Chilled but grateful

On a chilly day, when I can’t warm up I find myself very grateful for Hot Running water.

One of the basics that I often take for granted, I realize how different my life would be without it.

Gratitude Friday

Getting back to the bones of my blog, I decided to dedicate at least one day a week to reminding myself of what I’m grateful for.

Today, I’m grateful to have woken up, having breath and life, and the ability to move about freely without pain. I’m grateful for my family, my loving husband and wonderful sons. I’m grateful for a job that challenges me and promotes me. A job that lets me travel and meet wonderful new people.

I’m grateful for friends who check on me when I’m under the weather.

When I start to list the the things I’m grateful for, I find the list gets longer and longer.

Happy Friday all. What are you grateful for today?

January 2nd, 2019

There are some of us moving on to new chapters in life.

My pen is poised over the paper, but my first page is still blank.

What I can do is send wishes out for all of my WP family for a wonderful new year, whatever chapter you may be in, keep turning the pages.

I’m so grateful to keep moving forward.

Gas Station dining

Gas Station dining is always tricky. How do you decide which small town gas station has the best eats? Do you check with the locals? Do you consult Yelp, Yahoo? Trip Advisor? It’s hard to do in Hallettsville, TX. Not a lot open on a Sunday, except Walmart. And, they don’t serve breakfast.

Do you just pull in where there is a crowd and take a chance? Not a lot of crowds at 7:30 am on a Sunday in a town of 2500. Not even at Walmart.

This is a small town spot. Morton’s gas station on Hwy 77 in Hallettsville, Texas has Diane’s Diner, clean restrooms, antique store, farmers market, and a great color nursery next door.

I took this shot from our table at the diner. I Love the Hub Caps.

The coffee station had a lovely variety of dark roast, pecan, light, and barely coffee.

I love the God Is Good All The Time sign over the coffee. It reminds you where you are.

On Sundays, the Local Catholic Mass is Simulcast into the diner, gas station, and restrooms. Just in case you missed church. God isn’t going to miss you!

Small towns, have such great charm. But what Charmed me most, was my man refilling my coffee, at the coffee bar, at a diner where there were no waitresses, just order and get your own stuff.

It’s always the little things. The big man, taking my coffee cup, and fixing it special for me. It doesn’t matter where you are, Gas Station dining can be quite romantic and special. It just matters who you are with.

Me and Santa

Yes, I still watch all the Christmas animation from my youth.

I remember the first time I saw the Abominable Snowman in the Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer animated show, and ran and hid in the kitchen.

My dad would even climb up on the roof to put carrots out for Santa’s Reindeer while my mom and I put cookies out on a plate for him.

The anticipation of Christmas morning was always too much. I would have the house awake before dawn to see what Santa had brought.

When my brother was big enough to understand Santa, he and I would build a pillow fort and “sleep” in the same room. We didn’t sleep much, as we would wonder aloud what Santa was like, and if the sound in the hall was him, and what the reindeer were like.

I don’t think I have ever admitted publicly that I don’t believe in Santa anymore, because deep down inside I still do….primarily because I became Santa for my children, and I hope to keep that Spirit of Giving alive.

I met my husband at a Christmas Party in 1991, when he was talking to one of my Realtors about ‘Who Played the Snowman on Rudolph?’ I sidled up to the conversation and said, ‘Well, that would be Burl Ives’. We have been together ever since.

Santa Claus is part of me, always. The Spirit of Giving, the wonder of Children, but the essence of God, who gives. Our Father who gave his only begotten Son, Jesus. The reason we get to enjoy the beauty of Giving.


Today I’m grateful for time to be quiet.

In the bustle of the season, I have some time to just “be”.

What are you grateful for today?

Too Distracted

From Fog of Grief

When I read about D’s husband passing this morning, I lost it. Her blog post was just overwhelming, I can’t imagine what she is going through.

I’ve been to three funerals in the last two weeks, and I know I’m a little worn out from grieving my friends, coworkers, and family. I’m in my own fog, and trying to find practical ways to offer support.

D’s blog was full of her family things, her delightful grandson, and her recent fight with cancer. This latest loss, has me in prayer, and wishing I lived closer to offer some kind of support. If you know Diane, please keep her and her family lifted up.

Grief is an odd thing, and it sneaks up, especially when there is so much loss going on right now.

Hug up your families.

Me, A Mountain Lion, magic, and Tall Tales of Proposals

Funerals are funny things. The Loved Ones we buried this week have been part of the ENTIRE history of my husband and me.

If it hadn’t been for Carruth Gerault, I wouldn’t have met my husband. If it hadn’t been for Jack Klesel, I might not have married him.

If they had Camera Phones back then…..we would both be in big trouble! If only I had the shot of Carruth, Jimmy, and David in their black Resistol hats and Red foam Antlers the night I met them, red suspenders with every naughty Christmas button ever known to man…..The image is burned on my brain. But I regress.

