Odd seasons

Many moons ago now, (cause I had to look it up) Mary Chapin Carpenter had a song called the Bug.  It was on her Come On Come On album from 1992.  I think that counts as Many Moons, since it was over 25 years ago.

It describes perfectly how this year has gone so far.

We are into February, and I am feeling off balance. Friends are distant, things are changing. Work is stalled. I’m doing my best to keep a good attitude, and hoping to being the Windshield soon.

Are we in for another Moon Event?  How many Blue, Super, Wolf, Eclipsing, Moons can we have in such a short period of time?  Could that be the cause of such oddness going on?

The kiss

I have been married a long time.  I’ve had the opportunity to kiss my husband thousands of times. Do I still kiss him with my eyes?  Hmm. I’m not sure.  Something to think about. 

I’m not talking about Romance.  I’m talking about routine Maintenance in a practical sense.   You don’t drive a car without changing the oil, rotating the tires, or keeping the brakes working.   Is The Kiss the basic maintenance of a marriage?

Being of a certain age and being together with my husband for so very long, the kiss….. unless exercised can get a bit dull.  It could seize up completely. The peck, or perfunctory smooch…..it has its functions.  I’m not a teenager. It’s not about the slobbering, sloppy, silly, stuff.   I’m speaking of The Kiss. 

 I’m starting an experiment. I miss The Kiss. The seductive, knee buckling, spine tingling, ‘wow’ kiss. The one where we tried harder?  The kiss of intention.  The claiming kiss.  The kiss of promise, passion, and commitment.  The Kiss when we meant it to express our care and desire for one another.

I’m reinstating the flirt.  Why?  Isn’t that where we started?  Introduction, assessment, inquiry, conversation, and instigation?  Too technical, I know, but that’s how it breaks down.  You meet, you look, you talk, then you try (go out, hang out, text, whatever).  I want to try harder.  I want to rekindle the maintenance and management of us.  Anything can go bad if your don’t take care of it.  I’m going to start taking better care.

  I’m focusing on how great is his smile.  How broad his shoulders, how strong his arms.  How he laughs.  What makes him laugh?  How can I touch his arm?  How can I make him feel wonderful, appreciated, cared for, wanted?  Would he hold me in those strong arms?  How can I dress for him?  Am I my best for him?  Does he still want me?

People try so hard to impress, dress, speak, and act to attract a stranger.  Why shouldn’t we maintain those things for the ones we’ve committed our lives to….Whom we’ve professed our love for….those?

Tonight, invited my husband out on a date in a very flirtatious manner. I might even let him kiss me at the door when we say goodnight.

Cheers to the Kiss, and to reacquainting flirtation and fun to an old romance.  Cheers to some old fashion maintenance.

My husband and I have been friends and lovers for over 25 years, we don’t have to be “old” about it.  

Hurricanes, what can you do?

Living in the Gulf Coast of Texas has it’s ups and downs.

We get a very mild winter, early growing season for veggies, it’s lovely and green most of the time, and we enjoy lots of sunshine.

The down side is the Hurricane issue.  Especially in today’s frantic media world, you would think that a Hurricane spells out the Apocalypse.  The end is near!  Run to the store, fill your tanks with gas, board up your windows, we are all going to DIE!  Do you have your towel?  Oh wait, that’s Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Yes, a Hurricane is powerful.  Yes, if you are stupid a Hurricane can hurt you.  No, the weather patterns are not always right.  Yes, you should take precautions in any area of the country that has odd weather things like tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, swarms of locusts, flesh eating bacteria, or killer bees.

We are watching Harvey in the gulf.  He’s a Tropical Storm, no wait, he’s a hurricane, but a weak one, but wait he’s getting stronger, no….he’s getting weaker!  There could be 50 inches of rain!  Well, maybe more like 15 inches of rain.   No wait, Harvey could bounce back into the gulf regain strength and wipe out Texas and Louisiana.  Maybe, it could happen.

So as we hunker down and wait for Harvey to make landfall, and decide which low pressure center he’s going to follow, or if he will bounce back into the gulf and become Harvey Part Deaux, I’m deciding how to use all the food in my freezer so I can stock back up when we get through all this.

My biggest concern?  Not having power or internet on Sunday night, and miss the season finale of Game of Thrones.

Peace Out friends.  Here’s a funny meme of the Hurricane Categories, and what they mean.




Half way through

All day yesterday I thought it was Wednesday…..I was a little bummed out that today is Wednesday.

