Sunshine in the Salvia

We’ve had a rainy couple of months, which makes the plants happy. But I think they are happiest in the sunshine.

The sunshine is starting to peek though the Magnolia tree, dotting the foliage and flowers.

My Lemon tree is confused

Yes, I just took the photo about 30 seconds ago. It’s October, and my Meyer Lemon tree is in full blossom. Last April, it bloomed, and fruited. But I lost all my baby lemons.

Now, bless its little heart, it’s trying again, in October.

It should be interesting to see what happens next. The bees are loving it. A tasty fall treat for them. That’s for sure.

Running away

I ran away yesterday afternoon to my favorite Garden space, The Arbor Gate in Tomball, TX.

Wandering around amongst the plants, in a nearly deserted nursery I got to touch all the wonderful herbs,and see all the beautiful things.

The bees were a nice surprise.

I’m so grateful for time to see, touch, and enjoy the wonderful things of nature.

Herbs in the garden


I love Oregano. In Greek, it translates Joy of the Mountain.

I’m joyous to have it handy for everything I enjoy, a charcuterie plate decoration, seasoning for feta, olives, salad dressing, sauces.

My favorite thing to do with herbs, besides cooking, is letting them flower, and putting them in a vase to brighten a table.

Cheers to Oregano.

A volunteer garden of gorgeousness

A couple years ago, I had planted some seeds for a Bee friendly garden. It’s died out a couple of times.

For some reason (my guess is our wet and cold winter) the flowers came back with a Volunteer Verve!

I think the black eyed daisies would have taken over the entire side yard if we hadn’t mowed them. Fun and Festive!

Gardens in surprising places

My Fitbit has gotten put through its paces the last couple of days in San Antonio.

I’ve wandered about, and climbed hills and flights of stairs.

Reconnecting with old friends has been quite special.

I’ve found gardens in unusual places. This little spot was tucked back behind the convention center, peach, orange, lemon, lime, fig and bay trees. Cabbages, Swiss Chard, tomatoes, and every kind of herb were tucked into raised beads. All were surrounded with chicken wire or hog panels to protect them from the very brazen deer that run the golf course.

With the chilly winter we had the peaches look like they are going to be spectacular this year.

My favorite was a cheeky, black squirrel who posed so pretty, I had to take his picture.

I love that they landscape with Rosemary here. It’s so pretty, great for bees, and deer resistant. Of course, I couldn’t keep my hands off of it. It’s great aromatherapy to rub my hands across the Rosemary and then breath deep to enjoy.

It’s been fun to be away for a few days, but I’m ready to go home.

In the garden

The light was just right, and the flowers were ready to show off.

In the time before the heat bleaches the color from the leaves,

The rain has brought out some very happy blooms.

Photos by me. 

Bees and flowers, laughter in the Garden, calming moments.

I found myself hyperventilating this morning in anticipation of a potential job offer.  Will it come?  Will it not?

So I gave myself a good shake, and a talking to and got in the Jeep.

I drove myself to my favorite Garden Center, The Arbor Gate in Tomball, Tx.  

Almost immediately I felt calmer.  

The sun is starting to mellow as we move into September.   Bev, the owner of the Arbor Gate, greeted me when I got there, and we talked about fall planting and when the Swiss Chard will come in.  I love Swiss Chard, it is so colorful in the garden, and quite tasty too.

I wandered about and took pictures, breathed in the garden fragrances, meandered in the herb house, and laughed at the bumble bees.  They would land on flimsy flower stems, and the stems would bow low to the ground, then spring up as the Bumbley Bees would fly off.

The Terra Cotta smiling children and pigs were so darn cute.  I had to linger and consider a purchase. 

There is something about a beautiful garden that speaks to my soul.

The final sign was priceless.  So I’m taking off my glasses for today and I’m going to stop obsessing over something I can’t control.


I’m so grateful the seeds we put down in March took, and we have a beautiful blanket of wild flowers to enjoy.

The waiting, the wondering.  Planting seeds and waiting for them to germinate, sprout, grow, and flower.

What color will they be?  What kind will do well?  Will the birds eat the seeds?  Did I plant too late?  Will it rain?

It takes time.  It takes effort.  It takes patience.  It’s so worth it.