Ok….I’ll guess I’ll Zumba

My TRX trainer decided to go to Hawaii for a couple weeks and mess up my exercise schedule. Jeesh, the nerve of some folks! 🙄😁

What to do, what to do? I guess we’ll go Zumba.

I like Zumba for the cardio, but I really hate Twerking. I find it so gross! It’s awkward, and stupid, and even in a class full of gals, I’m not going to twerk. So I planked it out, and did push ups. Did some mountain climbers, and finished with a couple of Bupees. Boy did I get some looks. Oh well. My plank/push-up /Burpee solo did not get the respect From the Twerkie- nuts. If I’m doing Burpees, you know I must really hate twerking.

The thing I like about Zumba this week is my Bossy watch gives me big prompts for filling in my activity rings. 😎😜

Ive got the rest of the day to stand up….a lot. Hahahaha.

It just buzzed! Time to stand up.

How are you getting your activity done this week? If you have a Bossy Watch, does it motivate you or irritate you?

In the last couple of months of working out, I’ve slimmed down a little. Hair up was in May, Hair down was mid July. My arms, waist, and hips are starting to change, and change is good.

6 thoughts on “Ok….I’ll guess I’ll Zumba

  1. How dare he do that? I find that to be very selfish of him. And no, I don’t have a bossy watch. I’m sure I’d be in a knock-down, drag-out fight with it in short order. 😉

    • I just can’t…..it’s soooo weird, and disgusting and degrading. Some of the music in Zumba is not great either. I like the Latin stuff, it’s fun. The hip-hop I can do without.

      • I haven’t actually attended a class. I bought a set of DVD’s and they are all Latin music. I don’t think I would enjoy the other types thrown in. I guess it is to attract a younger audience. 🤔

  2. Way to go sticking with an exercise program. Hope your trainer returns soon so you can avoid Zumba! There is a considerable difference in the photos!👏🏻💪🏻

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