Unexpected, but totally appreciated

I’ve not been myself lately. Too much on my plate, and I got distracted, and a little careless. Careless is not a word associated with me, usually.

Last week, I sent a signed Real Estate listing agreement to myself, instead of the realtor. I meant to send transfer statements to my financial guy, but forgot the attachments.

This week, I left my wedding ring in my hotel room while out for the day making sales calls.

I left my tablet at the TSA point in LAX.

When I realized I left my wedding ring behind, I called the hotel to cancel maid service, but the room had already been serviced. I sent up a quick prayer.

To my delighted surprise my ring was right where I had left it. I indeed left a nice tip for the cleaning lady, and will contact the hotel chain to express my appreciation.

When I realized that I had left my tablet behind, I hoofed back to TSA (who were exceedingly kind) but no one had turned it in. One of the agents went to look at the security footage, and as I waited, another of the Agents walked past me carrying my tablet.

They were so nice about everything, and I walked away saying a prayer of Gratitude.

It’s so easy to berate myself. I’m a seasoned traveler. I know better. Why I’m so scattered right now? I’ll just have to chalk up to stress, and too many irons in the fire.

I’m so grateful for the kindness and goodness of the people I’ve been around this week. Amidst my distractions, I’ve been so blessed that my blunders haven’t cost me. I’m so grateful.

This could have been an extra frustrating trip, but thanks to the goodness of people, it ended up making me smile, count my many blessings, and Thank God for the good people he put in my path.

I’ve got sunshine on a funky Friday.

It’s been a tough week.

Things are never so difficult as dealing with your own mind.

That’s where the battle is won, in the mind.

The battles fought in the mind are horrific, and long.

Sunshine is the best remedy.

Flowers are cheer for the soul.

I’m so grateful to live where I live, in the sunshine, an in abundance of flowers.

Ah Ha moments

Have you ever noticed patterns?

Patterns of behavior? Patterns of situation?

Yesterday started well enough, but I found myself irritated beyond measure by 3pm.

So I went back in my journal and found that mid-month this year has been fraught with consternation, frustration, and stupid situations.

Since there is no longer a biological reason for this in me, it really has me wondering what is causing this mid-month moodiness and grief.

(Image from Pinterest; Kush and Wisdom)

It was difficult to stay silent. It was difficult to understand the boiling in my soul.

Today isn’t much better, but at least I have calmed down enough to apply some logic and analysis to the consternation.

Recognizing the pattern actually gave me some relief, because now I can work against it and try to break the cycle.

Today, I might be boiling, but I am grateful that I have found the pattern, and that I can work to break it.

Grateful for the calm moments

As I have practiced gratitude, I have noticed that there is a calmness. Some days are more calm than others, but overall I can see that I’m more calm now than ever before.

Like any practice, it takes continuous repetition and focus to see any specific results.

As I practice yoga, I have learned to focus on my breathing. When I focus on my breathing, I am calmer.

As I focus on the things I’m grateful for, I am calmer.

Looking for things to be grateful, I find more things that increase my gratitude.

Today, I am grateful for the little signs that remind me of how far I’ve come in this journey.

Sunny Sunday

The sky so blue, it hurts to stare at it too long, but you have to, cause the moon is still out at 2:30 in the afternoon.

The Magnolia is blooming, along with the Salvia. I love my Henry Duelberg Salvia. It has a great story of being discovered in Central Texas growing in an old Cemetery. Henry and Augusta Duelberg were buried side by side. The blue Salvia was on his grave, the white variety was on hers.

I can’t wait to get more in the ground.

Today, I’m very grateful for cool northern breezes, bright sunshine, and a chance to be outside.

Whatcha lookin at?

I caught myself looking back a little too often, and realized how sad it made me.

It’s ok to be nostalgic, but walk away with appreciation, not sadness.

I have so much to be grateful for, and no amount of looking will ever turn back time.

The future is bright, and my focus and attitude will determine how great my future will be.

Image credit: Pinterest

So cheers to looking ahead. I’m so grateful today for my health, my family, and my home.

I get to go Zumba with weights today. An hour to turn on the inner goddess, and shake my backside like I’m 25 again, laugh with some great friends, and just be a girly girl.

And of course a special nod to a friend who helped me feel empowered, sexy, strong, and fierce. Thanks Rob.

