Early mornings, changes, and observations

Since Maximus came to live with us in August, my sleep has changed.

Max doing really well with the house training, and can go almost till 5 am before he’s got to go outside.

I have found that I wake up about 4:30 am in anticipation of the puppy’s needs.

It’s funny how much better I feel, waking up early. My biometric clock is reset, and the effects are good.

Once the puppy is taken care of outside, he’s hungry. Max and Dolly get their morning treats of dental biscuits, Cheerios, and maybe a carrot for Max. The Cheerios is a long story, maybe I’ll share it another time.

I put the coffee on, get my husband’s lunch together. He’s got the pumpkin and goat cheese quiche this week. I threw some Halloween candy in for him today on a whim. I wonder what he will think when he opens up his lunch box?

Since the hubs leaves the house early, we’ve had time to sit for a few minutes and have coffee before he leaves. It makes a nice start to the day.

Before Max came, my husband took care of the dogs, (which is why they get Cheerios) he made the coffee, put together his own lunch and kissed me awake before he left for work.

I think I like this new morning routine better, I know my husband does!

8 thoughts on “Early mornings, changes, and observations

  1. Who would have thought one little (very cute) puppy could bring about such changes? I’m glad you have found a new routine that works for you. Maximus—what a formal, sophisticated sounding name for your new baby! 💜

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