The perfect watermelon doesn’t take a thump

We have a local Radio Host, Randy Lemmon. He does all things gardening, and has great tip sheets for the Coastal Texas area. Randy Lemmon

He recently shared a tip for picking the best watermelon. I tested it out, and it is spot on.

Don’t listen for the “Hollow” thump. Roll that melon over and look for the spot on the bottom.

When I picked the Good Melon, it was not overly sweet, and very crunchy with a very high water content. That’s the kind I like. Crunchy, juicy, and not over sweet.

The Better Melon was sweeter, a little less crunchy, a thinner rind, and not mealy or mushy in any way. My second favorite. I can’t abide a mealy, mushy, Melon.

The Best Melon has a short shelf-life, if you get the best Melon, eat it right away, or you could end up with an overripe Melon, and that gets a little mushy.

It’s high Watermelon season, I hope this helps get you through the rest of the summer.


13 thoughts on “The perfect watermelon doesn’t take a thump

    • Melons are tricky. This doesn’t work for cantaloupe, or honey dew. Cantaloupe you can tell by smelling. No smell, no buy. I have no idea on honeydew, cause I’m not a fan of them. It would be nice to be able to use the same method on people. 😁

      • since I just stumbled across your sharing my info on watermelons, (on a google search, while trying to understand people’s love for salt on melons) i’ll tell you the advice I learned re: Honeydew: Squeeze ’em… they need just a little give, but avoid those that are rock hard. And you are spot on with Canteloupe… If you smell canteloupe, you buy it… I love your version though: No Smell; No Buy!

  1. Smelling people, or turning them over to check out their spots is generally frowned upon, and in some circles it is a criminal offense. Best to avoid melon standards when dealing with people.👀😅🤣

  2. Your description makes it sound like you can use this method, but then it depends on just how you like your watermelon. Sort of the melon version of what makes a good banana.

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