The First Thanksgiving was in Texas?


Did you know the very FIRST Thanksgiving on American soil was NOT at Plymouth Colony in 1620, but 22 years earlier in Texas?

On April 30, 1598–22 years before the Pilgrims celebrated their first Thanksgiving at Plymouth Colony–a Spanish expedition led by Don Juan de Oñate crossed El Paso del Norte (the northern pass–now El Paso, Texas) into Texas. Oñate ordered his party to rest and celebrate a mass of thanksgiving for their journey thus far before continuing north across Texas and into what is now New Mexico.


Thank you Philip Leonard for sharing the link to the story.

El Paso actually celebrates Thanksgiving twice. Once in April, and again in November.


My work family is very sweet. They sent messages, and calls, and support like I’ve never known.

As the drama over my dad’s remains still stands in the air.

My brother and I are keeping our sense of humor.

If your family sucks, go find a new one. It’s not you…it’s them.

It’s a good thing I work out, this was a two arm bouquet from my work family. It made me cry, in gratitude for their support.

Since my my dad’s wife won’t have a funeral, memorial service, or give an obituary for my dad….and won’t give us his ashes! my little mind is going into overdrive.

She can’t keep my dad’s memory from me, and she can’t dictate who I share it with.

Ashes or not, I will memorialize my dad, one way or another.

I’ve written an obit, and contacted what’s left of my dad’s family.

Do I send it to the social circle where he lived the last 30 years?

My father “fell” from a second story balcony in February. After his rehab he went into a nursing facility where he was taken off of all “life extending medications” including his Afib meds, Parkinson’s meds, which are not life extending. But he was taken off of them any way.

His wife abandoned him, moved to Las Vegas in July. She put their condo up for sale. the market.

Claimed to have had multiple falls, couldn’t be there for his final days, hours. Now that he’s dead, she’s fine, coming home, all is well, aren’t we all so happy? Isn’t it just wonderful? We should be happy for her, shouldn’t we?

The Lord rebuke her… and the Lord please help me.

So glad

Looking at the stars tonight, I’m so glad you were my daddy, and I’m glad my boys had a glimpse of you.

God Rest you.

Going through old photos

My dad is dying.

He disowned me a few years ago, but I know he still loves me. I’ve snuck in to see him while his wife was away in the last year.

Hospice said he wouldn’t last the night- last night, but he’s still hanging on.

Morphine has been administered. He’s struggling for breath.

I’m so sad that he’s been left to die in a home. His wife moved away last month to be with her family.

My brother is there to hold his hand, but my dad’s wife made sure I was banned from visits in this home. So I wait for word, that he’s finally exited this world.

I have a strange family for sure. A history of disowning, divorce, abandonment.

This curse stops with me.

I’m grateful that I can change the future. I’m grateful I can remember the best of my dad.


Happy Monday

Today is Veteran’s day in the USA.

I’m so grateful to live in a country like America.

We’ve wandered from our founding, but we are still a relatively free people because of our military.

God Bless the Veterans, God Bless the USA.

The little bear has a new bed

When he was just home, about 6 weeks old. Such a wee little cubby. So snuggly. He loved his little bed.

In the months since we brought him home, he’s eaten that bed, torn it to little pieces.

He’s now almost 5 months old. My little cubby is becoming quite the big bear, and has a new bed.

His legs have gotten long, and he can run so fast.

When he naps, I know he’s growing. Just wish he could stay a puppy a little longer.

My little Maxi Bear is growing up.

Jumping in with both feet

The water may be over my head, but today I reminded myself that I am strong, capable, and up to the challenge.

One thing I’ve always been good at is planning and strategy.

So attacked my lists, and began an aggressive prospecting plan.

Bold is the new attitude. 2020 is going to be a very bold and big year. I’m just starting a little early.