Wookies, Pyramids, Pumpkins, Hostage situations, shootings and more.

Oh boy, I am pooped!

For all my working out, I’ve lost my convention stamina.  The 24/7 of being on, up, engaging, entertained, entertaining.  I am a lump of jello after 3 days.

It started at the registration desk when the Wookie walked by.  Yes, I’m talking about Chewbacca himself.  Right there, not 5 feet from me.

He was in a bit of a hurry and pulling his suitcase.  No one seemed too worried about it.  A Wookie needs his provisions, right?

The Luxor is old, but with the IHeart Radio concert across the street.  The whole Pyramid Thumped with the bass.

I’ve never been in an elevator that moved sideways before….it was Very Harry Potter.  The Elevator in the Pyramid moves at a sideways angle on the interior wall.  Trippy man.  I’m just saying.

I did get to catch up with Chewy later.  Leia and Chewy were posing for pics at the REMN booth.

I’m the worst selfie taker ever.  But fortunately I was whisked off to Caesar’s Palace too see more incredible sights.

Like Pegasus, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Spago.

Sunday brunch with my friend and client in Caesars, at Spagos, with the painted night sky at 11 am.

Off for more convention fun, I reunited with my friend Cindy who is a famous, fabulous selfie taker, who taught me a few tricks.

Well if that isn’t enough, why not the Bellagio Botanical Gardens?

These photos were all taken by me, with my phone. 
After all the sensory overload, Star Wars, and Pyramids.  I don’t have much more to report besides the hostage situation, the shooting, and the evacuations down the street from the convention.  No one seemed too phased by it.  

I asked myself a hundred times while I was there, “am I really here?”  

Yes, I was.  I was there among the flowers, Pyramids, chaos, food, lights, music, and extravagance that is Las Vegas.  Everything here is “Over the Top.”

Now, I am tired, but happy. 

Funerals, Community, and Coming together


I wish I had the technical skills to insert some of the video from this week that covered the murder of this Sheriff, the community outpouring of support, the memorial services, the prayer meetings, the walks that brought thousands of people together in my part of this vast city.   This incident happened only a few miles from my home.

Tomorrow, well today, in a few hours I’ll get back up and head to the funeral for this Sheriff’s Deputy, Darren Goforth.

The ladies I’m going with are making signs, as we probably won’t be able to get in.  So we will park, stand in solidarity for our community and show support for the fallen officer, his family, and the Law Enforcement community in general.

This murder has shaken our little part of town.  It has brought people together.  When we got the news that Protest Groups from fake churches on the East Coast were coming to demonstrate against this man and his family an outcry went forth. This so called church goes to the funerals of soldiers to spew their hatred for the military too.  So we are going to show our support, and hopefully keep at bay those who would seek to harm, spread hate, or desire to claim some sort of sick attention at this time of mourning.

This event seems to be a tipping point in our area of the country.  We are tired of the division, the hate, the ‘my life means more than yours, so you owe me‘ attitude that has been shoved in the faces of decent, law abiding, hard working, tax paying, regular folk who are living their lives without asking anyone for anything, but to live in peace.

People, neighbors, and friends of all races, all religions, all cultures have come out to march, pray, and give support to this family.  It’s really been a moving and emotional week.  I wish I could share all the video, all the commentary, all the goodness that has flowed out from our community.

If you could say a little prayer for us.  I would appreciate it.

Deputy Sheriff Darren H. Goforth | Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Texas
Deputy Sheriff
Darren H. Goforth
Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Texas

End of Watch: Friday, August 28, 2015
Bio & Incident Details
Age: 47

Tour: 10 years

Badge # Not available

Cause: Gunfire

Weapon: Handgun

Offender: Charged with capital murder

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Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth was shot and killed from ambush while pumping gas into his patrol car at a commercial gas station at the intersection of West and Telge Roads, in Cypress.

Deputy Goforth was on patrol and had completed an assignment at the scene of a vehicle collision. He went to a local gas station to fuel his patrol car. As Deputy Goforth stood next to his patrol car filling it with fuel, a male subject walked up behind him and fired multiple shots. After Deputy Goforth fell to the ground, the subject shot him several more times before fleeing the scene in a pickup truck.

The subject was apprehended the next day following a massive manhunt involving multiple law enforcement agencies from around the Harris County and Houston area. He was charged with capital murder.

Deputy Goforth had served with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for 10 years. He is survived by his wife and two children, ages 5 and 12.

Please contact the following agency to send condolences or to obtain funeral arrangements:

Sheriff Ron Hickman
Harris County Sheriff’s Office
1200 Baker Street
Attn: Family Assistance Unit
Houston, TX 77002

Phone: (713) 755-8461

Read more: http://www.odmp.org/officer/22579-deputy-sheriff-darren-h-goforth#ixzz3kknWlIb5

A Jane Austin Saturday Afternoon

In the early nineties I found the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice on TV.  I immediately got the VHS 5 tape book set of the movie.

Photo: A&E Pride and Prejudice

It’s my go to stay-at-home-alone company.

I did upgrade to the 10th anniversary DVD version.  I’ve almost worn it out.

I’ve tried other versions. They have their charm.  It’s just the time limitations that keep them just blah for me.  I gravitate back to the 1995 A&E because it takes the time to explore so much more of the story.  I love Lidia.  I love Mrs. Bennet.  I am enamored with the relationship between Lizzie and Darcy.  Kittie, Mary, Jane, and Lidia are given more emphasis.  Mr. Collins, The Colonel, Lady De Berg, Miss Bingly and her attraction to Mr. Darcy!  There is so much witty dialogue that has come to life within this movie that I didn’t get reading the book.

