What happened to my senses?

My youngest and I were hanging out this morning. He loves Sci-Fi-Fantasy, and other types of video games. I play too, when I can, to keep up with what he’s doing.

He says, “Mom, if you could choose one world to live in, would you pick Sci-Fi or Fantasy?”

That’s a hard choice. I’ve adored all the JRR Tolkien books and movies, not to mention Game of Thrones, or any of the CS Lewis books. But I’ve also been a big fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and of course Harry Potter.

In the end, I think of I could pick one world of the two to be a part of, it would have to be Fantasy. I love the idea of mythic beasts, magical powers, and the struggle of good against evil.

If you could escape this world for either the Sci-Fi or Fantasy worlds, which would you choose?

What has happened to my senses? I wonder, do I still believe in Magic? Could my senses grow sharper?

12 thoughts on “What happened to my senses?

  1. What an interesting question. For me it’s fantasy. Like you I love the idea of mythical lands and magical beings. We lose so much of the magic as we get older.

  2. Sci-Fi or fantasy? The answer is “Yes”. 🙃 I like both, but then I tend to like the ones you mentioned, not the ones that go to extremes in world building. Good versus evil. Magic without paranormal. These are a few of my favorite things. 😉💜

  3. I’d pick sci-fi. Maybe that’s why I’m so happy to be living in a town that was created to pursue scientific endeavors, in this case (unfortunately) the atomic bomb. The town still exists and is still populated by a disproportionately large number of people with advanced degrees (I believe). The purpose(s) for its continued existence, generally centered around a National Laboratory and other related educational institutions as well as some businesses spawned by its work, have expanded to include nuclear energy and medicine, supercomputing, environmental research, just to name a few. I guess it’s also my fantasy to have some of these brilliant scientific advances solve all of this world’s problems!

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