All the faces after 25 years.

My boys, and they have my face, our faces….God help them. They are the mash up between David and I.

They didn’t fall far from the tree. They scraped bark, all the way down. Between my husband and I they have The dimples, Holy smokes….The Chin, The nose, The smile, The eyes, The personalities, the quirks. I’m in awe. They are us, and we are them. I’m such a blessed mama.

When you find yourself amongst your own family, how can that not be home?

The first utterance of gratitude from me is for my family. I’m so blessed to have boys. I really don’t know where I’d be without them.

I can’t wait to see what comes next for my family.

Pigs in a blanket, shaped like a pig!

I’m so happy.

I got a new silicone mold, and I made pigs in a blanket that look like little piggies!

I’m completely geeking out! I love them, especially with some honey drizzled on top.

Even their little ears turned out! I can’t believe how cute they are, but I will eat them anyway.

What happened to my senses?

My youngest and I were hanging out this morning. He loves Sci-Fi-Fantasy, and other types of video games. I play too, when I can, to keep up with what he’s doing.

He says, “Mom, if you could choose one world to live in, would you pick Sci-Fi or Fantasy?”

That’s a hard choice. I’ve adored all the JRR Tolkien books and movies, not to mention Game of Thrones, or any of the CS Lewis books. But I’ve also been a big fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and of course Harry Potter.

In the end, I think of I could pick one world of the two to be a part of, it would have to be Fantasy. I love the idea of mythic beasts, magical powers, and the struggle of good against evil.

If you could escape this world for either the Sci-Fi or Fantasy worlds, which would you choose?

What has happened to my senses? I wonder, do I still believe in Magic? Could my senses grow sharper?

The Queen Bee

My office decided to do the Halloween costume contest up big.

So of course, I had to something with a bee.

So Cruella Deville and I had to show off our stuff!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Had to buy it

True confession, I had to buy it. A true impulse purchase, but I will wear it! Probably on sales calls.

Today, I’m thankful for things that make me smile.

The funny things you see

We went out for an early dinner, and on our way back to the car, we pass this little shoe. I think Smart Cars look like children’s shoes, don’t ask me why.

My first thought was “would I trust a repairman who showed up in this?”

My second thought was “He’s got a really little tool box.”

My buddy on facebook commented it should be a mobile vasectomy service.

We all had a good laugh.

Are you a little Batty?

If you are, you have an opportunity to hang out with Millions of Bats at the Austin Batfest 2018 August 18th, in lovely downtown Austin, TX.

You can check out the events at Garlic is extra.

Being Home to one of the largest colonies of Mexican Brown Bats, definately Keeps Austin Weird, for sure. The Millions of Bats live under the S. Congress Ave Bridge. The spectacle of the emergence at dusk is amazing, and they are hugely beneficial to the environment, keeping all the creeping, flying, and chewing insects at bay. Think grasshoppers, crickets, millipedes, mosquitos, etc.

I’m grateful for the tons of insects that they eat every evening when they head out to forage.

It’s one of the fun things to do in Austin, if you have the inclination. Seeing them from the water is spectacular.

Image from fine art america via Pinterest.

Fun in flight

I fly Southwest Airlines quite a bit.

I like them.

Not only for the fun MD Anderson Art that they have decided to display on the overhead bins, but the Flight Attendants are more often than not, really fun.

I try to get the Exit Row when I can. It means I’m usually among seasoned travelers, and it’s a little more room for me and the stuff that I have to carry.

When sitting in an Exit Row, you have to give a verbal agreement to help in the event of an Emergency.

Our Flight attendant was being particularly cheeky. He grabbed my bag from the overhead bin because I had my A-list tag on it. He asked my name. He introduced me to two of the gentlemen in the row so we could get ‘friendly’. He then said: “Beverage of choice to the person who can answer this question:

What is the airspeed Velocity of an unladen swallow?”

So I shouted back: “African or European?”

His mouth dropped open “Wendy, how did you know that?”

So I had to be cheeky with him “You have to know these things when you are king”.

That did spark a discussion on how I came to be acquainted with Monty Python Movies. No one got the reference but me.

It made for a fun flight.

Today, I’m really grateful for enjoyable travel, and flight attendants who go out of their way to make their flights fun.

Dancing partners

Image from Pinterest

I love to dance. Since a little girl I took ballet, tap, Jazz was on Drill team in high school.

My husband and I would go out dancing when we were dating.

We got caught up in life, dancing isn’t on our agenda anymore.

I had a dear co-worker who lives in Nebraska, whenever we were together at events we would find time to dance.

Waltz, two step, polka, Schoddish, line dance, east coast beach, Salsa, Merengue, Cha-cha, Zumba, I will jump in and join the party.

I don’t know that I will ever be able to give up dancing in total.

So, until I can find someone to dance with again, I will just have to dance by myself.