Which Way Photo Challenge 4-18-19

Welcome to this week’s Edition of “Where’s Wendy”? or as Beach likes to call it, The Which Way Photo Challenge! Check out his blog for some of the other challenges he participates in. He’s got some awesome pics.

Here’s my take on it, from the beautiful city of Boston, MA.

7 thoughts on “Which Way Photo Challenge 4-18-19

    • I didn’t want to leave, I actually got a little weepy. There aren’t many cities that feel like home to me, but Boston has always been a 2nd hometown to me.

    • I can’t tell you why I’ve always loved that city. The first time I went, I was 14. The Freedom Walk, Old Ironsides, The Aquarium, the Back Bay, Knob Hill, The Old North Church, the Beautiful homes….It’s a city where I’ve always felt like I’m coming home. Maybe it’s the grouchy people? They remind me too much of my family. 😆

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