A few pics from the road

I’ve always wanted to go to a Ball. Darn it. I wish I had known!

My cousin Shari pointing the way to Authors ridge, as I geeked out about being there.

This is Ralph Waldo Emerson’s family site. His wife and daughter are on either side. There was an inscription on the back of his daughters grave stone that I struggled to see. But they had planted grass seed, and I didn’t want to hop the barrier to get a closer look.

I had some fun at a local tavern Friday night. The New England “charm” was on full display. My order went something like this:

Me: How are the Duck Tacos?

She: people like em.

Me: is the duck shredded or sliced?

She: I can read you the menu if you’d like.

Me: shredded, I will give them a try.

She: you want fries that?

Me: Fries with Tacos? When in Rome….why not?

She: this is Concord.

Me: I’m gonna need another glass of wine.

12 thoughts on “A few pics from the road

    • I did. It was a lovely weekend. Some travel snafus. My hopper from Philly was cancelled, and I couldn’t get into Boston on any other carrier. So I had to fly into Providence and Uber to Concord. Fun and games in travel land. Hope your flights went better than mine.

  1. Wow, wow, wow!!! Author’s Ridge! I’m joining you in the “geeked out” group. 🤓📚 Those are some of my favorite authors. I’m so glad you took cemetery pix. I feel like I was there. The conversation was just too funny. 🤣 I have to ask was the server just from the Northeast and that’s the way she was or was she a young person who really wanted to be somewhere else?🤷🏻‍♀️

    • The server was my age or a little older, buxom, bottle blond, and not interested in being there at all! All the serving crew spoke Portuguese to each other, English to us peasants at the bar. The corn tortillas on the tacos were real, but stale and fell apart. But the duck was good. I liked them.
      The cemetery was amazing, big, rolling hills with the Authors Ridge being at the top. It was serene and peaceful. So idyllic. The trees were bare, it was overcast a little chilly, damp but not too terrible. The sun came out as we were leaving.
      Emerson’s stone was a huge Quartz Boulder. There were two other quartz markers that I saw, but his was impressive.

      • Corn tortillas in restaurants in Michoacan are usually handmade and couldn’t be fresher because they make them as needed. They are delicious! 🌮 The ones sold in the supermarkets are more like what you described. I enjoyed reading more about this adventure. Now I can picture the server. You would think she would adjust her attitude to the tip she wanted to receive.🤷🏻‍♀️

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