Self Talk, Self Care, Self Trust……Selfish?

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My inner child and I have been having some good times lately. She’s still spunky, and thinks we are both 8.

We’ve had a couple of fits, argued over taking naps, and played a couple of board games. 😆

I think I’ll take her for ice cream later.

One of the Coaching lessons I had earlier this week from one of the books I’m reading “Girl Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis was how to speak to yourself, and keeping promises to yourself. It sort of follows the wisdom of, “The Four Agreements”, being impeccable with your word.

I’ve gotten much better a speaking to myself in a kinder tone. But I’m terrible at keeping promises to myself. Rachel Hollis was pretty specific and trusting yourself to keep your own word is more important than keeping your word to others. If you are always letting yourself down, how can you like yourself? You wouldn’t put up with someone else in your life always letting you down.

Self Trust + Self Talk = Self Care?

I can imagine that if that all gets out of hand, you get onto the track of Selfish?

It’s all a balance.

What do you think?

13 thoughts on “Self Talk, Self Care, Self Trust……Selfish?

  1. I’m big on moderation in most things–so that leaves out chocolate. I do think it is sad how much we lose in terms of creativity and fun and whimsy as we “mature.” I’m trying to say that I would rather be creative, whimsical and fun loving than mature. I don’t always succeed at that. I have heard of that book and I’ll be interested in your opinion as you work your way through it. I think I felt like it might be more suitable for the younger set (like you) than for the retired set.

    • Well my friend, I think there are many authors riding the “Self Care” wave. There are many out there who need help, but so many of these books just recycle the same information.
      Creative and whimsical should never be lost, that is what helps us be authentic, real, and our true selves. Truth, that should be the battle cry, not Self.

      • Truth. Good perspective. Perhaps we focus too much on ourselves. It seems to come naturally. God’s most important commandment is to love Him and second is to love others. People like to say we can’t love others unless we love ourselves first. Maybe, but Jesus didn’t seem too concerned about that. Maybe we learn to love ourselves by loving God and others.💜

      • True, I don’t think we can love ourselves until we love God. I don’t think we can understand how we dislike ourselves until we know how much God loves us, and the sacrifices He/ Jesus made for us.
        Only then does “self” dissolve, and we are truly One with God. Then we can love each other, because “the self” is not in the way. Just a thought.
        It’s not so much about loving ourselves, as it is about letting God’s love infuse us.

  2. I think God wants us to love ourselves, otherwise we wouldn’t have been created in God’s image.
    That’s just a possibility, along with not knowing for sure if the Divine One is a he or a she.

    Since I’ve retired I’ve often felt a bit selfish, which may be a (de)fault of the nurturing female psyche. Love the title of the book you referenced, though I haven’t been driven to read this bestseller which is also on current prominent display at bookstores. Have also read some posts by another female blogger I follow re The Four Agreements, which have provided me some additional food for thought.

    • If you consider the “great” commandment, “Love God with all your heart, mind and soul; and love your neighbor like you do yourself”. Your neighbor is in big trouble if you don’t like yourself.
      There has to be a balance in there somewhere.

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