The new Gym

I’ve been working out at the Yoga and Fitness studio for 3 years. They started cutting back on the TRX classes that I really enjoyed.

I saw my strength, and endurance really improve with TRX, and I really enjoyed the instructor.

When it became evident that the studio was going in a different direction, I went a different direction too.

I didn’t realize that I was so complacent at the yoga place. This little work out kicked my backside. I was sore for 3 days.

It has inspired me to push myself a little harder, and see what I can really do with a little professional assistance.

My gift to myself is a month of personal training.

Staying strong, fit, and active is important. Meeting new people, doing new things is good for me too.

We will see what the next 25 days will bring.

Ok….I’ll guess I’ll Zumba

My TRX trainer decided to go to Hawaii for a couple weeks and mess up my exercise schedule. Jeesh, the nerve of some folks! 🙄😁

What to do, what to do? I guess we’ll go Zumba.

I like Zumba for the cardio, but I really hate Twerking. I find it so gross! It’s awkward, and stupid, and even in a class full of gals, I’m not going to twerk. So I planked it out, and did push ups. Did some mountain climbers, and finished with a couple of Bupees. Boy did I get some looks. Oh well. My plank/push-up /Burpee solo did not get the respect From the Twerkie- nuts. If I’m doing Burpees, you know I must really hate twerking.

The thing I like about Zumba this week is my Bossy watch gives me big prompts for filling in my activity rings. 😎😜

Ive got the rest of the day to stand up….a lot. Hahahaha.

It just buzzed! Time to stand up.

How are you getting your activity done this week? If you have a Bossy Watch, does it motivate you or irritate you?

In the last couple of months of working out, I’ve slimmed down a little. Hair up was in May, Hair down was mid July. My arms, waist, and hips are starting to change, and change is good.

Back to the work out

After much to do about the Frozen Shoulder,

I made my way back to the TRX work out at the yoga studio.

I may not be able to move later.

The Side Plank Crunch reminded me how much strength I’ve lost this summer.

It was good to sweat it out, and laugh with my buddies.

I’m very grateful to have a place to work out with fun people.

Here’s an example of some of the core work we did yesterday.

Image from Pinterest.

From the inside out.

One day this pain shows up. I’m working my shoulders in TRX. Feeling stronger by the day, then this nagging little pain becomes a sharp throbbing pain, then I have to take a break from working out.

My doctor was a riot. “How long have you had this pain?” When I told him it started in April, he didn’t miss a beat “So you rushed right in.”

I told him I go to doctors for big things like child birth, and Achilles reconstruction. The only times I’ve ever been in the hospital!

He did think that was funny. I liked him immediately, and it didn’t hurt that he was really a cutie! Doctor Eye Candy.

So this lovely picture of my shoulder shows a bone spur in the joint where the mouse arrow is. It only affects me when I have to use my left arm to do little things like, close car doors, pick up groceries or children, cook, clean, put on a seat belt. I can still type, talk, and be my general charming self.

The next step is an MRI because, if a bone spur wasn’t stupid enough, I may have a tear in my bicep. Yippee. There goes my weekend plans of Arm Wrestling! I’ll just have to wrestle right handed.

Working out is fraught with peril, just be warned. This is the second time I’ve gotten to a great level only to be side lined with surgery.

So, what can I be grateful for at this point?

First, I’m grateful that it’s my left shoulder, and not my right. I’m grateful it’s not reconstructive surgery. I’m grateful for a fabulous doctor that had me in and out of the first visit in less than an hour, and that was with the new patient paperwork! They were absolutely fabulous! Best doctor visit ever! Even if it wasn’t great news, I’m glad to know what’s wrong, and that it’s fixable.

Yoga, the ups and downs

It’s been a full year of consistent practice. A full year of Yin, Wheel Flow, TRX, and a smattering of other classes I could fit in.

Yin is a focused practice of holding passive poses to open up joints, increase flexibility, and improve blood flow.

