A sort of personal shift

I don’t understand, I realize I’m not being heard.

Speaking up has made me the person no one wants to hear.

The people I’m talking to are grown ups, and I have to let go. I’m not in charge.

5 years ago, I went through cancer, death, and disappointment. It seems like I’m facing the same challenges again.

How to let go…it’s so hard.

People can make their own choices, I still love them. They get to choose.

6 thoughts on “A sort of personal shift

  1. This is the some of the wisdom I’ve learned as I’ve aged. In order to maintain your sanity and a few other aspects of yourself that you value, you may have to start applying this wisdom in your life now.
    As revealed in your first post about practicing as prep to the praying you’re doing for your nephew, life is too short to expend a lot of energy and angst on things, or people, that are not that important to you in the grand scheme of things that make up what you really value in your life. Take another deep breath, and think about it. Concentrate on who and what you love, and apply the majority of your thoughts, words and actions there.

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