The Eye Test

It’s been 10 years.

So I booked an appointment with the eye doctor.

Things have changed.

Yes, you have to read lines.

Yes, you have to look in weird machines.

No dilation, a very intrusive close up photo of the back of my eye.

A very cute young doctor. Eye candy?

Yes, it was a good thing I went to the doctor.

I guess you are officially old when you have Cataracts.

My night vision is getting challenging.

We will start with new glasses.

Then, we will talk about surgery.

My husband had his cataract surgery in December, and now sees 20/20 and doesn’t need readers at all.

I’m supremely jealous of his new vision.

I’m not at all afraid of the surgery.

I’m ready to see clearly again.

I’m grateful for new knowledge, and good doctors.

6 thoughts on “The Eye Test

  1. My ex-husband had cataracts when he was in his thirties. So it’s not about getting old…. I am sorry you have to deal with that though. I know it’s not easy. I myself have always had very very poor vision. I am close to blind and in fact when I was six was told that I would be completely blind by the time I was thirty. I’ve long since surpassed that with my eyesight intact (as it were) for which I am so very grateful. It’s a journey!

    • My husband is really happy with his new eyes too! There are a lot of great things that they are able to do now. I will find out how close I am to surgery next week. Until then new glasses.

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