Home again

What a week of windshield time.

580 miles, 4 Cities, 8 clients, 3 prospects.

Three nights away from home is a lot for me.

Coming home was my driving thought on Friday.

Seeing my family

Sleeping in my own bed

Good coffee

Having my dogs snuggled about me

As wonderful and productive as the trip was, I’m so happy to be home.

Image from Pinterest.

Waking up happy

I have no idea why. Maybe it was a good night sleep with minimal internal inferno interruptions. Maybe because it’s Friday. I don’t know.

Happy Friday everyone. Make it a great day.

Early voting

We gathered together yesterday for the 1st day of early voting. Turn out was amazing. I stood together with my son and husband, and waited our turn to cast our ballot. The line wrapped around the building, but moved quickly.

There was a spirit of excitement and enthusiasm in the line. The election officials were accommodating , and efficient.

We even saw Air-force 1 fly over carrying The President to his Rally here in Houston. The Toyota Center holds less than 30,000 people. Over 100,000 requested tickets, and over 150,000 made their way downtown and watched as a community on the jumbo screens placed to share the event with the massive overflow crowd. There was no violence in the crowd, which is a relief considering what happens in Oregon, Washington, and New York to people wearing anything with MAGA on it.

I really don’t care what you think of President Trump, I respect the office, and his ability to get things done, and I’m immensely grateful that I get to vote. I don’t condone violence if you don’t agree with me, nor would I hate you for it. That being said, any ugly comments will be removed from the site. Be cordial, or be quiet.

Yoga, friends, and letting go

I was in a minor fender bender this weekend. Not my fault, I got rear-ended by a youngster on a slick road on Saturday. She wasn’t supposed to be driving the Mercedes, and she was quite a little brat about the whole thing. She wouldn’t give me her insurance info. . My Jeep has a tow hook, and it did a fabulous job of decimating the front of her hood. Her hood crumpled the bottom of my bumper. So I called in the police to the scene to write up a formal report. The police took care of her uncooperative attitude.

I wasn’t happy about how I handled the situation, because I let the little brat get to me. I kept my composure, but I allowed the situation to replay in my mind. I found myself grumbling, and complaining. Time to let go.

There was a new class listed at the yoga studio on Sunday afternoon, and my yoga buddy Kimberly asked me to go. Yoga with my buddy? Yep, I’m in. It was a really small class, in our cozy little room that smelled of lavender. Having Kimberly to encourage me, and focusing on breathing in and breathing out left me relaxed, and my mind was thankfully at peace.

It’s amazing how far I’ve come in the last year, from barely touching my toes in forward fold to now having my palms on the floor. Going from Down Dog to Plank without huffing and puffing. Not overly complaining about Chaturanga, the slow low push up. I know I have a ways to go, but I’m getting better. Progress is a good thing.

I’m grateful that no one was hurt in the accident. I’m more grateful that my practice has taken me from looking at others and being discouraged by the difference in technique to just focusing on my technique and getting better.

I love this Bunny Yoga poster. It’s so much more my style than the perfect body yoga posters.

Windows open

That first really fine day of fall,

Full of mellow sunshine and fresh breezes.

Open the windows and let the fall air work it’s wonders.

78 degrees, and the sun is so mellow

My confused Lemon tree is still very happy.

Today, I’m so grateful to open the windows, clean all ceiling fans, the base boards, and change all the sheets.

A refreshing day, that is for sure.

Running away

I ran away yesterday afternoon to my favorite Garden space, The Arbor Gate in Tomball, TX.

Wandering around amongst the plants, in a nearly deserted nursery I got to touch all the wonderful herbs,and see all the beautiful things.

The bees were a nice surprise.

I’m so grateful for time to see, touch, and enjoy the wonderful things of nature.

The VW Bug and 80’s Radio

When I was a wee lass in the 1980’s, barely 19 I drove a 1970 VW bug all around Dallas, TX.

The problem was, it had a terrible valve problem, guzzled oil like no one’s business, and it had no air conditioning. I had a radio, and a fancy cassette stereo installed, that I had gotten for my 18th birthday. It was a 4 speed on the floor with a very sticky clutch, and NO acceleration.

It was a ‘beater with a heater’, and I was supremely thankful to have wheels.

Flash forward 36 years later, and I’m on a business trip in Orlando, and my rental car is none other that the current model VW Bug, red, it’s not a stick, and it has Air Conditioning! The nostalgic part for me was the black interior, the low profile, and the radio station tuned to a 1980’s themed station.

There is nothing like rolling with the windows down, listening to the Bangles, Tom Petty, Prince, and Duran Duran, driving a VW bug, and knowing all the words to the songs.

Where have the years gone?

Bolognese a bubbling

What is it about rainy days, and the first “cool” front that makes me want to cook?

I got to the store early after spotting a great recipe for a Short Rib Bolognese sauce.

Today I’m grateful to find a new recipe to try, ingredients easy to acquire, and a fabulous pot to cook it all.

It’s a bubbling. Should be ready for dinner, and the house now smells amazing.

What do you like to cook on rainy days?

To my baby on his 24th Birthday

My dear, beautiful, son,

What a magnificent young man you’ve become.

When I see your life in my mind, I see great things for you.

I can see fabulous friendships, a wonderful marriage with someone who will be your full partner, best friend, and fierce protector…yes men need a wife who will protect them just as women need a husband who will their security, and covering.

When I close my eyes, I see many Holidays, vacations, trips, dinners, and birthday parties through the years.

I can imagine a wonderful profession, witty inventions, and fabulous successes for you.

God willing, I see you with your children being a fabulous father, playing games, teaching important lessons, and nurturing your babies to become their best selves.

I pray that we enjoy many good times ahead, laughing, enjoying, and keeping each other strong.

You have become a wonderful man of great heart, beautiful mind, and strong work ethic. I’m immensely proud of you.

Your loving mama.