Offended? Good. You can just suffer.

I know you’ve all seen this picture with different sayings. It’s probably one of the Memes Photos I’ve seen the most on Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

When I saw this saying on this photo, I spit my coffee! I thought it was just perfect.

I’m so tired of someone being offended, I mean really folks. Offended by gender references, politics, food, North v South, Black hoods, White hoods, hyphenated Americans, Zumba Spots, Coffee v Tea, Gas V Electric, Donkeys V Elephants, Red V Blue, what are we doing? Cats and Dogs Living together? It’s just crazy!

I’ve got the solution to all the issues, and propose that we have a Mel Brooks Film studies program on all major Universities. This would have off-shoot courses in Monty Python, and 1970’s SNL skits. Maybe even a Minor in Pink Panther Inspector Clouseau foibles. Let’s help all people develop a sense of humor, and an understanding of Irony, Satire, and Slapstick humor. Did you know there are 20 different types of humor?

What the world needs now, is a good laugh and maybe a nap.

Tell em Ricky!

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