4 Dozen roses

Roses are an essential gift. They convey gratitude, affection, love, relationship.

I’ve made it a habit to take roses to the office to give to my support staff for the last 3 years.

Today, it was extra fun. We have more people, and some of them I got to meet for the first time.

I got through the front door, and two of my favorite ladies, Betty and Pat were getting the paper deliveries ready. They had the cart loaded up with the Fed Ex and UPS overnight envelopes. I opened up my bag and gave them their choice of the 48 roses. Pat was so happy to get first choice. She left her rose on Betty’s desk for safe care while she made her rounds. Once the first ones were delivered, the calls went out. “Wendy’s here! She’s got ROSES!”

Its a stressful time for my company. We are short staffed. We were down 16 people to keep up with our volume to maintain turn times. We are staffing up. The skill set we need is unique, so I’m grateful that we can find new folks. I met 5 of them today. 3 more start Monday.

I am so blessed to have the people I get to work with. Simple flowers, carried in to offer to the wonderful staff that takes care of my clients is an honor. I look forward to this fun.

Handing them out, offering my friends a choice of color. “Pick the one you like! Do you want pink? Do you want white? What about this pink and peach rose? Or do you like the double pink?” Then, they are so sweet. They ask me. “How are the bees? I roll my eyes and talk about the bee’s needy ways. I have to ask them “Any client requests? How’s your family? Thank you for everything you do. You are amazing. Let me know if anyone gets out of line.”

Roses have their own special magic.

Really, what carries the most powerful magic is in the words “thank you”. The Rose is just what I carry in my hand, so I can come close and enjoy the company.

When people are under pressure, if they know they are appreciated, they find a super human strength. They will go on, if they know they aren’t alone, and that they make a difference.

Value never fades, regardless of the feelings we have.

Have you said “thank you” lately? It’s powerful.

I dare you to lift someone up.

It’s so fun.

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