To my baby on his 24th Birthday

My dear, beautiful, son,

What a magnificent young man you’ve become.

When I see your life in my mind, I see great things for you.

I can see fabulous friendships, a wonderful marriage with someone who will be your full partner, best friend, and fierce protector…yes men need a wife who will protect them just as women need a husband who will their security, and covering.

When I close my eyes, I see many Holidays, vacations, trips, dinners, and birthday parties through the years.

I can imagine a wonderful profession, witty inventions, and fabulous successes for you.

God willing, I see you with your children being a fabulous father, playing games, teaching important lessons, and nurturing your babies to become their best selves.

I pray that we enjoy many good times ahead, laughing, enjoying, and keeping each other strong.

You have become a wonderful man of great heart, beautiful mind, and strong work ethic. I’m immensely proud of you.

Your loving mama.

A Day in the Bee yard

It’s been a really dry August, and everything is struggling. We are supplemental feeding and keeping an eye on the stressful hives.

It was a crunchy day in the country. I was concerned on the cracks in the soil and the level of the pond. But we’ve got some rain coming. I hope it soaks in well.

Today I’m grateful for a little rain in Houston. I love the sound of rain.

Let’s hope the rain makes it 100 miles west. We need it there too.

From the Feet up #4


Although I’ve had the Frozen shoulder issue, Adhesive Capsulitis, it’s thawing, and I’m gaining better range of motion, and am back at yoga.

Shoulders, what can you say about that complicated, seriously interesting joint?

Today, as I think about the strength of shoulders, what they represent for responsibility, and hard work. Shouldering burdens….shouldering and sheltering are terms that could be used interchangeably.

I like my shoulders. They are strong, and they’ve held great responsibility, and provided shelter for my children. I love the memories of their little heads on my shoulder, cradled in my arms.

Shoulders are great for hugging, and snuggling. I like hugging and snuggling. 😁

The newer fashions of ‘cold shoulder’ shirts, sweaters, blouses show off just enough skin, and that’s the skin that stays firm the longest on a woman, her shoulders.

Scars? Oh yea, I bear the mark of the Small Pox vaccine. I can still remember when I was a little girl, I believe it was kindergarten or 1st grade, we were ushered in our little line into the gym. The school nurse pushed up our sleeves, and shot us with a gun shaped, multi pin, needle contraption. I couldn’t leave that spot alone, and now I’ve got quite the Doosey of a scar. That scar tells the story of inoculations in the late 1960’s, when schools could administer required shots, and parents let them. Can you imagine that happening today? Nope, not a chance. Too much liability.

From the feet up 2

Legs. I’ve never been a fan of my feet or legs, maybe that’s why I have had a hard time making peace with them.

Little known fact, I won a legs contest in college. My car had broken down, and I knew the guys working at the club who were in charge of the “legs contest”. I danced my heart out hoping to win that $200.00. They were kind to me, I won and tipped them big. I was able to fix my car, but I almost got booted out of my sorority over the incident.

Now, like my feet, my legs are like every other female’s on my mother’s side of the family.

Strong legs, I have very strong legs. Like my feet, they are serviceable, and not for show. They work hard getting me from point A to point B. They are not hairy, I’m very fortunate to not have to shave them. They are very limber legs too. Yoga has helped me get back into the splits, and I can still high kick. That’s not really in demand anymore, but it’s still nice to have the highest kick in Zumba class. 😂

Both knees are scarred from a very daring skateboarding trick that I had to try multiple times when I was 12. I was a terrible skateboarder, but boy I didn’t want to quit and my knees show it!

The biggest scar is on my left calf, it runs from the base of my Achilles to the bottom of the calf from my Achilles reconstruction in 2013. My left calf is 30% smaller than my right, so I don’t indulge in dresses very often as I’m quite out of proportion.

So I’m making peace with my strong, sturdy, hairless and smooth, serviceable legs.

The scars on my legs tell a different story from the scar on my foot. They tell a story of a scrappy 12 year old who didn’t want to give up on the skateboard, and surgery that helped me keep walking.

