Domesticity reigns

What does this mean?

Anyone else’s Domain is their Kingdom. They are supreme, in charge, over all.

Why would a Domestic goddess be a bad thing?

Wouldn’t that make her more than a Queen?

Today, I am more than a Queen, in my little ream.

The Queen purchased trees for the country property and helped deliver them safe.

The Queen helped the King choose the appropriate placement, soil amendments, and helped dig the holes for the trees.

The Queen drove back to the castle to take care of the dogs.

The Queen went grocery shopping.

House was cleaned, by the Queen. (Not mopped, it’s too muddy outside to mop)

Lunches for the week, cooked and packaged by the Queen. (Chicken, Sausage and veggies with quinoa. Mushroom soup. Butter steak bites with butternut squash)

On an indulgent whim, the Queen made some candy…and ate some. ( Carmel chocolate with peanuts dipped in white chocolate.)

Tomorrow…..the Queen goes back to work, and will do this all again

I AM a goddess, domestic or otherwise.

I’ve earned it. I’m tired now…..

Yea, Domestic goddess is for the birds…….that’s just work.

Who made this crap up?


Feeling like something out of a Hitchcock Film.

Seeing the signs everywhere!

The tree limbs are moving from the weight of the flocks.

Then you hear the Grackles making their racket!

Thousands of them.

I run to the lobby entrance to the hotel

Anxiously looking about….

I’ve been warned.

Now to move my rental car? Nope. I’m leaving it for the birds.

Pet names

I’ve been called many things over the years, but my favorite pet name that I’ve been called is “Fred”.

Bet you weren’t expecting that?

What is the best Pet Name you’ve been called, or called someone else?

Where did pet names come from, I wonder?