What do you want?

I want to enjoy selfies with my cousin. All I want to do with this picture is fix my neck.

It was an awesome day, and so much fun, but I can’t get past my selfie, cause It’s horrible, and not how I see myself. I’d like to be comfortable with my image.

I would love to have a view, in a comfortable home to enjoy en perpetuity.

Swag. I’d love to have a swag when I walk in the door as good as Bugs in a Dress!

I want to hang out with the bees. I think I’d like to just get off by myself for a bit and be just me.

Inside the finishing tank

The Pearl Brewery in San Antonio has been transformed into an entire district of fabulous shops and a beautiful hotel.

The bar for the Hotel Emma is exquisite. Complete with the Distillery’s finishing tanks turned into cozy seating areas.

I thought the Story of the 3 Emma’s was hilarious. Otto was either really smart, having 2 mistresses with the same name as his wife, or really dumb for having 2 mistresses with the same name of his wife, as one of the mistresses shot him dead.

The Mrs. Emma Koehler went on to successfully run the brewery, and distillery all the way through Prohibition, and Pear Beer was the number one selling beer in the US from 1956 thru 1969.

Must have been all those happy German immigrants in Texas that made it so popular.

If you ever make it to San Antonio, I highly recommend the Pearl District for lots of cool spots to hang out, especially at the Hotel Emma.

Training my brain

I got one of those apps that tells you it can exercise your brain and improve your cognitive functions.

It’s been a week, and now I can’t think at all.

I might need to reboot my whole system.

Which Way Photo Challenge

April 25, 2019

Hello lovely folks! It’s Thursday and time for Beach’s Which Way Photo Challenge!

Roads, signs, trails, walkways, stairs, bridges….how do people move from one place to another on Land?

Here’s my take on it this week.

Cooking for comfort

It’s a Tuesday, an Ordinary Tuesday at the end of the month while I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for client responses.

Why am I cooking a glazed ham, roasted carrots, and parsley potatoes?

Yes I geeked out at the multi colored carrots. The maroon carrots with the yellow center were developed at Texas A&M. I couldn’t let them waste away in the crisper, could I?

What is wrong with this picture? Other than it’s a Tuesday night in Houston and this is a little overkill.

I find that my primary comfort has come from cooking. It is creative, functional, and it supplies happiness to my family.

Can life be that simple?

Feeling ducky

Peabody time. I’m on the road again, and back in Memphis, TN.

The rooftop party at the conference was spectacular last night.

The Ducks are everywhere!

In the sidewalks, and on the table.

The soaps in the bathroom, the yellow Rubber ducky souvenirs…..ducks, ducks, and more 🦆.

Not to mention the famous Peabody ducks that are ushered down to the lobby fountains in the morning, and back to the Duck Palace on the roof in the evening.

Something at the luncheon didn’t sit well with me, so I’m back in my room, reclining on my duck sheets, waiting for my tummy to settle down, so I can rejoin the festivities.

Conference food….it got me. Quack.