Are you classy?

I think it’s sad, that manners aren’t taught anymore.

Plonking about the internet, an article caught my Eye.

Habits that make a woman look classy.

  • Do not chew your food loudly
  • Do not chew gum in public places
  • Do not burp
  • Do not roll your eyes
  • Do not swear
  • Do not pick your nose

Habits that make a woman look classy

What a relief to find out what not to do!

I usually swear while chewing with my mouth open and picking my nose.

Thank Goodness I don’t chew gum.

My life is changed forever! (Burp). Sorry. Eye Roll!đŸ™„

Heading into 2020

The Christmas is done

The family has gone home

We are quietly eating leftovers

Pretty happy to be alone

The packages are given

The thank you’s received

The tree looks a little tired

My husband looks a little peeved

So let’s call a time out–A day just to breath

Momma’s putting her feet up. The puppy’s asleep

Dad’s got the blankets

Just the break that we need

Hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday. Now take a nap.

Max is getting big.

Here he is, today, snuggling in with the rain and cold pelting outside.

His snout is getting longer. His legs are getting longer. His body is as long as my leg from my hip to my knee. He fits right next to me in my chair. He’s developing some charming habits. He steals my underwear and socks, and hides them under the coffee table. He finds that amusing. I couldn’t understand where they were going, until I found his stash.

Here he was in September, all cute puppy-ness. Pre-laundry-raiding days. The only thing under the coffee table is one of my weights.

My sweet boy. I do enjoy when he’s being snuggly. We will have to keep the baby gates up to protect my laundry until he learns some better habits.


My work family is very sweet. They sent messages, and calls, and support like I’ve never known.

As the drama over my dad’s remains still stands in the air.

My brother and I are keeping our sense of humor.

If your family sucks, go find a new one. It’s not you…it’s them.

It’s a good thing I work out, this was a two arm bouquet from my work family. It made me cry, in gratitude for their support.

Since my my dad’s wife won’t have a funeral, memorial service, or give an obituary for my dad….and won’t give us his ashes! my little mind is going into overdrive.

She can’t keep my dad’s memory from me, and she can’t dictate who I share it with.

Ashes or not, I will memorialize my dad, one way or another.

I’ve written an obit, and contacted what’s left of my dad’s family.

Do I send it to the social circle where he lived the last 30 years?

My father “fell” from a second story balcony in February. After his rehab he went into a nursing facility where he was taken off of all “life extending medications” including his Afib meds, Parkinson’s meds, which are not life extending. But he was taken off of them any way.

His wife abandoned him, moved to Las Vegas in July. She put their condo up for sale. the market.

Claimed to have had multiple falls, couldn’t be there for his final days, hours. Now that he’s dead, she’s fine, coming home, all is well, aren’t we all so happy? Isn’t it just wonderful? We should be happy for her, shouldn’t we?

The Lord rebuke her… and the Lord please help me.

True confessions

I’m a bit of a grouch. Ive been known to be grumpy too. A complaint or two have fallen from these lips. It’s true.

When I started this blog in 2013, I was determined to overcome the grouchies by focusing on Gratitude.

That focus has really helped me, even though, sometimes, occasionally, usually around a full moon, and when I’m out of wine…..I can be a little grouchy.

Image credit Sandra Boynton.

Offended? Good. You can just suffer.

I know you’ve all seen this picture with different sayings. It’s probably one of the Memes Photos I’ve seen the most on Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

When I saw this saying on this photo, I spit my coffee! I thought it was just perfect.

I’m so tired of someone being offended, I mean really folks. Offended by gender references, politics, food, North v South, Black hoods, White hoods, hyphenated Americans, Zumba Spots, Coffee v Tea, Gas V Electric, Donkeys V Elephants, Red V Blue, what are we doing? Cats and Dogs Living together? It’s just crazy!

I’ve got the solution to all the issues, and propose that we have a Mel Brooks Film studies program on all major Universities. This would have off-shoot courses in Monty Python, and 1970’s SNL skits. Maybe even a Minor in Pink Panther Inspector Clouseau foibles. Let’s help all people develop a sense of humor, and an understanding of Irony, Satire, and Slapstick humor. Did you know there are 20 different types of humor?

What the world needs now, is a good laugh and maybe a nap.

Tell em Ricky!