I miss my bunny, we all miss the Rascal.

It’s been a month, and I’m just not over him yet. My Super Frisbee Wonder dog, my fluffy bunny. He’s left a big hole in the house.

Our Dolly Girl… is not doing so great. She and I went on a walk today, she made it part of our normal journey, and she turned around to go home.

She’s lost weight. She doesn’t go outside by herself at all. I have to go with her, or she just sits by the door and waits for me to come back outside with her.

The funny thing about Dolly, she’s always been food motivated, and now she’s not. She doesn’t run barking at the door anymore.

Grief comes in odd ways, and it takes its time to leave.

The vet has gotten on me about her weight, and now, I can feel her ribs.

I hope she pulls out of her grief soon, she is breaking my heart.

4 thoughts on “I miss my bunny, we all miss the Rascal.

  1. She may miss socializing with her “brother.” Maybe she needs a doggy play date or a visit to a bark park? I must really like you because I can’t believe I’m anthropomorphizing here, while I give my own sister grief when she does the same!

    • That’s funny, anthropomorphizing. I’ve considered that idea, but Rascal was the only other dog that Dolly would tolerate. She’s a rescue, and very aggressive with most other dogs. She’s a mess, that’s for sure.

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