Wheel Flow is a new thing. It incorporates a Vinyasa flow with a yoga wheel to improve strength and balance. We do inversions, it’s generally done warm 83+/- degrees. Lots of sweat and swearing. Plank is a resting pose in this class. It is vigorously challenging.

TRX is my favorite. Hard rock blaring, lots of sweat, body weight movement, developed by Navy Seals. It’s gritty, rough, challenging and I dig it.

I know my body has changed, because I used to wear the same sized clothes top and bottom. Now, I require 2 sizes larger on top to make room for my shoulders and today in Yin, we got into table top. When I looked in the mirror…..

Yep, I resemble a pit bull. I think I’ve got to do something about this. I just really dig the strength.

During my Zumba weight class today, we did some shadow boxing with weights. I was digging the muscles that were drenched in sweat.

If course,when I got home, I was still sweating after my shower, and every time I put my glasses on I fogged them up for the next two hours.

Great work out.

Plank anyone?

How do you sweat? With music, or without? What kinda music keeps you going when you sweat?

For me, it’s Hard driving rock for TRX, classical for Yin Yoga, and something deep bass and bluesy for wheel.

Onto another fad?

A few years ago; it was the Personal Trainer, till I blew out my Achilles.

Then, I tried to train for a 5k run….hahahahaha.

Then it was Zumba with a little yoga on the side, till I went back to work.

Now it’s TRX and yoga….and I’m losing my momentum again.

Do I have it in me to keep going?

Is it just a holiday Monday keeping me down?

A 2 am post

Oh my bright and brilliant brain is bashing about in my head.

Today was a crazy day.

Randomly, I ran around laughing.

I tried TRX. ( I was happy with my first attempt.)

I participated in a Yin Yoga class, and worked on my Pigeon Pose.  The instructor was adorable, and pontificated at length on where anger is stored in the body, and why Pigeon pose helps release that anger.  I didn’t feel any anger, just happiness that the half-split was not too difficult for me to do.

Tomorrow I head back to PIYO, and I’m actually afraid.

So…….now at 2 am, I’m wired for sound.

I am so completely thankful that my new job will start soon, but now I’m a-jumble with thoughts.  Thoughts like annoying flies that have to be swatted away.

So…..I will focus on what I’m thankful for, like my supportive husband, my sweet puppy dogs, the last year of learning, blogging, my blogging buddies, and that I have an internet connection at 2 am when I’m rambling and musing about.


I feel better now.  Good night.


Adult coloring books?

I found this little app, Color Therapy.  It touts relaxation and stress relief.

A coloring book for Big Girls.  So I thought, “what the heck.  I will give it a twirl”.

The funny thing is I didn’t really like to color when I was a Little Girl…I’m still not crazy about coloring.

Have you seen these?  Have you tried them?

I will stick with Zumba.  That’s my great stress relief.  That and digging in my garden.  Yesterday I harvested some Salvia seeds, and Basil seeds to take to the country this weekend.  The bees were buzzing about me, and the sun was so mellow and warm.  It put me in a very happy place.

I’m grateful for free Zumba classes, a place to plant my flowers, good coffee, and time to do the things I enjoy.

What do you do to get rid of stress?  Is it a creative outlet?  Is it a physical outlet?  I’d love to hear.

Zumba achievement

Zumba has been a really fun activity for me the last 90 days.  I’ve got a lot to learn.  There are some moves I need to master.

One little achievement yesterday…I actually figured out how to “shake it” with out falling over during the Cha Cha sequence.  I felt invincible, until I stumbled during the Rumba.  Oh well.  Rumba, you are next!

Photo credit: a better me

Tuesday Yoga


My focus today was “letting go”.  Our Sequence today was the Moon sequence.

The full moon will come out this weekend.  I hope to get some good photos.

Enjoy your week!

Today I’m grateful for exercise, friends, bees, and letting go.