Counting the Wins

We are halfway through the year.

It’s gone by so fast.

It’s been a year of loss, accidents, unfortunate incidents, stress, and disappointment.

It’s been a year of travel, wonderful places to visit, reacquainting with cousins and old friends, new photo challenges, Graduations, and new clients.

My family has been hit with some challenges recently that I can’t go into right now, as we won’t know for sure what we are dealing with until next week.

So I’m focusing on how to bring the family together, and the way I know I can do that is by cooking.

Cooking is something I turn to, that very rarely lets me, or anyone else down. We can relax around table, talk, plan, strategize, and pray.

I need something to focus, and keep my fingers busy. These are some of the dinner wins for this year. I just have to decide which will be perfect for our family get together.

Which one do you think would work?

Maybe some Beef Wellington. My family likes beef, and this is just fancy enough and filling enough to make everyone slow down and enjoy the meal. It’s a little complicated, but that’s a good thing for focus.

Speaking of beef, I could put together the King of Beef Entrees, Prime Rib. The family loves Prime Rib, and there will be plenty to send home with the nephews. But I did make it at Christmas….time has gone by. It could be time for the Prime again.

Or, we could do Ham. Everyone loves ham with potatoes, roasted carrots and onions. Ham is easy to send home too.

Maybe some Lamb? Lamb isn’t for everyone, but it’s easy to eat with the fingers, if we decide to stand around and snack. I could do a Tapas sort of thing, and there won’t be any pressure.

Some Salmon? Something low carb, good fat, and super tasty. It’s also a one pan meal and the lemon garlic broccoli is amazing.

The low carb-one pan options continue. This one wins every time. Filet and asparagus, easy, elegant, and not a lot to fuss over with the clean up.

7 thoughts on “Counting the Wins

  1. All of those look fantastic, but, in rough times, comfort food seems to do the trick. While I’d ordinarily pick the beef Wellington, maybe a big ham and mashed potatoes would work, for the comfort food thang. Not sure what’s up, but I sure you get good news next week. 😊

  2. I don’t think you could go wrong with any of those choices. Your family will be blessed with your culinary talents. Food and sitting around a table can certainly bring people into community. I hope it works that way for you and your family as you work through this situation.

  3. Gosh, so many delicious choices you will not go wrong with any of them! The lamb would be a real treat! Sitting here at my laptop I’m going to ask God to give you and your family peace as you wait for next week and deal with the struggles you’re facing.

  4. Hi Wendy, long time eh. Just thought I’d pop by WordPress tonight. I hope the news next week is positive. I’ll pray for you. Now if it were me, I’d definitely choose the salmon or fillet with asperagus😜

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