In the garden

The light was just right, and the flowers were ready to show off.

In the time before the heat bleaches the color from the leaves,

The rain has brought out some very happy blooms.

Photos by me. 

Bees and flowers, laughter in the Garden, calming moments.

I found myself hyperventilating this morning in anticipation of a potential job offer.  Will it come?  Will it not?

So I gave myself a good shake, and a talking to and got in the Jeep.

I drove myself to my favorite Garden Center, The Arbor Gate in Tomball, Tx.  

Almost immediately I felt calmer.  

The sun is starting to mellow as we move into September.   Bev, the owner of the Arbor Gate, greeted me when I got there, and we talked about fall planting and when the Swiss Chard will come in.  I love Swiss Chard, it is so colorful in the garden, and quite tasty too.

I wandered about and took pictures, breathed in the garden fragrances, meandered in the herb house, and laughed at the bumble bees.  They would land on flimsy flower stems, and the stems would bow low to the ground, then spring up as the Bumbley Bees would fly off.

The Terra Cotta smiling children and pigs were so darn cute.  I had to linger and consider a purchase. 

There is something about a beautiful garden that speaks to my soul.

The final sign was priceless.  So I’m taking off my glasses for today and I’m going to stop obsessing over something I can’t control.


I’m so grateful the seeds we put down in March took, and we have a beautiful blanket of wild flowers to enjoy.

The waiting, the wondering.  Planting seeds and waiting for them to germinate, sprout, grow, and flower.

What color will they be?  What kind will do well?  Will the birds eat the seeds?  Did I plant too late?  Will it rain?

It takes time.  It takes effort.  It takes patience.  It’s so worth it.

Rosemary, what it means to me

I’ve never known such a graceful plant.

  It’s evergreen, flowering, and hardy.

   The lovely lavender blossoms brings the bees.

    They are so lovely.

I’ve cooked with rosemary.

  I’ve decorated with rosemary,

   I’ve dragged my hands down the stems while walking past the plant.

     Lifting those Rosemary scented hands to my face

        I breath deep taking in the fragrance of the herb.

I will always have Rosemary in my garden.


  I’m tempted to pull a sprig, 

   Stick it in my bra, and wear it with me.

Just driving down the road on a Tuesday

The World’s Fastest Lawn Mower, the Dixie Chopper!

A Weapon of Grass Destruction!

Order me 2. We have to keep mowing till November.

Where’s Tim Allen?  Shouldn’t he be the spokesman for this company?

(Don’t tell anyone I was using my phone while driving to take a quick photo!  I couldn’t pass that one up.)

What the Dirth?

I haven’t mentioned Bee keeping for a while. We are new to bee keeping and are learning quite a bit. 

June was rainy and limited forage, so we gave them feed. July looked great until we got 3 weeks of 100+ degrees, and things went backwards. 

Our master bee keeper call these long dry spells a “Dirth”. 

So we took off our top boxes, started feed once again, and this weekend we were really pleased to see our population increasing. 

We even found our new queen, and made sure she had her tiara. 

She is the most elusive gal. It took quite an effort to get an audience. 

See the white dot we painted on her?  We will be better able to find her next time. 

I’m thinking we should call her HRH Elinore, the Elusive. 

A curtsy would be appropriate, but not compulsory. 

Zits, mosquito bites, chiggers, and stinging nettle

They got me….

There are hundreds of little insects with big bellies, laying back on their sofas complaining that they ate too much of the big girl lifting those landscape timbers.

To top things off, I got into some stinging nettle too, and all the heat and perspiration caused a massive break out on my chin!

So, I’m covered in Calomine lotion and tea tree oil trying not to scratch and cry.

I think I might be over-tired too.  

Cranky girl needs a nap….maybe a massage and facial?  Yea!

Oh and some cheese to go along with all this whine.  Yea!

Maybe some wine too.  Most definitely. 

That should do the trick.  After some chocolate.

Harvest, surprising harvest


In all the rain, I thought the garden was “kaput”.  No sun, 10 inches of rain this month, disappointing tomatoes, no green beans.  Too much rain for good cucumbers….so I thought.

We had a little break in the deluge so I went to check the Veg.

I was really surprised to see the tomato cages all on their sides with dozens of red tomatoes looking at me.  I was completely shocked to see green beans, lots of beans, and some decent cucumbers….sadly all the zucchini was garbage.

I had to go back for baskets.  I’ve yet to break open one of the tomatoes to see if they are any good.  They did look pretty in the basket.

The green beans were nice, very plump, not a lot of string, and cooking right now for dinner.

I’m grateful that there was something living in the garden, I thought it was all gone.

Pretty pickles

with a plethora of cucumbers growing at a magnificent pace, I spent today catching up with them.

Check out my Bread and Butter Pickles heading into their hot water bath to seal those jars.

Pretty Pickles.

Today I’m grateful for the time and strength to put up pickles, that my garden is producing, and I had plenty of Ball Jars on hand.

Good day.