Holiday Spirit

It’s 10 days till Christmas, and I’m not sorry to admit that the Season has left me a little flat.

I’ve started to decorate today. I got my SANTA Clauses out to decorate the mantle. I’m happy with myself that I made a little effort.

A tree might be too much temptation for Max. And I just don’t feel like getting everything down from the attic.

The stockings are hung by the Chimney with care. That’s about it. That’s enough for now, we will see what tomorrow brings.

The presents for my Niece and Nephew, Brother and Sister in law went out in the post last Thursday.

I’ve attended a Cookie exchange and got hopped up on Sugar and Champagne.

I’ve got one more client luncheon to go to on Thursday. My oldest comes in on Friday, and we’ll start the birthday celebrations for my mother in law and husband.

My forced smile makes my face shake.

And it’s all OK.

I think it will be just fine to take the boys shopping for their gifts. We will make something fun here on Christmas for just us. Or maybe we will just go see a movie.

We’ve not had a “just us” Christmas in quite a long time.

Where ever you are, and whatever you are doing, be it a Big Christmas, or a quiet Season, enjoy. Let it be authentic to you. It’s all OK.

6 thoughts on “Holiday Spirit

  1. Oh man Wendy. I totally get this. I have only been “celebrating” Christmas for about ten years and actually I love this time of year. The lights the decorations the magic the snow…. but this year… well I got some devastating news a few weeks back and…. I’m reeling and I can’t hardly bring myself to the point of celebration. Normally I put up a tree around Thanksgiving… it just went up last night because my daughter asked me to put it up. I didn’t want to… but I did for her. I don’t feel joy. I feel dark sadness and the edges of depression. I don’t know what I’m going to do… but I’m going to try to at least get halfway to a smile, for them.

    • Oh my dear. I’m so sorry that you are hurting. If you know Christmas, you know It is ok not to be commercial. Bravo to you to put up the tree for your Daughter. Sometimes our greatest joys come in what we can do for our family. It’s ok to feel down, it’s ok not to be sparkly. Be authentic, and be there for your daughter. God Bless you both.

  2. It’s a difficult time of year. The office parties that I don’t want to attend, the super-charged, over-hyped shopping, the anger on the roads….please, just bring me January 2nd asap.

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