Sit your Fat Ass down

If you head west on Hwy 290 from Austin, weave your way through Dripping Springs, Johnson City, and slink on into Fredericksburg, Tx. Watch the speed limit, it changes often.

It’s the new wine destination in Texas.

One of the little jewels on the North Side of 290 before you hit the Wildflower farm and the peach groves is the Fat Ass Ranch and Winery.

Bingham, and Heritage are two fun stops to make too.

Texas is fun, so is the wine country in Texas. So bring your sense of humor, and your big ass glass for some fun Hill Country Vino.

5 thoughts on “Sit your Fat Ass down

    • Poolside preferably, with your libation of choice.
      Texas is a fun, silly, and creative place. Hope you make it to Austin to visit your friend. You will find plenty of irreverence there!

      • Mojitos? Done! I was just on the phone with him this week, and he’s planning on leaving Austin in 2021. He’s moving to Barcelona. Go figure. Anyway, that gives me a year and a half to get down there and check it out.

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