A time for rest and reflection,

A time for family and peace.

We had some cold air blow in last night.

One last respite before the heat of summer.


I’m grateful that tomorrow starts my Birthday week celebration.  My friends have planned two fun things for us to do, and I’m pretty excited.  I’ve got some awesome friends and family.

I might be 50 something, but I’m still standing! And yes, I still like my animation movies!



Living in a city fo close to 30 years, you remember things as you drive down familiar roads. 

You remember when country roads were country roads.   Where the cows used to roam.  Where the good restaurants used to be, and what they are now.

Today, just isn’t what it used to be.

But tomorrow, has an awesome promise. 

My life of rejection, time to break the pattern.

It starts with….you were an accident.  We weren’t ready.  I was too young.  You were too difficult.  

It proceeds to “I’m leaving your dad.  I’m in love.  Don’t you want me to be happy?”

It moves on to:  if you don’t behave the way I want, go away.

Lose weight, or you are grounded.

You can throw that up…stick your finger down your throat….that’s what the models do.

Then it’s:  too bad you are fat, you have a pretty face. I wish I still weighed 117 pounds.  That was fat in my house.

Then we graduate to:  you know that God doesn’t approve of that. 

It peaks with being preached at graveside about why your mother couldn’t stand you.

Then, it is just a series of serial selfishness, and I realize that I’m falling into the same patterns over and over again.

I choose people knowing and expecting the rejection, and I think my behavior is setting me up for the repetitive behavior.

It’s time to break the pattern, cause this is dumb.

My paradigm is shifting, and I am moving on.  This broken record, and the latest new excuse is finished.

I’m looking forward to something better.  I’m not going to stop until I find that something better.

My husband was so funny when I talked to him about this.  He laughed and said, “I guess I was your one good decision”.

I love that man.

All the pain won’t be wasted.

Something really good is coming my way. 

Madame CJ Walker. The first self-made-female millionaire.

One of the most fabulous stories I’ve ever heard.  I saw it the first time watching Dinesh D’Souza’a America.  I had to learn more.

Why doesn’t Zinn mention her in his history books?  

Why hasn’t Oprah done a special on her every year to inspire all Americans?

Why hasn’t every Equal Opportunity, Glass Ceiling Breaking, Women’s rights shouting, protest conventioneer carrying a banner with this woman’s picture?

A woman, born in 1867, in Louisiana was the first self- made-female millionaire, here in America.  Before the female vote, before the Civil Rights Movement, the first free born girl in her family, during massive economic downturns, and amidst World Wars…..this woman created her own success.

Check out her official website Madame CJ Walker.  What an amazing Success Story.  It makes you want to say Oprah who?  Hillary who?  #gloriasteinamsucks #thisisrealgirlpower  #whoneedsalsharpton? 

If you would like to hear about how America stole her resources, land, oppressed her neighbors, and is an illegitimate political power….you might get more information in this film than what Zinn has published.

Eye opening, and quite inspiring. 


It’s a Monday and I’m focused on having a great week.

The pressure I’ve put on myself to get a new job exploded and left me a bit of a wreck last week.

So with renewed vigor to relax, and let life be good to me, and to trust that all Will be well…I want to send out my best wishes for everyone to have an amazing week.  I also want to encourage you to find something to be grateful for.  

No matter where you are or what you have, someone would love to be able to be like you.

Today I’m grateful for sunshine, my free Zumba class, my health, my loving husband, and sweet puppy dogs.

Hello Monday

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What gets you going on a Monday besides coffee?  Humor?  Will Power?  Joy?  Happiness?  Fear?

Hoping your week is full of every good thing.


Photo credit Facebook, Tornados in Inola, OK.

Driving into the storm

No turning back

Keep focused

Until you finish the task.

The winds might be blowing

The rain stings your face

Pull up your collar

Keep running your race.

The storm will be over

Sooner than you might think

Keep moving forward

You’ll get through, and not sink.

Moon shadows, madness, frustration, and tears

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This is the week I’m supposed to hear.  

Monday silent.  Tuesday I email to follow up.  

Internet goes down.  Husband doesn’t understand.  

Files go missing.  Passwords disappear.

Ladders to reach equipment that are put in the most inconvenient part of the closet.

Biggest ladder, I’m still too short to reach what I need.


Apps don’t work.

Passwords are lost.

Techs don’t speak English.

Still no call.  Still no job.  It’s only Tuesday….don’t panic.

The moon pulls at me, full last night, and up way past noon.

I put on the shoes and get ready to run.

Stretching 2 miles into three.

362 calories burned?  Are you kidding?  

That’s a lot of effort for so little reward.


I have talent.  I have gifts.

I’m ready.  I’m out there.

I’m not F’ing around.