So What Do You Recommend?

Image from Pinterest. Not actual customer.

Sometimes my baby boy is one of the funniest people on the planet.

He’s worked for a tire company for the last 8 years, and sometimes our neighbors will go in and ply him for a discount, favor, deal, or even recommendations.

Our next door neighbor took his car in. (This neighbor has been really harsh to my husband and I for our political beliefs.) He asked for Zach to work on his vehicle, and after the the tires were inspected, it was revealed that 3 of the rims on his vehicle were bent, severely damaged.

The neighbor leans into Zach and says “Well, what do you recommend?”

Zach “be a better driver?” 👀😁😂

JackAss neighbor needs 3 new rims, and new tires and can’t say jack to Zach.

I love that boy.

Well, I’ve never seen this before

A “good used set”. Does that mean they were used well, or are in good condition?

I love that the buyer gets to “pay for installation”!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Excuse me Doctor, I bought these online, and would like to have them installed?

I’m rolling!!

4th, 5th, 6th

If Yesterday was May the 4th be with you, Star Wars Day,

And Today is Cinco de Mayo,

Does that make Monday Revenge of the 6th?

Training my brain

I got one of those apps that tells you it can exercise your brain and improve your cognitive functions.

It’s been a week, and now I can’t think at all.

I might need to reboot my whole system.

And it begins.

Midway thru my first cup of coffee, I have the FoodNetwork up on the TV. Giada is talking about Rotten Fruit.

Rotten Fruit? I had to stop to find out why. So I hit rewind, and played it again.

She was talking about Moroccan Food…..

Can’t stop laughing

Be on the Lookout



We went to a lovely wedding in Dripping Springs, Tx last night. One of my husband’s best friend’s daughter got married. We got to hang out in a beautiful setting, celebrate a lovely young couples commitment, dance a little, and catch up with folks we hadn’t seen in a bit.

We are chatting at the table before the toasts, and our friend Laura pipes up and says “you won’t believe what Buzz did.” Of course we were on the edge of our seats to hear the latest escapade of one of my husbands oldest friends. Buzz is a big guy, bald, tattooed–Old Rocker who is in charge of a very large music venue in Texas. He’s hob knobbed with major headliners. He considers himself to be like Howard Stern in how he likes to shock people with the outrageous. So we couldn’t wait to hear the story.

Turns out they were in a grocery store, and Buzz likes to play practical jokes on Laura when they are at the store. He stalks her, sneaks up and grabs her butt. She knows it’s going to happen and plays along.

This particular day at the “Piggly Wiggly” didn’t turn out as Buzz planned. He stalked his prey, sneaked up on her and realized mid-grab……he had the wrong fanny!

In horror, the apologies spewed, and Buzz took off in search of his wife, dragged her over to the offended party and demanded that Laura tell them that she was his wife, and that’s he’s not a perve.

He’s kinda lucky he’s not in jail, but we have been laughing about his situation for 2 days now.

I think Laura is having some fun at her husbands folly, I know we did. I can’t remember laughing so hard.

Author’s note: Some of the names have been changed to protect the embarrassed, but this is the story relayed to me.

Me, A Mountain Lion, magic, and Tall Tales of Proposals

Funerals are funny things. The Loved Ones we buried this week have been part of the ENTIRE history of my husband and me.

If it hadn’t been for Carruth Gerault, I wouldn’t have met my husband. If it hadn’t been for Jack Klesel, I might not have married him.

If they had Camera Phones back then…..we would both be in big trouble! If only I had the shot of Carruth, Jimmy, and David in their black Resistol hats and Red foam Antlers the night I met them, red suspenders with every naughty Christmas button ever known to man…..The image is burned on my brain. But I regress.

Having been to the funerals of both Carruth and Jack…what story did my husband choose to tell at BOTH? The story of our engagement! What a Tall Tale did he come up with? He might as well been talking about Pecos Bill lassoing a Tornado.

In December 1993, David planned a ski trip to Lake Tahoe with some friends and asked if I would come along. It was an odd trip. I was the second girl, amongst 6 of my husband’s friends. Our host, had his girlfriend there too, but only a couple of our days total. Knowing that these were life-long friends of my husband, I made sure not to importune on their good times. They had 2 days to ski just guys, and 2 nights to hang out and tell their manly stories. I had fun going about the casinos, I took the Tahoe Tessie tour on the paddle boat, and did some site seeing.

We were there over New Year’s Eve, David wanted to get things prepared for the Celebration, and we took off to get the Black Eye’d Peas, and Cornbread fixings that Texans do, and take a little time to explore S. Lake Tahoe before we went to Midnight Rodeo, a Country Western Club our host managed.

David loves to tell how he wanted to propose, and drove me to a vista over the Heavenly Ski resort at Lake Tahoe to propose, and how I got back into the car before he could get the ring out. That he had to tap on the window to get to to come back out for the Big question. Oh how he plays it up. How he found the mountain lion, and that we had to take pictures. Blah, Blah, Blah.

After Carruth passed, we started going through pictures to offer up for the funeral home, and the photographic evidence of a different story started to appear.

The Mountain Lion.

We were doodling about Tahoe, grocery shopping etc, and passing one of the casinos there was a mountain lion on a leash and a guy offering pictures. I had to stop.

David took a picture too.

The mountain lion had a schnauzer in his sites, and was put up after his pic. 😂

He was whining so badly about not being able to hang out with his buddies for the 3rd of our 4 days, I threatened to punish him for the rest of his life and taking him to one of the local Wedding Chapels and marrying him on the spot. I really did! We drove up the mountain to get some photos of Lake Tahoe, and Heavenly. We stopped at one of the scenic overlooks to take some shots. I was so irritated with him for complaining, I really just wanted to go home.

I got out of the car, took pictures of him, two of the vista, and tapped my size 7 boot on the asphalt till I got soooo chilled I had to get back in the car. I was still wearing the jogging suit from the Mountain Lion Shot, I was cold on the mountain…Just saying. He wasn’t wearing a coat either, but he never does.

Next thing I know, he’s dragging me out of the car, a bit peeved at me and demanding that I marry him. He was waving the ring around…I couldn’t see it, let alone put it on my finger. He was on one knee on ice, and sliding down the mountain. It was really funny, and we both ended up laughing like crazy. I’m not sure why I said yes, but in hind site…..he looked really tense putting that lense on his camera. He must have been working up his nerve, and I ruined his moment…..or the moment he had in his mind that he struggled to make happen, in a really cool spot. I kinda love him for that. 😊

We will celebrate 25 years of Marriage in March. We brought Zach home with us from that trip. There was real magic at Lake Tahoe for us that year.

That’s my tall tale, with photographic evidence, of the vista of my proposal.

Thanks Carruth. Thanks Uncle Jack. You still inspire the romantic in my husband. I can’t believe he wanted to continue to tell the story that you helped him to create for us.