When the house is quiet

Sleepy Sunday.

Up at 5:30 am with the puppy. He’s getting better and better sleeping longer, and going potty outside.

My youngest Son is spending the weekend with friends. My husband is taking care of the bees and building the house.

When this house is quiet, it seems I get busy.

I fertilized the yard–going to battle with the Virginia Button Weed taking up residence–, I cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed and mopped, made hard boiled eggs. Put on some fabulous sauce for Involtini. I tried a new Instant Pot recipe for BBQ chicken. It wasn’t horrible.

Lunches are made, sheets are washed, the house is in order, we are tired and ready for Monday.

Max is finding his way. Dolly is getting closer to him. Max plays hard, naps harder. Playing ball with the two today, Dolly fetched, and Max chased her, and would jump in my arms when Dolly dropped the ball at my feet.

Some Sundays are just better than others.

12 thoughts on “When the house is quiet

  1. I think my day today (Sunday) will be as productive as yours was a week ago. That’s rare for me!
    And, though you apparently were not looking for comments on The Crucial Days, I feel that one, too!

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