From the feet up

Gratitude. Confidence. Making Peace with myself from the feet up.

Starting with my feet.

My genetics have dictated my little square feet, little square toes. Solid footing, good arches, and the source of my balance and strength.

I don’t have the Thoroughbred delicate feet. I have the Shetland pony style feet. Solid, sturdy, and strong. They can walk for miles and miles. They don’t let me down.

They have a little history. My left foot still has a nice scar from when my mother ran me off the road on her way to tennis. I scraped my left foot along the new asphalt road and had to walk my bike home and our neighbor saw me and helped me get cleaned up. Again with the left foot, I had Achilles reconstruction in 2013, and that was a really long recovery. My left foot is still changing, and getting stronger all the time.

Today I’m grateful for my little square feet that walk, dance, point, and keep me moving.

I’m also very grateful that my feet are not hairy, broken, or fungus-y. Just healthy, strong, and painted red toes.

On Emerson again

I picked up my Emerson essays, and began to marvel at how his words are as important and relevant today as they were in 1841.

Image from Pinterest. Essay Self Reliance.

Today, I’m so grateful for a good nights rest, waking up early, life, breath, and watching the sun come up with my dogs and my coffee.

35 years ago?

I was going through my Linked In connections, and sometimes they come up with suggestions.

Did my jaw drop when I saw a familiar face, and a familiar name come up on the screen. Do you know Bill?

Darned if I don’t.

You know in the movies, especially the time travel kind they will have a swirling vortex, or some kind of sling shot screen to pull the viewer from present to past, or past to present?

I think I went through one of those.

I was 19 again, I could hear him putting on his Irish Accent, whispering William Butler Yeats, telling me jokes, being my friend.

New Years in Boston, The Texas State Fair, hanging out in my section at the Cactus Bar and Grill, telling me about his family, hopes and dreams.

He’s quite successful now, and I took a chance and sent him a message.

Shock me twice, he remembered. He remembered more than me. He’s really happy, and I’m so happy for him.

To reconnect after all that time, and talking like we just saw each other yesterday.

It made me so happy.

Ode to a pepper grinder

Back in the 80’s, while I was in college and getting my first apartment I had to have a pepper grinder. It seemed so grown up to me.

My faithful grinder of pepper corns has bit the dust after 35 years of faithful service.

It’s been with me longer than my husband, longer than my children, longer than 99% of everything else in my house.

Such a faithful, constant fixture that I won’t part with, I’ll just retire to my treasure shelf and employ another grinder for my daily pepper.

It’s the little things that we get used to. I’m so grateful it lasted as long as it did.

Get your own door!

I love manners. Please, Thank you, Yes Ma’am, Yes Sir, how can I help you.

It melts me. Kindness and respect begetting kindness and respect.

I can’t tell you the number of times, when I’ve been hurrying along, high heels clicking, bags in tow, hurrying to a meeting, airport, or any function, and a kind gentleman, old, young, in between holds the door. It stops me every time. This kind person is waiting to give me a small kindness, a gentle assistance, a simple gesture of respect. The simple “I See You” an acknowledgment of one’s existence.

I LOVE MEN WHO ARE GENTLEMEN!  There I’ve said it.  It’s the girliest thing to me, but when a man, acts like a gentleman and holds open the door, it’s one of my favorite things.

Manners don’t stop at gender, if someone is coming your way, hold the elevator, hold the door, acknowledge another human beings existence.  It’s why we are here.

I’m happy to say, I’ve given, and I’ve received these kindnesses, and I get a good laugh when people crap on them, and get their own comeuppance.

#5 my biggest issue

I’m an over thinker.

So I’ve stood up to the Non-Profit where I’ve volunteered to be abused.

Now I’m overthinking.

Just looking at the previous 2 sentences, I’m really happy. I can let that s#!% go.

I’m very grateful today:

Crossing off trying to please everyone.

Crossing off fearing change, I’m an agent of change, baby.

Crossing off living in the past.

Crossing off Putting myself down.

Working on Overthinking.

I’ve made progress.