Not all is always well, but all is good.

I’m not trying to make sense, as I’m still trying to understand.

My husband and I have been together since late 1991. We know each other well, which makes our current situation odd.

We rarely fight each other. If we are fighting it is on the same side against others.

When we fight each other….

Image credit Getty Images.

When we fight each other, the earth quakes, as we rain down wrath that makes nature back up in awe. He might be a foot taller than me and 100 pounds heavier, but I’ve never backed down from him, nor will I.

What was odd about our recent altercation was his immediate humility, apology, and my immediate forgiveness, absolution, and appreciation.

I was hurt. His recent neglect, and lack of interest had culminated in an obvious display that I couldn’t tolerate. I put my foot down. He turned a paler shade or white…..apologized verbally, demonstrated the apology, and all was right….immediately. The moment he recognized the issue, and apologized the atmosphere completely changed and I was once again awed by the power of making peace.

All ego was cast aside, and I was the one humbled and moved by the power he held in his apology. It was a valiant and honorable demonstration of his love for me. But all the power remained with him.

It was amazing. But of course he had the power, because I was the one hurt, and only he could fix it. When he offered the remedy and I accepted I was putty in his hands.

It was an amazing and profound reminder of the power that humility holds, and the cementing effects of an apology on a relationship.

Never be afraid to apologize to those who really love you.

It was a profound lesson for me.

“There is always hope and power to those who can love, and apologize.” Quote being my own.


Feet are important. My feet have gone through some big changes since my Achilles reconstruction a few years ago. My left foot as never been the same. Heels are difficult, but I continue to try. Still, I find comfort in my Danskos.

Jumping into weekend chores I vacuumed, mopped, dusted, laundried, and then the doorbell rang. Delivery for me. A new pair of shoes.

I’m grateful today for colorful shoes to make walking easy, standing confident, and I get to have a little fun on the way.

What are your favorite pair of shoes?

Hello Friday

This week went fast for me.

A little busy

A little busier

And poof the week is gone.

Still, I’m so grateful for my friends, my job, and a great community of gals at the yoga studio.

What good things happened for you this week?


I don’t know why I’ve started using this word as my “catch-phrase-descriptive”, but I have.

Just got back from Vegas. It was a business conference. Walking through the casino to the convention center wearing my convention badge, I felt like a cliche. Don’t all the bad jokes have something to do with Las Vegas and Conventions?

Is Las Vegas Beautiful? Not really, but some situations were truly lovely.

I got to spend time with some gal pals, I had one spectacular meal, and a truly spectacular beverage. To clarify, a Beautiful adult beverage.

My boss and I decided to head out to the Las Vegas strip in search of Giada DeLaurentis’ restaurant. We found it. I even snagged reservations on the go, so we would be assured of a seat at the table.

Usually at a convention, we are entertaining clients. This time, my boss Regina and I just headed out on our own, and ended up having a fabulous table at a Beautiful restaurant with a stunning meal.

We laughed, enjoyed a view of the Water Dancing at the Bellagio, and had cocktails while we listened to the sound of the Strip below us.

I had never had a Vodka Gimlet before. I’m not much for hard liquor. But if I do have one it is generally a white liquor, vodka or tequila. A Gimlet sounded quite 1940’s, old fashion, and maybe a bit too sweet to manage.

So I asked the Bartender (who was truly Beautiful) what it was like and he persuaded me with a fabulous smile that if I enjoyed lime and basil, I’d love it.

Boy oh boy was he right. It’s truly the first adult beverage, including wine, that I can absolutely say was a beautiful experience. Balanced, not sweet, a lovely fresh finish, and not too strong.

What an amazing night of great conversation, fun beverages, spectacular views, and luscious…perfectly prepared food. I have a whole 9 page soliloquy on the braised short ribs with tangerine on pappardelle pasta. Pasta was made fresh that afternoon. The antipasti had bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese that were the most decadent thing I have ever put in my mouth. I digress, well my mouth is watering in memory. I might need a moment alone.

So before anyone loses their teeth over the price of my cocktail, shut it! I would have gladly paid more for this beautifully prepared concoction in this beautifully appointed place that created this beautiful memory.

There is something about sharing a beautiful meal, in a lovely setting, when everyone is relaxed and at peace that makes an evening Beautiful.

What moments do you recognize as beautiful?