Going through old photos

My dad is dying.

He disowned me a few years ago, but I know he still loves me. I’ve snuck in to see him while his wife was away in the last year.

Hospice said he wouldn’t last the night- last night, but he’s still hanging on.

Morphine has been administered. He’s struggling for breath.

I’m so sad that he’s been left to die in a home. His wife moved away last month to be with her family.

My brother is there to hold his hand, but my dad’s wife made sure I was banned from visits in this home. So I wait for word, that he’s finally exited this world.

I have a strange family for sure. A history of disowning, divorce, abandonment.

This curse stops with me.

I’m grateful that I can change the future. I’m grateful I can remember the best of my dad.


2 thoughts on “Going through old photos

  1. This is tough for sure and I’m sorry you have these difficult circumstances surrounding your Dad. Your decision to end the brokenness and it stops with you is beautiful. Your sons are blessed to have a Mom with a heart like yours.

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