Stories behind the black eye!

I woke up extra tired today.

It didn’t seem like I could get going.

So I took my shower, and what did I see in the mirror when I got out?

A black eye!  Well a nasty black spot under my right eye.  The make up just can’t cover it up.

What the heck?  What an odd little patch?  I think the make-up makes it look worse.

The only thing I can think of that might have caused the odd discoloration would be practicing my headstands.

I got a new Yoga Wheel, and yesterday I showed off some of my headstand skill to my husband.  Let me tell you, he was impressed.



Truly, he thought it was cool.

I must have busted a blood vessel, and ta-da, a little black eye.


I need an awesome story to go along with it……it’s such a little patch.  Maybe I got hit in the eye with a sparkler?  Fight with a Fairy Princess with a tiny little fist?  Poked myself in the face with a pencil?

I almost hope it gets a little bigger, so I can come up with a better story.

Finding the humor in my workout

Image from Pinterest. 

Getting through the sun salutations yesterday, huffing and puffing only to find a little humor.

I wonder where I can get a set of these?

In my warrior yestday, the instructor is pushing down my shoulders, and straightening my arms….that was funny.

In my down dog, she tries to flatten the middle of my back, and push my shoulders down.

It was like I was one of those toys where you push one side and another side goes silly?  It was very Lucille Ball.

I didn’t quite get into my headstand.  I couldn’t figure out how to relax the muscles in my legs.  It wasn’t like I was using my legs, I just couldn’t relax them.  It didn’t seem like they were flexed.  It was a quandary.  “Clear your mind, relax your legs, engage your core, flex your feet.”  Sorry, I cleared my mind, what was after that?

I live to fight another day I guess, and try again at lunch on Friday.

Today I’m grateful that my planks are getting stronger, and I actually got my leg into a half lotus.  Trying not to think about my age does make Yoga a little easier.

Have you ever had a funny work out?  


It’s Friday.


Image credit:  Momma Giggles




The monkey face says it all.  Blah.

I realize that I hadn’t been posting much.  Things have been a bit dry on the creative path, but I have been reading and commenting.


Cheers to a good weekend everyone.

My gratitude today is that I’ve made it this far.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Whether you are a romantic, a practical, or a single person, I hope this Valentine’s Day at least brings you some chocolate. 

My man and I are fixing dinner at home. No crowds, no hustle bustle.  A nice steak, a good bottle of wine and my honey. 

Sunday funny

Image credit:
I’m plinking away on Pinterest this morning, chatting with my son and I saw this.  It struck me so funny, that I had to share it.

It’s going to be a great day.  I love when Sunday starts with a laugh.

Why is this so funny?

After a long day in the heat, and dodging the rain, I saw this and it stuck me so funny.

Attempted Murder is less than 3 crows.   I’m crying for laughing over this.

I’m so grateful for humor breaks after a day in the heat.  And the trivial persuit card, many years ago, that told me what “more than 3” crows are called.

I need a shower, and some carbs…for heaven sakes, can I get a cracker?