Freedom Friday

Image from Pinterest.

Last night, I set my phone and tablet aside and watched the NASCAR Duals at Daytona with my husband.

We chatted about racing, drivers, and the format that makes this race so boring.

Maybe that wasn’t the most Valentine evening, pizza and NASCAR, but it was just the two of us hanging out, no phones.

It wouldn’t hurt me at all to have a designated time to put the electronics away, and just hang out.

4 thoughts on “Freedom Friday

  1. Although it is difficult to put things away in this technology driven age, it is a good thing. As a child, we had one phone in our two story house and it served both our family of seven and our family business. You couldn’t linger too long in conversations. Of course all the digital stuff had not even been invented–except for the black and white TV that my parents bought when a brother broke his back and was in bed for an extended period. It had vacuum tubes in it so I guess it would not be considered digital. But back to the point: times have changed. I appreciate and use the new technologies, but stepping back can be good. I think your Valentine’s evening sounds very nice–really connecting with your husband (especially over pizza😉)

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