Book time

A new book awaits me.  Survivor,  the last of Vince Flynn’s novels.  I don’t want to let go of Mitch Rapp just yet.  He’s my favorite protagonist.  

I’d love to crawl into my book and just live right there.

Labor Day Binge Watch

Yes, I will….because I can.

I’ve read the books, and now I’m binging on the HBO series Game of Thrones.

So far:  Season one came reasonably close to the first book…..the rest is exceedingly questionable, except the number of people who die.  Besides Ros, and she doesn’t count, cause she wasn’t in the book.

Tyrion Lanister/Peter Dinklage, you are remarkable, and your portrayal of Tyrion is spot on for me.  Thank you for bringing the book to life.

Jon Snow/Kitt Harrington. Will you survive the betrayal at Castle Black?


I will wait for the new book.  The books are so much richer than the HBO departure. I sincerely hope the last book “finishes everything off”.  Bad pun, so sorry..but Winter is coming!  Time for a finale to the Game of thrones.

I hope this next season explains more of where Bran ends up.  Will his role play a part in controlling the white walkers?

Who will ride the other two dragons?  Will Danareus Storm Born invade the 7 kingdoms?

Will Arya become a “faceless man”?  Will she become like her Targarean hero who rode her own dragon?

Since HBO took such liberty with Sana’s story, will she pick up her mother’s story line in the upcoming season?  It should be interesting.

Will the white walkers invade?

Where did Little Finger go?

What about Varys?  Is he a Targarean bastard?

So many details.

So many Characters.

Who will ultimately sit on the Throne made from a thousand swords?

A study afternoon

After taking my first two John Maxwell classes, I decided to pick up a couple of the books he recommended reading.

I started the Dale Carnegie book today.  At first I was skeptical, this is a really old book.  It was published in 1944, 20 years before I came along.  The second thing was, I’m not much of a worrier, but I can get a bit negative, if I can’t see a way to make things work.

It’s a surprising read.  It’s practical, full of examples from people from all walks of life.

What also struck me, was these folks picked themselves up from extraordinary circumstances during a time when there was no Welfare system, no Unemployment insurance, no Government handouts.  Many of these folks brought themselves into success during the Great Depression, during WW II, without any type of hand out all, just their determination to stay positive, and keep going.

The book has great quotes from philosophers from Lin Yutang to Horace.

Some of the earliest success stories of the 20th century seemed to have the same thing in common.  They looked at the worst thing that could happen, faced their fears, and kept moving forward one step at a time.

With the rains today, it was really nice to turn off the TV, the Internet, and read a few chapters of inspiration and practical application to maintaining a positive attitude in the midst of trials, change, and difficulty.


To meet a warrior, is a special experience.

To hear a warrior tell his story is humbling.

When he pulls his breath in sharply through his teeth, and clamps down on visible emotions running across his face….we all held our breath, then I wept.

To watch a warrior laugh with his friend gave me a glimps into a special world.

To get an autographed copy of Lone Survivor, my husband will be jealous. 

Shaking the Warrior’s hand, and saying thank you seemed like the most paltry response to such an overwhelming sacrifice of blood, bone, and limb.

Emotionally wrecked after 2 hours of Chad Flemming and Marcus Lutrell…..we are so fortunate to have such men serve to protect our nation.  The situation deserved some serious quiet reflection.  

The most poignant question asked by Marcus Lutrell was “why are your friends, your friends?”  He went on to propose that you don’t really have good friends, until you go through something tough together.  Marcus, had and has some tremendous friends.

If you ever have the opportunity to see either of these Warriors speak, regardless of your political view, their human experience, and their drive to succeed, win, and overcome terrible obstacles is inspiring.

shine anyway

“It never troubles the sun that some of his rays fall wide and vain into ungrateful space, and only a small part on the reflecting planet.”

Excerpt From: Ralph Waldo Emerson. “Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson.” iBooks. 



Good Tuesday

Two of my favorite things for sure, reading and dancing.

After a day of fog, sales calls, driving, and paperwork.  I will be grateful for such a great day.

So I’m taking a time out to read a bit, a little Emerson.  Then…maybe I will put on some Buddy Guy and sway about.

Oh my, the books the books!


The house needs dusting, the garden is full of weeds, the dogs need walking…..but sneezing and coughing I will rest and read. And I won’t feel guilty about any of the tasks that won’t get done today.

So get ready “The Hit” by David Baldacci. Here we go.

Today I am grateful that I can rest and recover from this sniffle and cough with a good read.

New books


So for 2015, I splurged on a couple of titles that will be my friends for the next couple of weeks.

The arctic north wind has made its way into my tropical S. Texas homeland. I have forgotten how to wear a coat.
There is an art to carrying an accessory so large. Getting in and out of the coat. The habit of bundling up is rusty with me. My watch is too large and catches on the sleeve.
I had to practice putting on my gloves. Taking them off, pull the pinky, then the thumb, then follow the fingers down to pull off the glove successfully.

On my sales calls today, a particularly flamboyant receptionist had on rainbow wool gloves. She had to show them off. A high of 44, she was bundled up inside in sweater, scarf, boots, and gloves. She was sweet.

The wind is picking up. The day is winding down. My books are on the edge of my desk….beckoning me to my reading spot.

Maybe an early cup of tea and a chapter or two before dinner.


Today I’m grateful for reviving old skills. I’m grateful for the chilly wind that brings back childhood memories, and kills the bugs.

I’m grateful for successful sales calls, and a good coat to keep me warm on the two or three days a year I get to wear it.