Little bees, big honey

We ran out of jars, and just stuck to the 5 gallon buckets. Which we have 3 on deck ready to bottle.

We got over 20 gallons, which is approximately 292 pounds. Not enough to sell, but will be fun for gifts, and to keep us in honey for a while.

The flowers that contributed to the harvest were: Mesquite, Huisache, Horsemint, Yaupon, clover, and other assorted wild flowers.

5 thoughts on “Little bees, big honey

    • The commercial bee keepers we know run 1100 +/- hives and sell honey by the ton.
      We are just little hobbyists with our 12-15 hives that produce. It’s a lot for us. That’s for sure.

      • I understand better now that you compared your honey to a ton! I was thinking selling the jars at the local store or from your house. Enjoy the harvest.

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