5 thoughts on “What is the hardest thing to say?

  1. I’m with #3 as well. I think it is a vulnerability thing for most people. I throw a little Worcestershire sauce in baked beans when I am cooking, but other than that I only use it occasionally “fresh” on meats. I personally accept any pronunciation for it although I know there is a right way. 🤔🤓

    • We’ve called it the “brown wrapper sauce, Wooshi sauce, Wooster-Chester-shire sauce, Wooster sauce, W sauce”. One of the things I notice about the recipes that call for it, are usually recipes from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Newer recipes want Soy sauce. My brown bottle sauce lasts for years, which is probably why it doesn’t taste good. It’s probably old.
      #3 is something that is a real struggle. Child hood conditioning never to ask for anything. “

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