Getting back to business, nose constipation, and other silliness. 

It’s so good to be feeling better, and getting back into my routine.  Getting back to work.  Getting back to working out.

I went to my Monday night TRX class after quite an absence, and was amazed at how weak I had gotten.  I was teasing with the instructor when she asked where I had been.  I told her my nose was constipated.  She looked at me funny.  I continued to explain.  The last 2-3 days I was sick, I could breath, but there was a lot of crap stuck in my sinuses that would not come out!  I got a quite a chuckle out of that.  Of course she went on to kick my butt in the workout, and I went home a tired, sweaty mess with completely clear sinuses.

The other side product of being sick was losing my taste for wine.  I tried having a glass Friday night with dinner, and I was not interested in finishing it.  So it’s been a couple of weeks of being alcohol free, and I’m thinking I will just keep that status, and see how my physical self responds over time.  It would be great to lose some weight.

One of the other great quandaries going on in my head, and on my head is what to do with my hair.  Do I go gray?  Looking at the now substantial roots of gray, and thinking about having to go through the color, highlight process….do I want to just let the natural gray come out?  Do I have the patience to do that?  I see more and more beautifully gray-haired women own their silver tresses like champions.  It’s very motivating, I can tell you.  What I have to decide, is it for me?

I have to do something quick, decision-wise, on the hair.  I’m on the road again Friday, and this skunky gray streak down the middle of my head won’t pass muster.

Today I’m grateful for choices.  I’m grateful to be feeling better, to be able to work out, and to be back to work. 

Slow and comfy Sunday

Cleaning house a little bit.  Going through the drawers and closets, letting go……giving up on some of the old things.

Since Harvey, and Irma I’ve had a bit of an awakening.  There is so much clutter that doesn’t matter.  

I’ve cleaned out so much of what “no longer serves me”.  That is a phrase that I’ve come to know in my yoga practice.

You have days when your strength, attitude, ability, and flow work.  You exit the class better than you were when you went in.  You have other days when you can’t keep your balance, your body rebels, and you wonder why nothing is working.  It’s all ok.  It’s important to let go of what isn’t working.

MRI, testing, and comfort food.

With all the Storm issues, flooding, recovery, etc..when my Dr. Office reopened I got a call.

We have concerns about your recent tests, please schedule an MRI, and let us know where to fax the orders.

I had the MRI on Monday.  It was on my pituitary gland, yes, my head.  I’ve never heard such a noise, as the MRI. 

It was a little difficult, as my mother and aunt both recently died of cancer that matasticied from the points of origin into their brains. Brain tumors and terrible deaths….can you tell this bothered me a just a little.

As much as it bothered me, I focused on just getting through.

I got word back today that all is well, and that a medical protocol will be short.  No chemo, no radiation for now.

I’m just so grateful.  So I celebrated with a little fine breakfast…. By myself. Isn’t that beautiful?

My server’s name was “Precious”, no kidding!  She was as precious as her name implied.  I wrote a fabulous 5 star review for them on Travel Advisor.  A crab cake Eggs Benedict with Texas Pecan Coffee was amazingly fabulous. 

Something simple 

I needed a little reminder this week. I’ve found myself sensitive and snapping.  It’s not a pretty side of my personality, but when I’m over tired, or stressed I get easily annoyed.  

When I saw this from Kush and Wizdom this morning, I took it for myself.

So Happy Friday.  I hope your weekend is amazing.

Today I’m grateful for reasons to not be annoyed.😉

Coming through Harvey

According to, an article by Andrew Freedman 3 days ago, 15 trillion gallons of water fell in S. Texas during the 4 days the storm traveled across South Texas. By some Estimates 11 trillion a gallons fell in the 2700 square miles inside The Grand Parkway of the greater Houston Area.  Some areas of Houston experienced 50 inches of precipitation, the average rainfall across the city was 43 inches.  43 inches is half the average annual rainfall for Houston.

By comparison, when California was experiencing their drought, the state estimated that it would take 11 trillion gallons to break their record breaking drought. 

Trillions of gallons……I can’t even fathom the volume of that number. 

The water receded, slowly, and the roads became roads instead of water ways.

I got to get out a little today.  One of the grocery stores was open for a few hours.  They didn’t have much, but I got some milk, eggs, and a couple of veggies to keep us going for the next couple of days.

The crowds were upbeat, and there was an air of community and politeness.  

