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My friend Rob had a great post with these amazing lines in them that he was playing with for lyrics.

They really struck me, and I wanted to know what happens next, so I started playing with them.

I sent what came to me with Rob, and he encouraged me to share it with you.

I’ll add a little “for friends without borders/vpub” graphics for a little kick.

“Poison ink flows from the wells of your soul;
Looking for vengeance while your anger still grows…
Forlorn words of a poets  stale thoughts;
The person you wished is the person I’m not…”

You wished for a phantom

You wished for a king

You wished for a knight

But you don’t know a thing

Little girl, You are inside your own head

You can’t even see

The poison you take

It’s from you, not me….it’s all you, it’s not me.

The smoke and the mirrors you set up each night

To fool yourself in your own evil sight

Creating your scene, only you know the end

The poison that flows from your own evil pen.

The simmering anger you drink in each day

Festers and flows into a devilish play

Leave me out of the scenes you’ve written in your dark mind

You will never appreciate me, I’m one of a kind…I am one of a kind.

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