Having been to the funerals of both Carruth and Jack…what story did my husband choose to tell at BOTH? The story of our engagement! What a Tall Tale did he come up with? He might as well been talking about Pecos Bill lassoing a Tornado.

In December 1993, David planned a ski trip to Lake Tahoe with some friends and asked if I would come along. It was an odd trip. I was the second girl, amongst 6 of my husband’s friends. Our host, had his girlfriend there too, but only a couple of our days total. Knowing that these were life-long friends of my husband, I made sure not to importune on their good times. They had 2 days to ski just guys, and 2 nights to hang out and tell their manly stories. I had fun going about the casinos, I took the Tahoe Tessie tour on the paddle boat, and did some site seeing.

We were there over New Year’s Eve, David wanted to get things prepared for the Celebration, and we took off to get the Black Eye’d Peas, and Cornbread fixings that Texans do, and take a little time to explore S. Lake Tahoe before we went to Midnight Rodeo, a Country Western Club our host managed.

David loves to tell how he wanted to propose, and drove me to a vista over the Heavenly Ski resort at Lake Tahoe to propose, and how I got back into the car before he could get the ring out. That he had to tap on the window to get to to come back out for the Big question. Oh how he plays it up. How he found the mountain lion, and that we had to take pictures. Blah, Blah, Blah.

After Carruth passed, we started going through pictures to offer up for the funeral home, and the photographic evidence of a different story started to appear.

The Mountain Lion.

We were doodling about Tahoe, grocery shopping etc, and passing one of the casinos there was a mountain lion on a leash and a guy offering pictures. I had to stop.

David took a picture too.

The mountain lion had a schnauzer in his sites, and was put up after his pic. πŸ˜‚

He was whining so badly about not being able to hang out with his buddies for the 3rd of our 4 days, I threatened to punish him for the rest of his life and taking him to one of the local Wedding Chapels and marrying him on the spot. I really did! We drove up the mountain to get some photos of Lake Tahoe, and Heavenly. We stopped at one of the scenic overlooks to take some shots. I was so irritated with him for complaining, I really just wanted to go home.

I got out of the car, took pictures of him, two of the vista, and tapped my size 7 boot on the asphalt till I got soooo chilled I had to get back in the car. I was still wearing the jogging suit from the Mountain Lion Shot, I was cold on the mountain…Just saying. He wasn’t wearing a coat either, but he never does.

Next thing I know, he’s dragging me out of the car, a bit peeved at me and demanding that I marry him. He was waving the ring around…I couldn’t see it, let alone put it on my finger. He was on one knee on ice, and sliding down the mountain. It was really funny, and we both ended up laughing like crazy. I’m not sure why I said yes, but in hind site…..he looked really tense putting that lense on his camera. He must have been working up his nerve, and I ruined his moment…..or the moment he had in his mind that he struggled to make happen, in a really cool spot. I kinda love him for that. 😊

We will celebrate 25 years of Marriage in March. We brought Zach home with us from that trip. There was real magic at Lake Tahoe for us that year.

That’s my tall tale, with photographic evidence, of the vista of my proposal.

Thanks Carruth. Thanks Uncle Jack. You still inspire the romantic in my husband. I can’t believe he wanted to continue to tell the story that you helped him to create for us.

Preparation for the Feast!

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year for the family. I’m kinda excited about it. One of the nephews is recently engaged, and bringing his honey with him. I won’t get to have my oldest here, but that’s ok. He’s with our family in Phoenix.

In planning the event, I decided to break out the Apple ware. These are the dishes my family had when I was a little girl.

I never realized how many sizes of bowls there are in this set. I finally had to give up on them, because we won’t use that many bowls, and that’s a lot of dishes to wash after.

I kinda wanted to make soup for the tureen, but we are going to have so much food between what I’m cooking, my sister-in-law is bringing, and our new niece is bringing food too…..soup will be overboard.

Franciscan pottery and earthen ware started in California in the 1940’s, and was eventually bought out by the company who makes Wedgwood China in England. I have a few of the pieces made here in the US. It was fun to note the differences. But all are hand painted, apples on each plate, leaves and branches. The recent replacement dishes have ‘microwave and dishwasher safe’. The older ones, obviously do not.

My mom bought lots of bowls, and extra plates that aren’t Franciscan, but definitely fun.

We will share some memories, and lift a glass to those who can’t be with us this year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I’m so grateful for all of you here my WordPress family.

Home again

What a week of windshield time.

580 miles, 4 Cities, 8 clients, 3 prospects.

Three nights away from home is a lot for me.

Coming home was my driving thought on Friday.

Seeing my family

Sleeping in my own bed

Good coffee

Having my dogs snuggled about me

As wonderful and productive as the trip was, I’m so happy to be home.

Image from Pinterest.