Sunny Sunday

The sky so blue, it hurts to stare at it too long, but you have to, cause the moon is still out at 2:30 in the afternoon.

The Magnolia is blooming, along with the Salvia. I love my Henry Duelberg Salvia. It has a great story of being discovered in Central Texas growing in an old Cemetery. Henry and Augusta Duelberg were buried side by side. The blue Salvia was on his grave, the white variety was on hers.

I can’t wait to get more in the ground.

Today, I’m very grateful for cool northern breezes, bright sunshine, and a chance to be outside.

Whatcha lookin at?

I caught myself looking back a little too often, and realized how sad it made me.

It’s ok to be nostalgic, but walk away with appreciation, not sadness.

I have so much to be grateful for, and no amount of looking will ever turn back time.

The future is bright, and my focus and attitude will determine how great my future will be.

Image credit: Pinterest

So cheers to looking ahead. I’m so grateful today for my health, my family, and my home.

I get to go Zumba with weights today. An hour to turn on the inner goddess, and shake my backside like I’m 25 again, laugh with some great friends, and just be a girly girl.

And of course a special nod to a friend who helped me feel empowered, sexy, strong, and fierce. Thanks Rob.

Good for your soul

Happy Wednesday!

March is dwindling fast.

2018 is 1/4 gone already.

Spring is springing in most places.

Before the week is done, do something that makes your soul happy. Do something good for you.

For some of us, this means being quiet.

For some of us this means getting away.

For others it means doing something for someone else.

Whatever feeds your soul, and is good for you take a little time and do that.

What feeds your soul?

Northers, Lord of the Ring, and Taxes

Norther blew in and the temp dropped 20 degrees and started raining.

So I gathered up my income tax file, receipts, et al and started trudging through the taxes.

I gave up when I realized that I’m still missing a K1.

With the wind whistling outside, what could be better than a little Lord of the Rings.

Some days, you just have to find a spot on the couch with the dog, and a blanket, and some good old movies.

A Cleaning Frenzy Saturday

I had a plan today. Get up, shred the expired important documents, empty and wash out the refrigerators, laundry, and grocery store to restock . I had tax returns from 2002, and lots of old financial records that were just taking up space.

The shredding took on a life of its own. 16 years of taxes, 5 very large garbage bags later, I had a filing cabinet cleaned out. Along the way I found old photos that had found their way into old files, a journal from 1990 that documented my divorce, so it was a bit like a treasure hunt. Little bits of our past showing themselves at odd moments. I even found a photo proof from my college graduation, of course I had to order by August of 1987….I might be a tad late.

After the shredding, I took on the small fridge in the laundry room that we keep extras in. Extra milk, bottles of water, beer, wine, defrosting meat, veggies, et al. Then onto the main fridge, and all the nooks and crannies are now all swept clean, wiped down, and refreshed.

Spring cleaning, it refreshes, and sweeps out the old gray of winter. I’m ready for the spring veggies, and every good thing.

It’s hard for me to dig through so much of the past, and let the past lie. The past, like the greedy winter likes to suck me back into the darkness. The future is very bright, I’ve got to stay focused on it.

Cleaning the house requires repetition, but I can’t say that I can say that it’s insanity. It’s one of those maintenance activities that actually makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. I’ve loved on my home. I’ve done something for my family. Cleaning is just one of those maintenance items that I do, I’ve just never found a service that can do the same kind of job that I do myself.

So now that the day is almost done, and I’m tired from a good day’s work, I’m getting a lovely glass of wine and putting my feet up.

Goals, no matter how small, mundane, or insignificant, when they are accomplished it is a great feeling.

I’ve got Lamb Shanks, on a cloudy day

Oh, maybe that’s supposed to be Sunshine, but I’ve got Lamb Shanks and I’m super excited for dinner.

Once I get the polenta ready, we will have a rainy day feast.

Everything is so brown outside. Brown grass, brown bushes, brown plants…..why not appreciate something brown like Braised Lamb Shanks in a Red Wine braising sauce. Lots of love, rosemary, oregano, and garlic went into this dish.

When I cook, I cook.

What do you like to cook?

Atlantic in January two years running

Last year my boss and I came to Florida to visit clients, and we had to take a stroll on the beach.

This was South Florida near Boynton Beach.

This month, I’m getting to hang out in January in Florida closer to the Georgia line.

I like the beach, the sound of the waves, and the overall feel of the water. I’m just not a big “sand” person.

This place is pretty Cool. Amelia Island has been under 8 different flags since the 1600’s. There was a British fort here during the Revolutionary War. U.S. Grant stayed in one of the hotels while campaigning for President. There is more Pre-Civil War architecture here than any other spot in the southern United States. It’s completely charming.

We had a fancy dinner party for clients, and having the ocean to ourselves was pretty cool.

The more I see of Florida, the better I like it. Cool state.

Snowy Garden

Down the icy path to check on my friends.

She doesn’t look too phased by the icy temps.

St. Francis seems to holding up ok, hiding behind the frozen brown firecracker fern, and still green for now fox tail fern.

The sleepy bunny slumbers away, unfazed by the whole quarfuffle.

Twice in as many months we’ve had a little winter white on the ground.

It will soon warm up, and it will all be gone.


It’s just a few days away, but I feel like it’s already here.

2017 went by in a blur, these last few days don’t seem to make much difference.

In 2017 I drove through hail into a rainbow, and visited Greta Garbo’s House in La Quinta, CA.  That was an epic way to start the year.


I reconnected with old friends.


Started a yoga routine, and TRX.  I learned to do a head stand.




My city went through a lot!


I got to travel a bit Florida to California:


We took care of the bees.



I changed my hair, and got another year older.

It was quite a 2017 for me.  I’m really looking forward to 2018.

How did 2017 treat you?  What do you look forward to in 2018?


Nothing says Christmas like snow.  Just ask Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye!

Being on the Gulf Coast, we don’t get the whole 4 season thing the rest of the country gets.  We have two, Hot and a little warm and rainy.  Houston is green 10 months out of the year.  Shoot, we were still mowing last Monday. How can you get into the Christmas season with the smell of fresh mown grass?

Every now and again we get some winter precipitation.  On Friday  I woke up at 3 am, and was shocked to see snow!  It was a little chilly earlier in the day, mid 40’s and a little cloudy, but no one thought it would really snow!

It was quiet, and still.  It was fluffy and white.  It made me so happy. 

It didn’t last, but we had some fun.

After the snow, I was ready to buckle down and get into some Christmas decorating and baking.  I even went to a cookie exchange. 
We’ve had an interesting year here in Houston.