True confessions

I’m a bit of a grouch. Ive been known to be grumpy too. A complaint or two have fallen from these lips. It’s true.

When I started this blog in 2013, I was determined to overcome the grouchies by focusing on Gratitude.

That focus has really helped me, even though, sometimes, occasionally, usually around a full moon, and when I’m out of wine…..I can be a little grouchy.

Image credit Sandra Boynton.

3 thoughts on “True confessions

    • It’s the oddest thing, I can be patient in traffic, I can slog through a busy airport with delays and cancellations with no issue, I can deal with cranky clients. But there are days when I loose my mind over my clothes not fitting, or not getting my phone calls returned, or finding my perfect avocados at the bottom of my shopping bag smashed by something heavy. And that’s usually about when the full moon is ready to wax. I must carry a lot of water in my body. 🤨

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