My work family is very sweet. They sent messages, and calls, and support like I’ve never known.

As the drama over my dad’s remains still stands in the air.

My brother and I are keeping our sense of humor.

If your family sucks, go find a new one. It’s not you…it’s them.

It’s a good thing I work out, this was a two arm bouquet from my work family. It made me cry, in gratitude for their support.

Since my my dad’s wife won’t have a funeral, memorial service, or give an obituary for my dad….and won’t give us his ashes! my little mind is going into overdrive.

She can’t keep my dad’s memory from me, and she can’t dictate who I share it with.

Ashes or not, I will memorialize my dad, one way or another.

I’ve written an obit, and contacted what’s left of my dad’s family.

Do I send it to the social circle where he lived the last 30 years?

My father “fell” from a second story balcony in February. After his rehab he went into a nursing facility where he was taken off of all “life extending medications” including his Afib meds, Parkinson’s meds, which are not life extending. But he was taken off of them any way.

His wife abandoned him, moved to Las Vegas in July. She put their condo up for sale. the market.

Claimed to have had multiple falls, couldn’t be there for his final days, hours. Now that he’s dead, she’s fine, coming home, all is well, aren’t we all so happy? Isn’t it just wonderful? We should be happy for her, shouldn’t we?

The Lord rebuke her… and the Lord please help me.

9 thoughts on “Support

    • Thank you Dee. I know it’s coming up on a big day for you. Grief is an odd companion. Sometimes he’s there, sometimes you never know that he’s even visited.
      It’s all a strange, and uneven road grief drags us down. It’s amazing the strength, and weakness he exposes as we travel with him.

  1. People can really, really be shitty. Stay above the fray, and remember, karma may not be swift….but, it is inevitable. I’m so, so sorry for your loss. And for having to deal with such blatantly horrible behavior.

  2. Such a sad ending to a wonderful life. He didn’t deserve that treatment, and she sounds like a horrible individual. Celebrate his life with those who loved him, and yes, send it to anyone that his life touched.

    • All I can control is how I respond. I just don’t want to respond out of spite.
      I want to share my dad’s memory from joy.
      My favorite memory is when I was about 8. It was New Year’s Eve. My dad and mom went to a party down the street. They left me with my little brother who was 3. He was crying, I freaked out. I called the house and asked for my dad.
      I stood at the window watching for him. I will never forget seeing him walking down the snowy street, his coat flying behind him, his hat. He settled me back in bed, and sat next to me stroking my hair until I fell back asleep. His strong hands so warm and comforting, a daddy’s hands. That is what is special to me.

  3. I’m so sorry. Since I had lost the ability to see your posts for a while, I wasn’t aware of what was happening to your dad. I know others like you, myself included to some extent, who have created a better family than the one they may have been born into.

  4. I am so sorry. This is all adding insult to injury. Your dad’s story sounds like something from a mystery novel. At this point all you can do is turn to your friends and family and remember the good times as you are doing.

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