Offended? Good. You can just suffer.

I know you’ve all seen this picture with different sayings. It’s probably one of the Memes Photos I’ve seen the most on Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

When I saw this saying on this photo, I spit my coffee! I thought it was just perfect.

I’m so tired of someone being offended, I mean really folks. Offended by gender references, politics, food, North v South, Black hoods, White hoods, hyphenated Americans, Zumba Spots, Coffee v Tea, Gas V Electric, Donkeys V Elephants, Red V Blue, what are we doing? Cats and Dogs Living together? It’s just crazy!

I’ve got the solution to all the issues, and propose that we have a Mel Brooks Film studies program on all major Universities. This would have off-shoot courses in Monty Python, and 1970’s SNL skits. Maybe even a Minor in Pink Panther Inspector Clouseau foibles. Let’s help all people develop a sense of humor, and an understanding of Irony, Satire, and Slapstick humor. Did you know there are 20 different types of humor?

What the world needs now, is a good laugh and maybe a nap.

Tell em Ricky!


Getting ready to make some quiche for lunches this week, and the I got the “smile of approval” from the eggs. Although, he looks like he could wipe his nose! 🀣

Some Sundays just start off fun.

Grateful today for Happy Food.

So What Do You Recommend?

Image from Pinterest. Not actual customer.

Sometimes my baby boy is one of the funniest people on the planet.

He’s worked for a tire company for the last 8 years, and sometimes our neighbors will go in and ply him for a discount, favor, deal, or even recommendations.

Our next door neighbor took his car in. (This neighbor has been really harsh to my husband and I for our political beliefs.) He asked for Zach to work on his vehicle, and after the the tires were inspected, it was revealed that 3 of the rims on his vehicle were bent, severely damaged.

The neighbor leans into Zach and says “Well, what do you recommend?”

Zach “be a better driver?” πŸ‘€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

JackAss neighbor needs 3 new rims, and new tires and can’t say jack to Zach.

I love that boy.

Well, I’ve never seen this before

A “good used set”. Does that mean they were used well, or are in good condition?

I love that the buyer gets to “pay for installation”!🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

Excuse me Doctor, I bought these online, and would like to have them installed?

I’m rolling!!

4th, 5th, 6th

If Yesterday was May the 4th be with you, Star Wars Day,

And Today is Cinco de Mayo,

Does that make Monday Revenge of the 6th?

Training my brain

I got one of those apps that tells you it can exercise your brain and improve your cognitive functions.

It’s been a week, and now I can’t think at all.

I might need to reboot my whole system.