Ok….I’ll guess I’ll Zumba

My TRX trainer decided to go to Hawaii for a couple weeks and mess up my exercise schedule. Jeesh, the nerve of some folks! 🙄😁

What to do, what to do? I guess we’ll go Zumba.

I like Zumba for the cardio, but I really hate Twerking. I find it so gross! It’s awkward, and stupid, and even in a class full of gals, I’m not going to twerk. So I planked it out, and did push ups. Did some mountain climbers, and finished with a couple of Bupees. Boy did I get some looks. Oh well. My plank/push-up /Burpee solo did not get the respect From the Twerkie- nuts. If I’m doing Burpees, you know I must really hate twerking.

The thing I like about Zumba this week is my Bossy watch gives me big prompts for filling in my activity rings. 😎😜

Ive got the rest of the day to stand up….a lot. Hahahaha.

It just buzzed! Time to stand up.

How are you getting your activity done this week? If you have a Bossy Watch, does it motivate you or irritate you?

In the last couple of months of working out, I’ve slimmed down a little. Hair up was in May, Hair down was mid July. My arms, waist, and hips are starting to change, and change is good.

Sit your Fat Ass down

If you head west on Hwy 290 from Austin, weave your way through Dripping Springs, Johnson City, and slink on into Fredericksburg, Tx. Watch the speed limit, it changes often.

It’s the new wine destination in Texas.

One of the little jewels on the North Side of 290 before you hit the Wildflower farm and the peach groves is the Fat Ass Ranch and Winery.

Bingham, and Heritage are two fun stops to make too.

Texas is fun, so is the wine country in Texas. So bring your sense of humor, and your big ass glass for some fun Hill Country Vino.

Stranger Things Season 3

If you have followed me for the last 3 seconds, or years, you know I’m a nerd.

I love all things poetry, romanticism, science, creativity.

When Stranger Things was launched on Netflix, I was an immediate fan.

The story line is wonderful, the actors don’t disappoint.

If you haven’t watched, give it a twirl. Start at the beginning, it’s epic.

It’s complicated, dangerous, joyous, and challenging.

My favorite character has been Dustin, from the start. He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s flawed, he’s romantic. I adore his character.

It’s now season 3, and the story has evolved, the characters have changed, and I like Dustin more than ever.

When he sings to Suzy…..I knew he was my favorite forever. Never mind saving the world….just sing Dustin! We will all groan while we wait!

Good Job Netflix, the Duffer Brothers. Dustin’s character is amazing.

SANTA at the Farmer’s Market

When I spotted SANTA Jim’s sleigh in the parking lot, I had to go look for him.

But, like Christmas when I was a kid, when I tried to sneak a peak at him….poof he was gone.

I’m grateful for time to wander at the Farmer’s Market in Tomball, time to clean my house, and fresh tomatoes to snack on.

All the faces after 25 years.

My boys, and they have my face, our faces….God help them. They are the mash up between David and I.

They didn’t fall far from the tree. They scraped bark, all the way down. Between my husband and I they have The dimples, Holy smokes….The Chin, The nose, The smile, The eyes, The personalities, the quirks. I’m in awe. They are us, and we are them. I’m such a blessed mama.

When you find yourself amongst your own family, how can that not be home?

The first utterance of gratitude from me is for my family. I’m so blessed to have boys. I really don’t know where I’d be without them.

I can’t wait to see what comes next for my family.

Pigs in a blanket, shaped like a pig!

I’m so happy.

I got a new silicone mold, and I made pigs in a blanket that look like little piggies!

I’m completely geeking out! I love them, especially with some honey drizzled on top.

Even their little ears turned out! I can’t believe how cute they are, but I will eat them anyway.