As I put my cart in the designated rack in the parking lot, a lovely middle eastern woman came along side me.  She had this sweet smile on her face.  In the friendliest way possible, she asked me about my house and family.  We shared our experiences for a moment, and she began to weep, so overwhelmed with gratitude that they had made it through.  I couldn’t help but weep with her.  We hugged, and wished each other well.  

The gravity of the event is hitting all around us.  I’m shaky, and weepy with relief.  I’m devasted by the loss all around me. There were two high water rescues near us.  The sound of the helicopters was amazing.  The silence of the neighborhood as we held our breath to see if the water would recede was deafening. 

We will be gathering donations, and heading out to see how we can volunteer to help.  I’m humbled, and in awe.  We made it through. 

A River Runs Through it


Slowly watching the water rise.  After over 30 inches of rain since Friday, we just don’t have anywhere else for it to go.

Through the fire,

Through the flood,

I stand, only with the help of God.

As we prepare for the water, and go through every room for what is significant……It’s amazing how much really is not significant in the least.  What a liberating experience.

I’m so grateful for my husband.  He’s been amazing through all.

I’m so grateful that we are all together as a family.

It’s a very stressful time, but with the strength of my family, and my faith we are going to come through this better.  So I will post this while we still have power, and a cell signal.

Don’t worry about us, we will be just fine.  I’m kinda excited to see where we end up on the other side of this struggle.  After all, it is the struggle that gives us our strength.

A sweet surprise

My dear husband, God love him, sees a cardiologist on a regular basis.  I love his Doctor.  He is a chop-buster, and will yell at my husband if things don’t look good.  But that’s what my husband wanted in a Cardiologist, someone who would hold him accountable. 

So this week, my husband is in for his check up.  In check up chat, Dr. J asks my husband how long my husband and I have been married.  Somehow in the comments following the question, Dr. J sent a prescription home with me in mind. That must have been some chop-busting chat!

He’s not just a Heart Doctor, he’s a Love Doctor😍😘❤️❤️❤️.

He can hold my man’s feet to the fire any time he wants. 

The fun part was, my man was all for it.  We had a good laugh, and made some plans to go on a date. 

Fitness goals, minor victories

It’s been 5 months since I started a regular exercise routine. 

Nothing big to report.  No miracle transformation, but there have been small milestones that I’m so happy to have reached. 

1.  There was the headstand. 

2. The 1 minute plank.

3.  The strength moves in the headstand.

4.  Coming to really enjoy my work outs.  My change in attitude astounds me.

5.  Touching my toes!

This might seem like the smallest of markers, but in all actuality….it’s huge for me.

Growing up taking dance lessons, being on the dance team (drill team) in high school, doing aerobics, maintaining my flexibility and splits now into my 50’s….why would touching my toes be such a big deal?

With all that flexibility, there was a tightness in my back that limited my range of motion in the forward fold.  With Yoga, I’ve now stretched and strengthened to the point where I can fold, and touch my toes.  It was a happy day.  A little milestone that had always eluded me, but now, it is mine.  Hello toes.

A happy Monday reaching a long overdue milestone.

Pie, And a frosted mug of Milk

Royers Cafe, Round Top, TX

One of those places that have been around forever, and has never changed.

Pie, first and foremost.

Atmosphere. 15 tables, and all the pie memorabilia you can handle.

Menu.  Un-freaking-believable

Music.  Roy Orbison, 50-60’s Swing, Rock, and beach music.

Friendly service. 

Apple, Blueberries with lemon cream cheese filling, cherry, Wild Berry Smash, peach, pecan, chocolate caramel crunch, the list was endless!

Your own personal Sin-a-mon bun on the side.

The Menu, humor, and indication of the fun ready to be had.

Shrimp stuffed quail, rack of lamb, this is quite a Tony menu for a town of 133 population.

You don’t “get no sides, you get pasta” sort of place.  And there is “no buckshot” in the quail….which would be disturbing if they used buckshot to bag the quail.  Birdshot anyone?  

So if you want something that Oinks and Chirps, or Some Stuff that Swims, OR Pie, this was an outstanding lunch stop.  I had to have a glass of milk with my cherry pie.  They served it in a frosty mug along side of my warm cherry pie.  I was pretty much worthless for the next hour….pie hangover. 

We weren’t even out to have a fun lunch, we were out on exploratory, canvassing sales calls!  We stopped in on a happy chance, and it was better than I remembered.  The best news was, the only bank in town received us well, and we were able to get an appointment to have a formal meeting in August, and have a chance for more yummy goodness.

I’m ready for my next road trip. 😊