What a lovely week.

I took flowers to the office for the staff who continually makes me look good.  It made me so happy to give them a little smile.  Not the flowers in the picture, I found some beautiful yellow roses, a symbol of friendship, and Texas.

It was just an ordinary Tuesday, and the week hadn’t started off very well at all.  Never the less, a change of attitude can turn a blah week into a fabulous one if you don’t let sour thoughts take over.

Be someone’s sunshine today.


image credit Hippie Peace Freaks (toni) Facebook.



It’s just down I-10 a piece

It’s a good thing there is a little winery on the way….but I can’t vouch for the vintage being this is just west of the Louisiana border.  East Texas isn’t famous for wine, sorry.

Besides Beaumont, and El Paso on this jaunt, there is Baytown, Houston, Katy, Columbus, Schulenberg, Flatonia, Luling, Schertz, San Antonio, Kerrville, then it all becomes a blur….coyotes, cactus, dusty planes, the Llano Estacado ( if you are a Lonesome Dove Fan, you’ll remember the Llano.)

When was the last time you drove 900 miles and stayed in the same state?

My attempt at a song a day

Oh, thank you  for the nod Diane,  to join into the song a day challenge.

I may just jump in this once.  I’m not as musical, or an over achiever like Meg.

Music speaks to me specifically, so many ways.  It doesn’t matter if it is pop, rock, gospel, classical, comical, cartoon, or what.  I love music.

So Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande in Faith from SING….Oh yea.  I got faith!



Happy Friday!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

I found this in Pinterest this morning, it made me smile before I had my coffee.  That takes a bit, just so you know. 

This one I took at an Irish Pub in Indianapolis.

Cheers to a fun weekend. 

Love James Bond

So, imagine my delight when I boycotted the Super Bowl I found a really cool 4 part series on Ian Flemming on Netflix!

Rejects Unite!

Ian Flemming:  The man who would be Bond

Check it out. WWII era London.

It’s a fun, but short indulgence. 

I Blinked Again

Just a blink ago it was Monday.

I think I need to stop blinking, cause the weeks are going way too fast.

Image credit

Happy Friday all!  I hope your weekend is Fabulous.

Today I am so grateful for my family.  My oldest son is coming home tomorrow, and we will have everyone in the house for a week.  It will be a great Thanksgiving week.

We did a dry run on our Turkeys last weekend, so guess who is adding Ham to the menu this year?  I’m grateful for the option to add a little Ham to our Thanksgiving menu.  After all, I’m cooking, I should get a little bit of they say over what I’m putting on the table.  Just saying.

For all my American compatriots, if you are traveling for the Holiday, be safe, enjoy, and I hope you have a wonderful time.

Happy Friday!

If you are participating in some Halloween fun, enjoy.

It’s been a mellow, but successful week.  I’m grateful for Friday.  I’m stocked up for the beggars.

Looks like it will be a good week end!