Fun and Games in Travel Land

Travel is not glamorous. It’s tedious, and a test of patience on most days.

With the recent Partial Government Shut Down, and several airports having to close lanes due to the shortage of personnel, I signed up for one of the ‘Fly-By ID check’ services.

It uses biometric data to assess your ID, so you an bypass the big lines, and go straight to the metal detectors and X-ray machines.

It was kinda cool. My iris’ took better than my fingerprints. I felt like Edna Mode, opening entering my design studio.

But the folks standing in the cattle lines weren’t happy when I was escorted past them to the Pre-Check. I thought it was awesome! Hey, you pay your money, you get your choice. I’m a big fan of open market competition to government cattle lines, and I fly often. It wouldn’t be worth the cost if I only traveled a couple times a year.

Of course it is a quandary. Why rush to get to the terminal when your flight is delayed? I only traded one wait with another.

9 hours later, I arrived in San Francisco, after delays, and delays, and connections.

12 thoughts on “Fun and Games in Travel Land

  1. I love traveling, but HATE flying. I’d rather drive any day. By the time you add up delays, cancellations, missed connections, and rude airline employees, any shred of time saved is just not worth it. Now, maybe it’s better if you fly 1st class and belong to the SkyClub. But I doubt it. 😃

  2. TSA issues are a nightmare at the airport. I’m glad you found a way to reduce the stress of it. I understand your feeling like you exchange one wait for another, but the wait through the regular line includes the stress of “am I going to miss my flight because of this process”? If you waltz past that, you wait, but it is in the “comfort” 😂 of airport seating with a chance of reading instead of inching your bags along knowing that despite your best efforts you will have done something wrong and everyone will be staring at you impatiently. I try to remember to mentally blame the terrorists not the TSA personnel. That helps. 😀 Enjoy your non-airport experiences. I hope your doggy is getting better.

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