Yesterday was one of those days. Things to do, clean up for the garbage pick up this morning. Lunches to pack for work this week.

What to do with the Ham Bone and left-over Ham from Christmas dinner?

Truth be told, the cheap spiral cut ham, that we put on the smoker was way better received than the prime rib we served.

The grill dominated this year. I had wrapped carrots in bacon, and glazed them with the honey glaze. They smoked and got happy next to the Ham. And they were the two favorite and remarked on items at dinner.

So as leftovers went, we did beans and the ham bone, and the one bacon wrapped carrot, some celery and onions. A little beer didn’t hurt. The fresh cilantro took it over the top. It didn’t hurt that my market carries local harvest frozen crowder peas and pinto beans. I kept wondering if 6 pounds of beans was too much. But 6 pounds were perfect.

The cornbread was just the kicker that made the beans so comforting.

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