The drama, the social tension, the weak characters that appear to succeed while you are pulling for the plucky ones.  Poor Kittie..she is a mess, and so far behind Lidia, poor dear.  

My favorite scene is when Darcy finds Elizabeth at his home taking a tour (I don’t get that, but I digress).  When she leaves in the carriage, and turns to look at him….I could only gasp.  To have the man you love look at you with such intensity, why wouldn’t you jump out of the carriage?  That look.  That look.  I wouldn’t have left, ever.

Photo:  A&E Pride and Prejudice. 

Today…I’m grateful for time to cook, and enjoy my favorite movie version of Pride and Prejudice.

I’m grateful enough for time, just time to be just me.

Do you have a favorite version?  A favorite character?  Do you ever recite a witty line from Jane Austen and get a weird stare?
Share please!

Nutritionally obscure Offerings that Coconut Oil can’t overcome.

We met some friends for lunch.  When we drove up to the “Filling Station” we were instantly tempted with their culinary creativity.

What in the world is a Dead Texan?

3 lbs of hamburger, 4 slices of cheese, 6 slices of bacon, 2 eggs, and all the fixins.

I don’t think my Coconut oil could overcome that kind of indulgence.  Oh my.

I like the disclaimer of what the Dead Texan might or might not contain.  I especially like the way they spelled “Armidillo”

My only recommendation is “don’t eat anything with ‘dead’ in the name”.  Just saying.

Dreams, dreams, dreams and restoration. 


I’ve written about my bad dreams before. They usually are about me being in a large structure, a mall, a convention center, an apartment/ high rise structure.  I usually have to help someone else get out.  We run through the back halls, dining rooms, kitchens, laundrys.  The halls always squeeze us down, and get smaller and smaller.  I always wake up before I get out.

My dreams have changed a little….they wrecked me out last night. 

Instead of convention centers or hotels…they moved to freeways…..Big 4 lane interstate freeways, I’m driving 70-80 miles per hour when I see an obstruction.  This dream, it was an overturned dirt truck with the load spilled out onto the freeway 4 feet high, closing down all lanes, and the cars and trucks had to pull off to the grass and negotiate muddy passes to get around.  One lone little guy and a small shovel taking teaspoon by teaspoon full of dirt off the pile at a time…….smiling at me.

I got around the first obstruction, and through the mud.  I made my way back up to speed, and the next one comes.  Instead of muddy trails to get me back on track  it’s sand.  My vehicle is stuck and I’m barefoot.  

I get out of the car into the hot sand, and there are holes everywhere.  Every hole has a puppy, on its back trying to escape what has ahold of it.  I can’t reach them, and I can’t help them. 

There is a small cinder block building ahead, and I make my way toward it.  As I enter, I’m grateful for shelter.  What I don’t see immediately is that the whole cement floor is covered with little rattle snakes that are biting my bare feet as I try to get out of the building.  They are all little, and mostly green.  Vividly green, biting, rattling, little vipers overtaking my feet as I head to the door.  I escape with my feet left in the threshold, trying to pull my way out in the sand.

Faith says. Rest.

Fear says. Move.

I must follow faith.  Rest…..time to rest.

I would really like to rest tonight and enjoy a dreamless sleep.

Do you dream?

What do you notice about your dreams and the amount of stress in your life?

What do you think about dreams?

Do you think that faith has anything to do with dreams?

Please share your thoughts.

Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge: day one

thanks Elizabeth from teandpaper.com for your invitation!  It is an honor and I hope to live up to a smidgen of your talent.  

The “challenge”. Post a photo each day for 5 consecutive days and attach a story to the photo.  It can be fiction or non-fiction.  Elizabeth’s photos are outstanding.  She studies the art, and is a credit to it.  I’m humbled to get to sharpen myself, and apprentice along. Please, if you haven’t visited her blog…you should, she is an amazing talent.  teandpaper.com

the moon in the magnolias

Dusk in the south is sticky….humidity high and Mosquitos out everywhere.  The whir and buzz of their blood thirsty wings can’t stop me from looking at the moon.  

The same orb that influences the tides, pulls us body and soul.

The same moon that reflects the the light gives me hope that the sun will come up again. 

There will be a new dawn.

Peace my friends.

Thanks for letting me participate. 

Blah phooey!


What gets you out of bed in the morning shouting “I have to!…”

Other than a child crying….nothing moves me out of bed because I have to.

In the last 22 years of my professional life, I have set goals. I’ve been measured, weighed, met, and not met goals. I’ve been ignored, left to my own devices and exceeded goals. I’ve been at the top of the production chart, and at the bottom. Ironically, I made more money at the bottom.

I’ve been inspected, encouraged, and threatened…it means nothing to my goals. Goals are set to get people to do something, because management has to say something to the board of directors.

It really means nothing other than your bosses’ bonus and over promise of delivery.


There is something that I’ve learned in the last 30 years of being poked, prodded, manipulated, and threatened…..

Everything happens in its time. Nothing I force ever works out. No amount of analyzing “why” makes a difference. No “goal” has ever driven me higher than my own connecting, and being true to myself has ever done.

If I follow another’s path, I make myself foolish.

Authenticity is what creates my opportunity.

So I am grateful today for the ability to read a situation, and work according to what’s needed for my clients, knowing that in the end…..it will all work out.