The Wide and Unmeasurable

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There are times when the Universe is so big.

Occhiolsm, what a great word.

Today, I’m grateful for this wide, wonderful, world and everything that surrounds it.  I’m humbled and grateful to be here. 

Half way through

All day yesterday I thought it was Wednesday…..I was a little bummed out that today is Wednesday.

May the rest of your week be grand.

I’m working on staying positive.  Do I relish having another day?  Do I celebrate how much I got finished in just 2 days?

Maybe I will take a nap, since I’ve got a little time on my hands. 

Cheers to the midweek. 


It’s Friday.


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The monkey face says it all.  Blah.

I realize that I hadn’t been posting much.  Things have been a bit dry on the creative path, but I have been reading and commenting.


Cheers to a good weekend everyone.

My gratitude today is that I’ve made it this far.

A Presidential Story

It’s convention season.  And who should be the featured speaker at our conference this week, but George W.  Don’t turn the channel on me, this isn’t a political rant.  It’s a funny story.  I didn’t know how funny he is.  He had us in stitches.

It was a really big deal to have the President with us.  I’ve never heard a President speak in person.  So I was really interested in attending. Security was very tight.  No camera’s, no note taking, but can I help it if I remember a story?

If the Secret Service comes to take me away, I hope I can count on one of you to come bail me out.

W asked if we’d like to hear a story about Putin?  Everyone said yes.

So here’s what I remember of the story that GW told:

‘Putin came to Camp David, and we were walking with the interpreter, and I asked him if he’d like to meet my dog, Barney.  You might remember Barney, he was a little Scottish Terrier.  Well, Putin dissed my dog.  When Barney came out to greet him, Putin didn’t say it, but his body language said ‘ you call that a dog?’.  Well Barney was about the only friend I had in Washington, and that kinda ticked me off.  Not too long after that Laura and I were in Moscow at Putin’s place.  He asked me if I’d like to meet his dog.  Out comes this massive hound.  He says, ‘now this is a dog.’  I didn’t say anything back.  When we got on Airforce 1 I said to Condi Rice, do you know what Putin said to me?  ‘My dog is bigger than your dog’.

We all laughed.  His delivery was so dry.  And the way he kept saying Putin, it was more like poo-tin the verb vs Putin the name. All the bathroom jokes I’ve heard came to mind.

So that’s the fun I’ve been having this week.  Funny Presidents….who knew?


The body is a remarkable machine.

As I kick up into the headstand, my instructor spots me so I don’t dump over.  I will never forget her remark, “you have really strong legs, you need to relax into the stand”.  

I’ve come to learn that the headstand, while intimidating at first, is only a first step to empowerment. 

It’s an empowering move for sure, and I’m getting stronger all the time. I can’t wait to see what I can do next. 

Maybe it was Memphis

Conventions, travel, food, and some interesting sites.

The grandeur of the lobby, the opulence of the ceilings were a great treat to enjoy at the Peabody. 

Yes, I gathered with the other tourists to watch the ducks.  It was cute.

We had a reception on the roof at sunset.  The river swollen and at flood stages.

The city is a bit dirty, decaying, and dangerous. So we kept to our packs, and didn’t venture out alone.

I’m ready to get home to my own bed, pillow, pups, and peeps.

Going away is a great adventure, but coming home is a treat.

Happy Friday.

It’s been quite a week.  Lots of ups and downs, but overall a good week.

I made it to TRX, and ended up in a Facebook ad for the class.  Making my body a machine isn’t the goal, but I’m really sore today.  Planks in the harness are not easy.  I might be turning into a machine, a rusty one!

I made it to Yoga, and did a headstand for the first time since I was 10.   That was really kinda fun.

I made it to Friday after having an altercation with a neighbor.  I guess asking her to move her basketball goal over so that her little (6 and 8 year olds) boys wouldn’t lose their ball to my back yard makes me mean.  Well, what made me mean was I wouldn’t let her make excuses for the reason why she set the thing next to my fence.  When I explained that they would run out of their basketballs if we aren’t home to throw them back didn’t seem to resonate.  It was the oddest thing she thinks I’m mean, but she’s calling me mean and other names in front of her kids while I’m giving back their ball.  Childish is the word that comes to mind.  

But here I am on a Friday morning, sore from working out, drinking my coffee, looking forward to a rainy weekend.  I’m so grateful for the little things today.  Mostly for my life, my breath-in and out of my lungs, my heart beat, a new day to do things better, my puppy dogs, a loving husband, healthy sons, and that I have the opportunity to go to work today. 

Happy Friday!

What to do

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I find myself wondering, wandering, and pondering. 

How to do things better, say things better, be more effective. 

So today, I keep moving forward. 

I’m grateful for being able to put one foot in front of the other. 

Monday focus

Waking up today in a sweat, moody, and uncomfortable

The grumble was poised on the edge of my lips.

I clapped my hand over my mouth,

Before I ruined my day.

Today I am grateful for a little self-control.

My purpose is to look for the good things that can happen.

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