35 years ago?

I was going through my Linked In connections, and sometimes they come up with suggestions.

Did my jaw drop when I saw a familiar face, and a familiar name come up on the screen. Do you know Bill?

Darned if I don’t.

You know in the movies, especially the time travel kind they will have a swirling vortex, or some kind of sling shot screen to pull the viewer from present to past, or past to present?

I think I went through one of those.

I was 19 again, I could hear him putting on his Irish Accent, whispering William Butler Yeats, telling me jokes, being my friend.

New Years in Boston, The Texas State Fair, hanging out in my section at the Cactus Bar and Grill, telling me about his family, hopes and dreams.

He’s quite successful now, and I took a chance and sent him a message.

Shock me twice, he remembered. He remembered more than me. He’s really happy, and I’m so happy for him.

To reconnect after all that time, and talking like we just saw each other yesterday.

It made me so happy.

Ode to a pepper grinder

Back in the 80’s, while I was in college and getting my first apartment I had to have a pepper grinder. It seemed so grown up to me.

My faithful grinder of pepper corns has bit the dust after 35 years of faithful service.

It’s been with me longer than my husband, longer than my children, longer than 99% of everything else in my house.

Such a faithful, constant fixture that I won’t part with, I’ll just retire to my treasure shelf and employ another grinder for my daily pepper.

It’s the little things that we get used to. I’m so grateful it lasted as long as it did.

Get your own door!

I love manners. Please, Thank you, Yes Ma’am, Yes Sir, how can I help you.

It melts me. Kindness and respect begetting kindness and respect.

I can’t tell you the number of times, when I’ve been hurrying along, high heels clicking, bags in tow, hurrying to a meeting, airport, or any function, and a kind gentleman, old, young, in between holds the door. It stops me every time. This kind person is waiting to give me a small kindness, a gentle assistance, a simple gesture of respect. The simple “I See You” an acknowledgment of one’s existence.

I LOVE MEN WHO ARE GENTLEMEN!  There I’ve said it.  It’s the girliest thing to me, but when a man, acts like a gentleman and holds open the door, it’s one of my favorite things.

Manners don’t stop at gender, if someone is coming your way, hold the elevator, hold the door, acknowledge another human beings existence.  It’s why we are here.

I’m happy to say, I’ve given, and I’ve received these kindnesses, and I get a good laugh when people crap on them, and get their own comeuppance.

Iconic Texan

I’ve mentioned before that I have a buddy whose family had the responsibility of Wild Life management on the King Ranch. He’s all things quintessential Texas to me.

He posts things from time to time that really makes me smile.

Bandera, TX is the Cowboy Capital of Texas. It still has horse hitches, and an great historic downtown area.

My buddy posted this pic on Facebook today, so I had to snag it. So many people have this image of Texas. I’m glad we still live up to it, even if it’s just in those little towns like Bandera.

A survey gone too far.

Do you get surveys? Are you ever online, and an interrupting pop up appears on the screen wanting to know if you are willing to take a short survey?

Can you imagine, being in the privacy of a bathroom, and a pop up appears “Would you be willing to poop here again?” Rate us 5 stars!

How would you decide how many stars to give? On the efficiency of the bowl movement, or the cleanliness of the facility? Is lighting an issue in bathroom ambiance? Then you have your courtesy sprays. Because….well…..it’s important.

Getting feedback on the satisfaction of the bathroom experience seems a really odd, over-the-top thing to do.

“I can only give you 3 stars the overhead lighting was harsh, and the TP was too rough?”

I realize this is a little silly, and that’s kinda the point, isn’t it?

I mean, I have an ex-husband who couldn’t poop anywhere but his mommy’s house. It was really an awkward, and short marriage, but he didn’t have the same standards of exclusivity for his penis, which was the end of the marriage.

Still, bathroom habits are very personal things, but taking a survey about them is a little odd. I blame the VRBO, Air B&B and Home Away for these odd little items.

Are you a little Batty?

If you are, you have an opportunity to hang out with Millions of Bats at the Austin Batfest 2018 August 18th, in lovely downtown Austin, TX.

You can check out the events at Austinbattours.com. Garlic is extra.

Being Home to one of the largest colonies of Mexican Brown Bats, definately Keeps Austin Weird, for sure. The Millions of Bats live under the S. Congress Ave Bridge. The spectacle of the emergence at dusk is amazing, and they are hugely beneficial to the environment, keeping all the creeping, flying, and chewing insects at bay. Think grasshoppers, crickets, millipedes, mosquitos, etc.

I’m grateful for the tons of insects that they eat every evening when they head out to forage.

It’s one of the fun things to do in Austin, if you have the inclination. Seeing them from the water is spectacular.

Image from fine art america via Pinterest.

#5 my biggest issue

I’m an over thinker.

So I’ve stood up to the Non-Profit where I’ve volunteered to be abused.

Now I’m overthinking.

Just looking at the previous 2 sentences, I’m really happy. I can let that s#!% go.

I’m very grateful today:

Crossing off trying to please everyone.

Crossing off fearing change, I’m an agent of change, baby.

Crossing off living in the past.

Crossing off Putting myself down.

Working on Overthinking.

I’ve made progress.

ELO-The Jeff Lynn Tour

Electric Light Orchestra. My first Concert at 16 was a memorable experience. The first time I had ever even smelled pot. It was offered, and declined. I was to young and scared of being kicked off the drill team to think about trying that foul smelling stuff.

One of my first dating experiences, being 16. He was an older guy, a whole 19 years old, and we drove ALL THE WAY to Fort Worth to see them.

He brought an extra lighter for me. I had no clue about waving flames about during a concert. They had the whole Spaceship stage. Mr. Blue Sky, and Don’t Bring me down were the big hits on the Radio.

That was a really big deal for me, driving an hour away with an ‘older man’ to see a Rock Band from England.

Coincidentally, my husband was at the same concert. He, being part of a touring band, The Drifters, at the time had floor seats, and back stage passes. I was up in the middle of the bowl in wide eyed wonder.

This concert was magical in it’s own way. The local critic called it a ‘religious experience’. I have to admit there were a couple times I got a little weepy. Especially during Telephone Line.

Jeff Lynn still has a voice. Not his original crew, but the new folks were beautiful, and fully talented. It’s an all girl string section, and they had wonderful stage presence.

He played some old, some new, and some of the Traveling Wilbury’s. Showing footage of Tom Petty, George Harrison, Roy Orbison was really powerful, and got a great response from the audience.

There was no smell of pot, or cigarette smoke. Rocking out with the over 50 crowd was a riot. I tried to take discreet footage of the ladies dancing in their chairs and the guys bobbing their heads, and shaking down their shoulders on air drums and guitar.

We had to go through metal detectors to get in, and there was a huge police presence.

I had bought the tickets last year for my husband’s birthday, and presented them to him in his ELO album with the Space ship on it. I made reservations at a hotel downtown, along with reservations at Vic and Anthony’s for dinner. We walked from the hotel to the restaurant, to the Toyota center and back. Everything came off without a hitch, and to see my husband’s happy face, and enthusiasm for the whole evening was worth every penny.

Telephone Line.

It’s the little things

You can’t take control of the world unless you can take control of a dirty kitchen, garage, garden, etc.

Start with the practical, and move to the impossible.

I love dreamers. I am a dreamer in many respects.

The other side of me is practical. I’ve practiced in taking practical steps to secure my dreaming. The better I am at the practical, the bigger my dreams become.

“The more I do, the more I can do, because I know I can do it.” Quote by Authentic Wendy