Finding Orion, looking up

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Being up early with the puppy, waiting for him to get serious about taking care of his business, I find myself staring at the stars.

We have much more light pollution than we used to, so they aren’t as bright as 5 years ago.

But I’ve always loved looking at the stars, and picking out the constellations.

Orion has been over the house for the last month or so. It’s fitting that the “hunter” constellation appears when hunting season is underway.

Since Maximus has a 3 phase “go outside” routine, I look for Orion, and try to guess what time it is, by where Orion is in the sky. He moves east to west as the morning grows toward dawn.

I mostly can see Orion’s Belt, Bellatrix, Meissa, and Betelgeuse due to the city lights.

How many thousands of years have people looked at the stars, dreamed, wondered and marveled at the greatness of the universe…..what a magnificent creator is the Lord.

8 thoughts on “Finding Orion, looking up

  1. Amen! Like you, I enjoy staring up at the stars. I started following NASA on Instagram a while back. If you don’t already, you’ll love their photos of the galaxy (& other amazing things).

  2. Looking at the stars shows us how great our God is and how insignificant we are in contrast, but He loves us. How amazing!
    I always look for Orion; it’s like looking for and old friend and I smile when I see him.

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