I got one of those Bossy Watches

My Bossy watch,

Tells me when to stand up

It tells me when to walk

It reminds me that I need to breath

It a wonder it doesn’t talk.

It buzzes when I reach a goal,

Encourages me when I win.

It shows me who needs to talk

Or has texted once again.


Do you have a bossy watch?

Do you let it answer the phone and talk into it, like Dick Tracy?

Does anyone remember Dick Tracy?

6 thoughts on “I got one of those Bossy Watches

  1. I remember Dick Tracy😎. I don’t have a bossy phone. My husband mentioned he might get me one for my birthday next month. I wanted to scream “NO!” 😱 but I only smiled. Maybe he’ll forget. Too much “Big Brother” for my taste.😌 How about an update in a month to share how you and your new bossy watch are getting along?

    • It ties me more to my phone, which I don’t like. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll use it. What I do like is the reminder to get up and move.

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