Heading into 2020

The Christmas is done

The family has gone home

We are quietly eating leftovers

Pretty happy to be alone

The packages are given

The thank you’s received

The tree looks a little tired

My husband looks a little peeved

So let’s call a time out–A day just to breath

Momma’s putting her feet up. The puppy’s asleep

Dad’s got the blankets

Just the break that we need

Hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday. Now take a nap.

5 thoughts on “Heading into 2020

  1. I love your poem, Wendy. I think it reflects what a lot of people feel right now. I am surprised that I am actually looking forward to putting away those Christmas decorations that I was so excited to spread around the house. Am I getting old or just ready to restore some normalcy and routine to an otherwise crazy year?

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