The perfect watermelon doesn’t take a thump

We have a local Radio Host, Randy Lemmon. He does all things gardening, and has great tip sheets for the Coastal Texas area. Randy Lemmon

He recently shared a tip for picking the best watermelon. I tested it out, and it is spot on.

Don’t listen for the “Hollow” thump. Roll that melon over and look for the spot on the bottom.

When I picked the Good Melon, it was not overly sweet, and very crunchy with a very high water content. That’s the kind I like. Crunchy, juicy, and not over sweet.

The Better Melon was sweeter, a little less crunchy, a thinner rind, and not mealy or mushy in any way. My second favorite. I can’t abide a mealy, mushy, Melon.

The Best Melon has a short shelf-life, if you get the best Melon, eat it right away, or you could end up with an overripe Melon, and that gets a little mushy.

It’s high Watermelon season, I hope this helps get you through the rest of the summer.


Sit your Fat Ass down

If you head west on Hwy 290 from Austin, weave your way through Dripping Springs, Johnson City, and slink on into Fredericksburg, Tx. Watch the speed limit, it changes often.

It’s the new wine destination in Texas.

One of the little jewels on the North Side of 290 before you hit the Wildflower farm and the peach groves is the Fat Ass Ranch and Winery.

Bingham, and Heritage are two fun stops to make too.

Texas is fun, so is the wine country in Texas. So bring your sense of humor, and your big ass glass for some fun Hill Country Vino.

Charles Dickens on my wall

My dad told me it was Edison when he gave me this from my Grandmother’s house in 1991.

It wasn’t Edison, it turns out to be a picture of Charles Dickens. I have no idea why my Grandparents had it or how they came across it. I don’t know how old it is or where it was taken, or what type of early photography it might be.

But Charles Dickens has been on my office wall forever and has kept me company. Sorry my Dad thought you were Thomas Edison.

Stranger Things Season 3

If you have followed me for the last 3 seconds, or years, you know I’m a nerd.

I love all things poetry, romanticism, science, creativity.

When Stranger Things was launched on Netflix, I was an immediate fan.

The story line is wonderful, the actors don’t disappoint.

If you haven’t watched, give it a twirl. Start at the beginning, it’s epic.

It’s complicated, dangerous, joyous, and challenging.

My favorite character has been Dustin, from the start. He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s flawed, he’s romantic. I adore his character.

It’s now season 3, and the story has evolved, the characters have changed, and I like Dustin more than ever.

When he sings to Suzy…..I knew he was my favorite forever. Never mind saving the world….just sing Dustin! We will all groan while we wait!

Good Job Netflix, the Duffer Brothers. Dustin’s character is amazing.

Little bees, big honey

We ran out of jars, and just stuck to the 5 gallon buckets. Which we have 3 on deck ready to bottle.

We got over 20 gallons, which is approximately 292 pounds. Not enough to sell, but will be fun for gifts, and to keep us in honey for a while.

The flowers that contributed to the harvest were: Mesquite, Huisache, Horsemint, Yaupon, clover, and other assorted wild flowers.