How can you look at his face, all intense, with his ear folded back and not just giggle?

Max is so mouthy. He’s grumbling and growling at me, his little vocalization are full of personality, spunk, and just hilarious.

Today I’m grateful for an evening to hang out. I’ve got my mouthy puppy, my big dog who is annoyed with him, and an evening to watch some Mrs. Maisel.

Max is getting big.

Here he is, today, snuggling in with the rain and cold pelting outside.

His snout is getting longer. His legs are getting longer. His body is as long as my leg from my hip to my knee. He fits right next to me in my chair. He’s developing some charming habits. He steals my underwear and socks, and hides them under the coffee table. He finds that amusing. I couldn’t understand where they were going, until I found his stash.

Here he was in September, all cute puppy-ness. Pre-laundry-raiding days. The only thing under the coffee table is one of my weights.

My sweet boy. I do enjoy when he’s being snuggly. We will have to keep the baby gates up to protect my laundry until he learns some better habits.

The little bear has a new bed

When he was just home, about 6 weeks old. Such a wee little cubby. So snuggly. He loved his little bed.

In the months since we brought him home, he’s eaten that bed, torn it to little pieces.

He’s now almost 5 months old. My little cubby is becoming quite the big bear, and has a new bed.

His legs have gotten long, and he can run so fast.

When he naps, I know he’s growing. Just wish he could stay a puppy a little longer.

My little Maxi Bear is growing up.

Falling Back with a puppy

The joys of having a puppy. Max is 4 months old now, and almost sleeping through the night.

With the time change this morning, our normal 5 am was pushed back to 3:30 am. He was hungry, and had to go outside.

Since it was also 40 degrees, he got quite invigorated and wanted to play.

I’ll have to keep the stinker up late tonight to see if we can adjust him quickly.

Today I’m grateful to wake up, and a puppy to play with.

The little Tyrant

The little tyrant loves everything that is Dolly’s.

I fed them. Max ate his and had to go inspect hers.

He really likes her bed too. Dolly is very protective of her bed to most people. Somehow the little nugget has found his way in.

That’s when he isn’t sacked out with his toys.

Max follows Dolly everywhere. She was laying next to my chair, and the sneaky Max does his belly crawl up to her. She’s growling, but watching me. He sneaks his little paw out to touch her paw. She didn’t pull away. I took that as a good sign.

He’s a charming little tyrant.