Choosing to focus on Gratitude

It’s been a tough month. Travel, work, a beloved pet passing, a parent suffering a major fall, another parent moving to full nursing care, selling a parents home, moving all the old stuff, family drama, and I got out of balance and tried to cook my way into a sense of normal.

The sorrow, knowing that my dad will pass soon.

The sorrow knowing my mother in law will pass soon too.

The sorrow over the loss of Rascal.

The swamping, suffocating feeling of helplessness, as things have to be done, now, not later.

It Steals my motivation, energy, and care.

There’s So Much Talk Of Being Wild
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CaptainQ had this post this morning. He’s talking about how people on social media appear perfect, and work hard to adjust the perception all the time with their perfect punctuation, pictures etc. It was the right post, at the right time for me. I think I’m a wild and free individual, but maybe I’ve focused on keeping my image a little too “perfectly punctuated.”

I try to keep things reasonably light, and my purpose is to focus on gratitude. I’m not grateful For everything, but I find ways to focus on the good things in my life when the circumstances I’m (neck deep) in aren’t always good.

To drag myself out of the swamping emotions, and feelings of helplessness I choose to be grateful today for:

  1. A really sweet phone call from my husband this morning.
  2. The rain is gone for today, I’ll get to see the sunshine
  3. Time to exercise
  4. My warm and comfy home
  5. My job
  6. Our other dog, Dolly, is eating more, and she seems to be coming out of her sorrow over Rascals passing.
  7. The opportunity to be good to someone today.

Thanks for taking time to read, and I hope wherever you might be, that your Friday is Fabulous.

What are you grateful for today?

10 thoughts on “Choosing to focus on Gratitude

  1. I’m so sorry for everything that’s been happening to you. That’s a lot to go through in a short time. I’ve had a year or two of losses too and it’s not easy. Right now my almost 16 year old dog is slowly failing while I’m trying to pack things up and get ready to move. Trying to eat well and exercise does help a little. I’m pretty sleep deprived after being up with the dog each night but I’m grateful for all my children and other family who are helping me get through. And I’m grateful spring is near and our snow is gone for now! Sending big hugs to you!!

    • You’ve been through so much, for sure. It’s so hard when the pups reach that age. They can’t tell you what they need. But he’s so fortunate to have you. Moving is stressful. I’m glad you are taking care of yourself with nutrition and exercise.
      Will you be moving closer to the kids and grand baby?
      Cheers to spring, and no snow!

      • Thanks Wendy. Yes, I’m super grateful to be moving in with JP and his mom and dad! They have a huge house and this way we’ll all kind of support each other for awhile. And that will give me time to look around and decides what to do

  2. This has been a hard month for you–too many very difficult things all at the same time. I pray that for one day, today, you will be able relax, breathe, and know that God is good and He’s got this for you. Even when it doesn’t feel like it. I read the poem. It is “perfect” for this time we live in, and I’m glad you shared it. What am I grateful for? In the midst of my own craziness this week, my devotional time went by the wayside. I was able to start this day focusing on what is important which turns out to be not my problems, but His love. I’m hoping for a good attitude because of that.

  3. Boy, when the shit hits the fan, it REALLY hits the fan, doesn’t it? I’m sorry y’all are having to deal with all of that. We’re getting to the point that our parents are aging I to the realm of needing assistance too. It’s so hard, on all involved. Sending good thoughts y’all’s way. And don’t forget to breathe.

  4. So true that a string of hard times can “steal” your motivation and energy. Your post reflects what many of us feel – really sad and overwhelmed by life’s difficulties, yet still trying to focus on gratitude. I’m thankful God never leaves us, no matter how we feel.

  5. Why do we have to work so hard to remind ourselves of all the everyday good things in life, while the hard ones seem to rise so easily to the top of our feeble minds? You have truly learned (and shared) one of the benefits of aging as I like to think of it. That is – to remind ourselves of the many ways we have it so good when so much of the world around us, sometimes both near and far, seems to be crashing in around our ears. I have also observed that the bad things seem to happen all at once, while the good stuff seems to occur with giant spaces or lags in between.

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