It goes so fast

It goes so fast. You have the sweetest little cherub who grows and wants to be a Cowboy. You can’t get him to ever give up his cowboy boots or hat until he’s 9.

He golfs and swims. He goes to tennis camp and plays football. Basketball, violin and every video game imaginable.

Then he graduates from high school, goes to college, and moves to Phoenix.

So to my baby, who turns 30 today….I’m so proud of you. You are the most intelligent, well read, thoughtful, intellectual, solid, logical, profound, funny, sensitive, loving, most delightful, darling son. I look forward to see the wonderful things that come next for you. I adore you, and I can’t wait to see you again soon.

Had to buy it

True confession, I had to buy it. A true impulse purchase, but I will wear it! Probably on sales calls.

Today, I’m thankful for things that make me smile.

My Lemon tree is confused

Yes, I just took the photo about 30 seconds ago. It’s October, and my Meyer Lemon tree is in full blossom. Last April, it bloomed, and fruited. But I lost all my baby lemons.

Now, bless its little heart, it’s trying again, in October.

It should be interesting to see what happens next. The bees are loving it. A tasty fall treat for them. That’s for sure.

Am I disappearing?

I think I might be invisible.

Waiters, bartenders, clients, bosses, friends, family.

I might need a nap.

Coming home from a hard trip to Lubbock. Getting to the airport. Getting on the plane. Getting the rental car, that was a trip. No one at the counter, and waiting for someone to show up so they could argue about how I spell my last name. Checking into the hotel, and trying to get a clerks attention. Bird poop is the big subject. Going to see clients, prospect, getting stood up. Heading back to the airport, and I can’t get my rental car turned in, cause you know they only have 15 spots in the parking lot. Waiting at TSA for a delayed flight, and no one knows what to do, but at least they took care of the wheel chair folks. Waiting in the Starbucks line at the Lubbock airport, but the conversation with the person right in front of me is soooooo compellingly wonderful, it can’t be finished, and then it’s time to take out the trash, so can I wait? It’s a 7 gate airport. 7 gates, and 2 of them are not being used and I’m the only other person in line…..sure I can wait till you take out the trash.

I made it to Dallas. My through flight was disrupted so I had to change planes. 3 hour delay in a very crowded Love Field. I made it to the bar at Cool River. I sat, and there were 3 bartenders in front of me….3. They served 4 people that came in after me, one of them was standing right behind me and they acknowledged him before me. I put my hand up in the air and started waving cash. 2 of the bartenders had the humanity to be embarrassed.

There was a day when I had 0 problem getting a bartenders attention. I don’t know that there has ever been a time when I’ve felt so ignored, invisible, non-existent.

I got home, and had the quiet I needed to take an Advil pm and go to bed.

I’m still shaking my head. There must be a lesson in here somewhere.


Feeling like something out of a Hitchcock Film.

Seeing the signs everywhere!

The tree limbs are moving from the weight of the flocks.

Then you hear the Grackles making their racket!

Thousands of them.

I run to the lobby entrance to the hotel

Anxiously looking about….

I’ve been warned.

Now to move my rental car? Nope. I’m leaving it for the birds.