Chili Verde

It’s always interesting to try a new recipe.  It looked good when I read it.

It turned out wonderful. Big chunks of fall apart-tender pork, a mild, savory green chili that was light enough for a rainy summer night.  

The Indian Fry bread that I had made on Wednesday took up all the goodness, and tied the meal together in a nice bow.  Besides, I didn’t have any good tortillas.

Simply Recipes was the website I got this treat.  I did not use the tomatillo husks, that seemed weird to me.
Also, I roasted all the garlic, I didn’t add the extra two cloves of garlic to the onions raw.  

Here’s how mine turned out.


Photos:  by Wendy (which is why the browned pork shoulder is a little blurry.) 😝

Once the pork was browned, and I started the onions, I did deglaze the pot to get all the yummy goodness off the bottom.  

It was a little labor intensive cleaning up the pork shoulder, and cutting up all the meat, but it was worth it.

Next time I make this, I’m going to try it with Venison.

Today:  I’m grateful for new recipes, the satisfaction of making a meal for my family, taking time to relish the simple things in life, and small accomplishments.

Hector and the search for Happiness on Netflix

I have a very eclectic taste when it comes to food and movies.

As I write this I have Chili Verde cooking on the stove.  I’m making Chili Verde because it’s raining again, inside and out.  Last night I made an over supply of Indian Fry Bread, and chili sounded like just the thing to even things out. (Logic and I are working through some issues.)

On the movie side, I had some time to kill while doing the laundry this morning and searched Netflix for something “interesting”.

Hector And the Search for Happiness was interesting, original, and very stirring.  I enjoyed it.  I hope the Chili turns out as good.

#10 should be sweet potato stew.  Great scene in the movie.

Lion face and my first yoga class.

We hugged trees.

We hummed.

We made the lion face.

We finished with the dead pose.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but the inappropriate giggle came bubbling out when 20 women and 3 guys were making the “lion face”.

Photo courtesy of Style Craze.

Yep…all of us tongue out, eyes bugged, and panting.  It was quite a site.

It’s not as fun as Zumba.  I only fell over twice. Not horrible for my first attempt.

I did have an odd craving for a hamburger when I was done…I almost pulled into McDonalds.

Self control was implemented and I came home and drank my coconut water.🙏🏻😛

Today, I’m grateful it’s Friday, that I tried the yoga class, I passed up McDonalds, and that I can successfully do the Lion face.

Have a great weekend ya’ll!

Pretty pickles

with a plethora of cucumbers growing at a magnificent pace, I spent today catching up with them.

Check out my Bread and Butter Pickles heading into their hot water bath to seal those jars.

Pretty Pickles.

Today I’m grateful for the time and strength to put up pickles, that my garden is producing, and I had plenty of Ball Jars on hand.

Good day.

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini has done well this year, not so much the yellow squash.

I spent this morning grating half the harvest for zucchini bread, pancakes, and latkes.

The other half I cut into circles to freeze for future use. 

The few you see in the picture, I picked today after I finished chopping and grating what I had.

I got 3 gallons of cut/grated produce for our future soups, stews, pancakes, and breads.

I got to make bread today to enjoy the freshness of the moment.

The bread is done.  My home is full of fresh baked goodness, it’s pretty awesome.

How do you like your Zucchini?

Do you “zoodle”?  Those are pretty fun too.

Tomorrow, I start the pickles.  The cucumbers will outpace the zucchini 3-1. 

Don’t get me started on the tomatoes, they are starting to get red, and I will get to start making salsa.  I have Roma’s, some beautiful beefsteak, some cherry tomatoes, and early girls.  They are beautiful.  I’m ready for Caprese salads, marinated tomato salads, and pasta sauce.  

It’s going to be awesome.

Today, I’m grateful for the opportunity to utilize what’s in our garden….For the strength to clean my kitchen 3 times….for a KitchenAide Stand Mixer to make things easier…for the simple tasks that make my house a home.

Melting ice, poetry, and grapefruit

i have this poem stampeding through my brain.  It’s woken me up twice, but I can’t translate it from my brain to the paper.

Photo credit

Then I got hungry and saw this on Pinterest.  Ironic that the sight that had the Robert Frost quote is

The photo made my mouth water, and I started thinking about what a surprising and lovely flavor combination.  And it’s Healthy too!  Progress away from the crying over Girl Scout cookies, and gaining weight on my diet!



Photo credit:  simply
So my poem is frozen, the stove of my creativity is off, and I’m headed to the store to buy avocado and grapefruit? 

My ramblings and musings are more wandering and…….Squirell!

Credit:  Disney Pixar “Up”

Have a great Tuesday.

May your thoughts be more coherent than mine today, may your creative stoves be red hot, and all your endeavors…..uninterrupted.

Nutritional update



Well.  It’s the end of week 3.  I’ve gained some weight.  I’m exercising more, eating less, taking very good care of my health with organic foods, bee pollen, coconut oil, lemon water, lots of hydration, meditation, relaxation…..and I gained weight.

