Some gratitude on a Sunday

Today I’m infinitely grateful for the perfect quote to appear in my Pinterest feed.

I’m grateful for the new year.

I’m grateful for my pups.

I’m grateful for the YouTube videos that helped me learn how to edit the videos I got back from the Legacy box.

I have no goals for 2020, no grand plans, nothing.

What 2020 will bring is a mystery. I’m praying for the health and happiness of my friends and family.


Yesterday was one of those days. Things to do, clean up for the garbage pick up this morning. Lunches to pack for work this week.

What to do with the Ham Bone and left-over Ham from Christmas dinner?

Truth be told, the cheap spiral cut ham, that we put on the smoker was way better received than the prime rib we served.

The grill dominated this year. I had wrapped carrots in bacon, and glazed them with the honey glaze. They smoked and got happy next to the Ham. And they were the two favorite and remarked on items at dinner.

So as leftovers went, we did beans and the ham bone, and the one bacon wrapped carrot, some celery and onions. A little beer didn’t hurt. The fresh cilantro took it over the top. It didn’t hurt that my market carries local harvest frozen crowder peas and pinto beans. I kept wondering if 6 pounds of beans was too much. But 6 pounds were perfect.

The cornbread was just the kicker that made the beans so comforting.

Heading into 2020

The Christmas is done

The family has gone home

We are quietly eating leftovers

Pretty happy to be alone

The packages are given

The thank you’s received

The tree looks a little tired

My husband looks a little peeved

So let’s call a time out–A day just to breath

Momma’s putting her feet up. The puppy’s asleep

Dad’s got the blankets

Just the break that we need

Hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday. Now take a nap.

Little Rock, a journey

A day trip to Little Rock. Or more like a pre-sunrise to post sunset–dark to dark trip to Little Rock.

A very special client visit. Lunch at the historic One Eleven at the Capital Hotel.

A Christmas tree that was sooo tall, I couldn’t get the whole thing in the picture. It was spectacular.

Pats on the back from the retired partner at our firm.

A glass of wine to celebrate a job well done.

Now, I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my plane to take me home.

Families are gathered for their holiday travel. People watching is optimum. I especially like the little girls in their sparkly Ugg boots, and red sweaters.

It’s Christmas time, and families are making their efforts to get together.

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe, warm, and with someone you care about.

Can’t wait to get home.

Holiday Spirit

It’s 10 days till Christmas, and I’m not sorry to admit that the Season has left me a little flat.

I’ve started to decorate today. I got my SANTA Clauses out to decorate the mantle. I’m happy with myself that I made a little effort.

A tree might be too much temptation for Max. And I just don’t feel like getting everything down from the attic.

The stockings are hung by the Chimney with care. That’s about it. That’s enough for now, we will see what tomorrow brings.

The presents for my Niece and Nephew, Brother and Sister in law went out in the post last Thursday.

I’ve attended a Cookie exchange and got hopped up on Sugar and Champagne.

I’ve got one more client luncheon to go to on Thursday. My oldest comes in on Friday, and we’ll start the birthday celebrations for my mother in law and husband.

My forced smile makes my face shake.

And it’s all OK.

I think it will be just fine to take the boys shopping for their gifts. We will make something fun here on Christmas for just us. Or maybe we will just go see a movie.

We’ve not had a “just us” Christmas in quite a long time.

Where ever you are, and whatever you are doing, be it a Big Christmas, or a quiet Season, enjoy. Let it be authentic to you. It’s all OK.


How can you look at his face, all intense, with his ear folded back and not just giggle?

Max is so mouthy. He’s grumbling and growling at me, his little vocalization are full of personality, spunk, and just hilarious.

Today I’m grateful for an evening to hang out. I’ve got my mouthy puppy, my big dog who is annoyed with him, and an evening to watch some Mrs. Maisel.


It’s been a long time since I’ve lived in the north, or in the snow.

Lately, in my dreams I’m walking in snow, deep snow.

The dark, Steele grey sky is still.

The snow has a crunch and resistance as my boots push down.

I step, and push my foot through….the crunch, almost squeal that the snow makes is tattooed in my mind.

The sound of snow is unique in all its forms.

Quiet when it falls, loud when it’s stepped on.

Dry powder, or heavy wet slush…snow is such an amazing phenomenon.

The swoosh of skiing on powder is a sweet, sweet sound.

The grind of tires in packed and dirty drifts can raise your blood pressure.

Lately, since my dad is on my mind. I remember him in snow.

I had double bladed skates when I was 4 or 5, that he hated! They would get gummed up with snow and he’d dig the blades out with his keys…fussing and cussing. The lake where we lived in Ohio was so pretty. The families would clear the ice with paths lined with luminaries and the nighttime skating was so great.

My dad, with a ladder out against the house, pretending to put carrots on the rooftop for the Reindeer at Christmas.

My dad, walking home from a New Years Party in Chicago. They had left us home, me in charge at 10 years old. My brother was 4. It wasn’t a great thing to do. I called the neighbor’s house in tears. My dad came back. I watched from the window of my bedroom. He walked back in the night. The street lights, the snow made his walk look like something from and black and white movie. His coat moved about him as he walked. His hat, cast an odd shadow. He looked like Humphrey Bogart, In Charge. He calmed my brother down, got us tucked in bed. He was my hero.

There is something about this time of year.

It makes me think of Steele Grey days, hot chocolate, layered clothing, the cold stealing your breath, numb fingers and toes, and my dad.

Snow. It is heavy with memories.

Max is getting big.

Here he is, today, snuggling in with the rain and cold pelting outside.

His snout is getting longer. His legs are getting longer. His body is as long as my leg from my hip to my knee. He fits right next to me in my chair. He’s developing some charming habits. He steals my underwear and socks, and hides them under the coffee table. He finds that amusing. I couldn’t understand where they were going, until I found his stash.

Here he was in September, all cute puppy-ness. Pre-laundry-raiding days. The only thing under the coffee table is one of my weights.

My sweet boy. I do enjoy when he’s being snuggly. We will have to keep the baby gates up to protect my laundry until he learns some better habits.