Yep, it’s that season again!

It’s primary season again, yikes.

I researched my candidates. I researched my ballot initiatives. Then I just sat with my head in my hands.

Do we really have to have a ballot initiative that says that the Parent has more rights than the schools when it comes to decisions on discipline, mental health, contraception, and medical procedures?

Do we really need a ballot initiative to say that children under 18 cannot be chemically castrated and have their sex changed by their parents?

Common sense, common decency, and the idea that the children aren’t pawns, ping pong balls, or experiments. They are treasures that need to be nurtured, protected, and should be able to count on their parents to be adults.

Do we really need a ballot initiative that tells the local chamber of commerce that they can’t use tax payer funds to use to lobby against their own tax payers?

It takes a room full of bureaucrats, and some lawyers to mess things up, and make things more complicated than they need to be.

Get informed, and vote your conscience.

The venturing

I’m a Tom Petty Fan. I was listening to the Tom Petty channel on SiriusXM, and they debuted Mike Campbell’s Dirty Knob single Wreckless Abandon.

I never knew who Mike Campbell was until I started listening to the Tom Petty Channel to his Buried Treasure Show. He would talk about his band, and Gainsville, and how he got started with Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench.

When I first heard this single, It sounded like Tom Petty singing, but a really gritty version. No, it’s Mike Campbell.

I’m so glad he ventured out. I’m so glad he’s sharing this sound with everyone in a more public atmosphere. He’s not toured outside California until now. I might have to go see him live….Maybe in Austin. His sound is very Austin cool.

Is it a Salad, an Appetizer, or a Drink?

Meet my newest favorite thing! It’s a Mexican Shrimp Cocktail.

I can’t begin to describe how much I adore this little salad in a glass!

It’s so fresh, spicy, crunchy, savory, tasty.

At lunch, I scooped it up with tortilla chips, then, I had all this beautiful tomato juice left over, and it became a spicy Bloody Mary!

I could have scooped it up with Endive, or Romain lettuce.

Ooooh….I’m thinking we add a little bacon garnish next time. Maybe some olives.

It is slurp-able spicy fun.

Have you made any recent flavor discoveries that made you say WOW?

Up over the storm

Travel is always unpredictable.

Storms sweep down from the north.

Hail in New Orleans, and a big temperature drop.


My flight was only slightly delayed,

I got a window seat,

And a view of the skies over the clouds.