Rescued Roses

I went to Costco today. Its amazing how cheap roses are after Valentine’s Day.

I saw these, 24 in total. I made 3 lovely displays and scattered them about the house.

It was amazing how quickly they perked up and showed off.

Good for them.

You don’t need a holiday to be beautiful.

Roses bloom where they are, shouldn’t we do the same?

Freedom Friday

Image from Pinterest.

Last night, I set my phone and tablet aside and watched the NASCAR Duals at Daytona with my husband.

We chatted about racing, drivers, and the format that makes this race so boring.

Maybe that wasn’t the most Valentine evening, pizza and NASCAR, but it was just the two of us hanging out, no phones.

It wouldn’t hurt me at all to have a designated time to put the electronics away, and just hang out.


Sometimes this is hard.

It’s Monday, it’s back to work day, it’s the start to something new.

This was very hard for me this morning. I didn’t sleep well last night, and about 10 minutes before the alarm, I reached for my phone, and spilled my full glass of water down the back of the night stand.

Isn’t that fun? I had to take a very deep breath and think about the thoughts, and bleeped words ready to blankety-bleep out of my mouth.

So what did I have to be grateful for waking up too early, and having to clean up a spill first thing in the morning?

At least it wasn’t coffee? It was a quick clean up? At least I won’t be late to work? Yea, something like that.

It’s Monday and I’m still here. Onward and Upward.

I can’t let my circumstances dictate my mood.

Have a great week.

Upon waking

Image from Pinterest.

Have you ever noticed what thoughts are running through your mind right when you wake up?

On purpose I try to think of at least one thing to be grateful for, and say it out loud before I put my feet on the floor.

Sometimes it’s just simple things, like “I’m grateful I woke up and have breath”.

The more I practice gratitude, I find the more I am grateful for.

Self care is the same. I have found the more I encourage myself, the smaller the negative voice in my head becomes. A simple, “you can do this” can mean the difference between going forward and falling back.

So let me encourage you too! You are Strong, Smart, and you Can Do This! Now, go get em. 😁

Happy Friday!

Which Way Photo Challenge

It’s Thursday! You know what that means.

It’s time for Beach’s Which Way Photo Challenge. Click the link to his blog and check out his amazing Photos.

I was inspired by signs this week. I found some fun ones. I’m going to try the Goat Yoga if we ever dry out from all this rain.

The first Bluebonnets

The Bluebonnets in Texas are really prevalent in late March and early April. To my surprise we got a little peek today at lunch.

So happy to see the happy flower showing up earlier than expected.

Ron Niebrugge photographer captured a stunning view.

Farewell to the Super Frisbee Wonder Dog

Not sure how I will get through this post.

Last night we said goodbye to Rascal. He had a really rough January with seizures, not eating, and too many trips to the Vet who tried to help, but to no avail.  His situation deteriorated quickly last week and last night he couldn’t breathe. We couldn’t let him suffer.

Today the house is quiet, and empty of the joy he brought. He was truly joy on 4 feet. A remarkable companion.   There isn’t a room that I go into that I don’t think of him.  He would never let me go to the bathroom by myself.  He never understood a closed door.  Being and Aussie Shepherd, his main goal in life was to keep an eye on his herd.  So If I was in the bathroom, he had to be there too, leaning up against my leg demanding affection and attention regardless of the situation I was in.

My heart is broken. My husband and son are devastated, and our other dog Dolly won’t get off her pillow. She is despondent.  When I sniffle, and go for the Kleenex, she raises her head to look at me, then lays back down.

I know the sadness will pass, but his awesome memory will remain.

To quote Dr. Seuss “Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened”.

Thanks for the encouragement since he started his decline.  Thanks for sharing Rascal with me, liking the posts that he was featured.  The camera loved that dog.  He always seemed to be a picture waiting to happen.