Love letters

Love letters.

Has anyone ever written you a love letter?

Have you ever written one?

My heart has burst over a love letter written to me.

My heart has broken over love letters I’ve written to others when the feelings weren’t mutual.

Right now, my heart hurts over a letter I never wrote, and now, I don’t know what we are. Things are paused.

In my mind, he was the one who should have run down the aisle when I got married in 1986 yelling “I object”. He never did that, but I like to think he would have, if I had recognized him sooner.

If he had, I would have never met my husband, or had the wonderful life I have now.

We’ve been friends for so long. Which is the right course. I still love him. He and I are too much the same person occupying two different bodies to ever get along for very long. We would not be compatible. But I still love him.

He likes to say we’ve shared ‘past life experiences’. Like two war buddies sharing a fox hole in WWI. I don’t believe that, but I humor him.

We think of each other at the same time, and we text. Sometimes he gets his text in first while I’m in mid thought. Sometimes I do. And he’ll call and laugh, and say ‘why are you thinking of me, when I’m thinking of you?”

It’s just how we roll.

We were friends. We are friends. He’s had a bad medical report. He’s been in treatment for Cancer for about a year, and things aren’t getting better.

He calls me when he’s on his pain meds. He shares his heart. He loves his wife. She’s an amazing, wonderful person. I’m so glad to know her, and she is perfect for him.

This is love, when you love someone so much that you would never hurt them, or anyone else that they love. Because real love doesn’t hurt people. Real love just loves people without interrupting or wreaking havoc.

Right now, I know he’s in pain. I know he’s strategizing his battle plan. I know he’s not going to share his hurt with me. I’m not family.

This is love, lifting up the people who’ve made a home in your heart, and are welcome to visit anytime. The people who make you smile, especially when they want to Quote Emerson, and they just can’t pull it off, and you get to correct them. And smile, because they love Emerson too.

There has probably been 3 people like him in my life. People who are so connected to me, that we think of each other, and reach out simultaneously. These are special people. Please Pray for my friend.

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