan of the series. This new chapter did not disappoint. I loved every minute. And that’s not something I can say for every chapter, but every chapter has brought back wonderful memories.