May the rest of your week be grand.

I’m working on staying positive.  Do I relish having another day?  Do I celebrate how much I got finished in just 2 days?

Maybe I will take a nap, since I’ve got a little time on my hands. 

Cheers to the midweek. 

Onto another fad?

A few years ago; it was the Personal Trainer, till I blew out my Achilles.

Then, I tried to train for a 5k run….hahahahaha.

Then it was Zumba with a little yoga on the side, till I went back to work.

Now it’s TRX and yoga….and I’m losing my momentum again.

Do I have it in me to keep going?

Is it just a holiday Monday keeping me down?

On Women’s day, this woman has her Man’s back

Nothing brings out the warrior in me like seeing my family hurt.  It doesn’t matter if it is a splinter or an automatic weapon, nobody messes with my boys.  Not my sons, not my husband.  They are mine, and I am theirs.

So when a harridan bared her fangs against my husband…..you got it, Warrior Wendy emerged from the ashes to bring down a fiery wrath upon the offender.

When my very big, handsome, strong, loving, capable, generous, amazing man gets upset….I’m transformed into a warrior.  He is too much a gentleman to strike back against a female, it’s a good thing I’m no gentleman. 

So on this Women’s day, there are women out there that suck, they suck joy, life, peace, and life out of people.

Just cause you are a woman, your behavior will label you.  If you hurt my boys, my man, you will pay. I will be on guard against you.  I have his back, because I am a good woman, and I stand with my men, my family.  

Happy Woman’s day to all you great Women out there.  Who love, protect, defend, nurture, work, provide, and enjoy your families.

Spine stiffened

Image credit Sermanquotes.com. 

After the massacre in Dallas last night, it was hard to sleep.  This is all so hard to understand.  

The death count is up to 5.  Law Enforcement continues to look for bombs. 

And, the hate escalates. The Daily Caller had the best coverage of the event.  The video is chilling.

I guess I don’t understand blanket hate.  

Image credit:  misrevolutionaries.com

Can we be brave today, and step away from hate?  

Pink Pistol movement

Image credit NBC Orlando

Folks, you haven’t had a bad day, until you’ve had your helmet bashed by a bad guy’s bullet, had to pick up a loved one at a morgue, had to go to more than one friends funeral in one week, had to receive a life changing text in the middle of the night.

I’m very grateful today for those brave individuals who go into the face of danger, and have some protection.  This is the helmet from one of the first responders at Pulse.  Thank God for his helmet, and that he is OK, besides the massive bruise on his head.

I’m also so amazed, and happy to hear about the Pink Pistol movement.


They have doubled their membership in the last week.  If you are at all interested in your own self defense, please reach out to them.  Gun, no gun, know;  what are the rules, who has rights, who to call, or just getting some peace of mind.  This is a great resource to make sure you have the information that you need to make sure you ARE safe.

Obviously, bad guys don’t follow laws, signs, or decency.  I’m beginning to believe, that anything labeled “GUN Free Zone” is bait for the horribly twisted evil minds out there who want to do innocent people harm.

Be safe out there my friends.  Be informed.  Make good decisions about your safety.  Don’t give into fear, or hate.  Know that there are many, many people who want only your health and happiness.  Gun, no gun, just be informed, and be safe.



I’m the meanest person you have ever met

Image credit Urbanite.tumbler.com

We went to a seminar at Texas A&M; at the Riverside campus; at the world renown Bee Lab;  and there was a very important question in our session as we were running short of time.

“Who is the meanest person in the room?”

Unabashedly, I raised my hand.  

“You?  OK That’s great.  Let me know when we hit 1:30 pm.  My time is up.  I need you to keep me on time.”

Ok….not to mock the grad student who didn’t have a watch or an IPhone with an alarm.  Really?  You have the timeline for an egg thru pupation of a Queen Bee down to a science, but you can’t time yourself for your section of a lecture?

Not to disparage an intellectual who can’t tell time, or a great university who can’t plan a seminar without scheduling breaks or working their sections on time……oh wait. I think I have just figured out what makes me the meanest person in the room…..I hold people accountable to their actions.

We live in a world filled with arrogant jerks.  I’m not sure how we make it out of this stupid generation.

Holding the intentionally unaccountable– accountable, I’m the meanest person in the world.

When a world class institution needs this kind of help (telling time without the class bell)….we have to ask important questions like WTF?

When does the esoteric become the ridiculous?  When the nicest person you know has lost their niceness. 

Times have oficially become really dangerous.