Farewell to the Super Frisbee Wonder Dog

Not sure how I will get through this post.

Last night we said goodbye to Rascal. He had a really rough January with seizures, not eating, and too many trips to the Vet who tried to help, but to no avail.  His situation deteriorated quickly last week and last night he couldn’t breathe. We couldn’t let him suffer.

Today the house is quiet, and empty of the joy he brought. He was truly joy on 4 feet. A remarkable companion.   There isn’t a room that I go into that I don’t think of him.  He would never let me go to the bathroom by myself.  He never understood a closed door.  Being and Aussie Shepherd, his main goal in life was to keep an eye on his herd.  So If I was in the bathroom, he had to be there too, leaning up against my leg demanding affection and attention regardless of the situation I was in.

My heart is broken. My husband and son are devastated, and our other dog Dolly won’t get off her pillow. She is despondent.  When I sniffle, and go for the Kleenex, she raises her head to look at me, then lays back down.

I know the sadness will pass, but his awesome memory will remain.

To quote Dr. Seuss “Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened”.

Thanks for the encouragement since he started his decline.  Thanks for sharing Rascal with me, liking the posts that he was featured.  The camera loved that dog.  He always seemed to be a picture waiting to happen.

Oh Wednesday

I learn so much from my dog.

If he can’t eat it or play with it, he will just pee on it and move on.

Great dog theories on life.

Love my Rascal boy. Isn’t he beautiful?

And he never lets me go to the bathroom by myself, especially in a thunderstorm.

What a dog.

Going on strike



Dog surgery update:  We are going into our 3rd week of recovery since the big surgery on the 13th.  Sedatives were given, pain pills, sausage, cheese, beef, lots of hand feeding and laying on the floor with the patient.

Things are looking pretty good.  The incision has healed well, despite the fact that we are on the 2nd larger cone.  Rascal circumvented his original cone and got to his incision one night.  Trying to keep the hyperactive animal entertained has been challenging, but we are halfway through the recovery process on Monday.


My husband released the hound from his Cone, and rubbed his neck for a bit.  Rascal was soooooo happy.

I think I’d like to be a dog for a little while.  Lay in the sunshine, be petted, fed, and just love the family.

What we do for the love of a dog.

Doggie Surgery


My super frisbee wonder dog tore his ACL.  Now we have pain meds, sedatives, and a 6 week recovery.

The Vet laughed when I said I need a sedative too…I wasn’t joking!

I’m a little beside myself trying to keep him contained.  He’s made his cone worthless twice.  But he is starting to put weight on his right leg again.  He’s never been contained, but he is crate trained.  OMG…I’ve been hand feeding him, and I think he’s taken to it.  I may have created a monster.

Jeesh.  What I do for the love of a dog.

The “Dolly” Green Giant

My Big Girl.  An Australian Blue Heeler…sort of.  A girl who needed a “J.O.B” as a teenager, and wouldn’t stop chewing, digging or destroying.  A dog who could instinctively herd cattle, and would, I’m certain, give her life to protect me.

She has become an amazing companion/watch dog.

She has a little…..problem.  She loves food.  And has gotten past the point of healthy.  We went to the Vet on Friday.  She was already 10 pounds overweight, and managed to gain 3 more.  We were in trouble.

Weight on dogs causes significant joint issues, back issues, and I don’t want my loyal, sweet, food motivated girl to suffer.  She eats everything in site….. My other dog’s chow, poop, bugs, lizards, whatever she can catch.  It’s kinda gross🙄

The Vet made a recommendation.  He said to give her green beans, and reduce her food.  I’d already reduced her food to 1 1/2 cups of dry chow per day.  But she was finding remarkable outlets to eat.  The Vet thought the “treat” might compensate for her need to eat everything in sight.

Well, Dolly loves the green beans, right out of the can.  She thinks they are a treat.  She is also motivated by the fact our other dog isn’t offered any.  Ho, Ho, Ho, Go Dolly….  The Green Bean Giant Dog.  Countdown from 64 pounds.  A bit hefty for a Heeler.  We are on our way.