My skin still looks stressed, even with the evening bath of coconut oil.  My hair….don’t get me started on the wiry mess on my head.  With the mood I’m in I might just shave it all off.

Last night, my loving man told me that ‘for a minute there, you looked pretty like you used to’.  I know he’s left handed and all, but his compliments don’t need to be.  Poor, sweet man, he doesn’t know how close he came from getting a frying pan to the back of his big head.

Not that I really want to cry, but come on!


I might just have to have a tantrum, and a glass of wine….maybe more.  Pity parties aren’t complete without a little “whine”!

Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day.  Maybe I can Zumba some of this doom and gloom off. As long as I don’t run around screaming “SERENITY NOW!” like a certain Seinfeld character, I will have made some progress.

Today I’m grateful for letting go of some frustration, reality checks, new followers,(welcome ya’ll…I’m usually not this scary)and dogs to comfort me while I contemplate the stash of girl scout cookies I hid in the freezer for just such emergencies.

If I’m going to gain weight, I want to enjoy it!

Newest addition to the nutritional experiment


Here I am in my 2nd week of improving my nutrition with small easy changes.

I started with coconut oil, added bee pollen, then coconut water.

Today I added a cup of warm lemon water first thing.

This is strange for me.  I’m generally stumbling for my coffee first. What would make me reach for warm lemon water?  I read an article on  Health that described the benefits of this ritual such as improved immune system, improved mineral absorption, and a natural diuretic.  There’s more, but this was what I was looking for.  

If the bee pollen has all the minerals the body needs, but the body can’t absorb it, I’m wasting my time.  My goal is to optimize my health, not take bee pollen, right?

What have I noticed in the last 9 days?

My joints are moving better.  My knees and my knuckles aren’t as stiff.  My hands aren’t so puffy.  I’m not craving salty snacks.  My appetite has reduced, I’m satisfied with normal portions.  No weight loss to talk about.

I’m feeling lighter of mood.  I’m laughing more, which makes my family happy.  

I think this last addition will be sufficient for a while.  I have natural fats to support my brain and heart, natural minerals to support my nervous system and cellular health, I have a good hydration to make sure my organs function properly, and a morning start to help my digestion and immune system.  

Now I will take some time to make sure that I take good care of myself, and track the progress of what I’m establishing.

For my spiritual health, today I will meditate on Psalm 103:1-4.  I’m visualizing myself completely worshiping the Lord, forgiven, healed, renewed and restored.  That’s the Wendy I have in my mind, the forgiven, healed, renewed, and restored. A Healthy, energetic, lively, and fun Wendy as she is supposed to be.

Today, I’m grateful for Sunday, new friends, working the bees on Friday, and having some fun in between.

Nutritionally obscure Offerings that Coconut Oil can’t overcome.

We met some friends for lunch.  When we drove up to the “Filling Station” we were instantly tempted with their culinary creativity.

What in the world is a Dead Texan?

3 lbs of hamburger, 4 slices of cheese, 6 slices of bacon, 2 eggs, and all the fixins.

I don’t think my Coconut oil could overcome that kind of indulgence.  Oh my.

I like the disclaimer of what the Dead Texan might or might not contain.  I especially like the way they spelled “Armidillo”

My only recommendation is “don’t eat anything with ‘dead’ in the name”.  Just saying.

Hydration, relaxation, meditation


A new addition as I get through day 5 of my experiment.

Hydration with coconut water.  I admit to having purchased this Goya coconut water container about a month ago.  It’s been sitting in my pantry waiting patiently for me to try.

I don’t know if it’s been the coconut oil that I’m getting used to, or just reading the benefits that got me to bust it open today to try it.  It’s sweet, which I’m not thrilled with.  It’s chock full of potassium, carbs and natural sugar, but no fat.  In my reading some have stated its the closest thing to human plasma.  I have no clue if that’s true, but it’s my experiment, what the heck, I’ll give it a twirl.

It might just have to be small doses, and steady as we go with regular mineral water.  The coconut stuff leaves a funky aftertaste.  That might be the sugar, or maybe the thought of plasma has me turning up my nose.

I had a bunch of credits at my local Massage place, so I booked an hour.  When the gal started working on me It was everything I could do not to cry myself into a puddle.  As the stress was worked out of my body, I realized that it was that same stress holding me upright.

So I broke into meditating on Psalm 23, and visualized myself in a grassy, lush pasture having a lovely picnic and relaxing in the sunshine.  It kept the tears at bay, and let me fully let go of the toxic yuck of stress.

Listening to the “massage music”, I wondered what it would be like to work in a spot like it.  Maybe I should get my estititian’s license and do facials?  That’s a thought.  I could totally take myself in a different direction.

Today I’m especially grateful for new blogs to follow, encouraging comments, and new friends.  

I know this transition will take time, but today was a very nice day.  I’m so thankful.