21 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to 2018

    • Isn’t it the wildest thing? Officially I’ve got XXXX followers, but only 16 active likes and commentators. I love all of them. I would stay for all of them. I just have to re-evaluate my why. Those numbers were really a punch in the gut, but I’m not sure why?
      If I like my blog, and I blog for me, then I’m here for the actives, not the supposed numbers….but mostly, this is just my breathing out, and being grateful for those that notice that I’m breathing.

      • Hahaha! I hear ya’. This is strange kinda thing, “blogging”. I hate that word for some reason, but anyway. I’ve said for years that someone should do a thesis on this realm. It definitely feeds something, just not sure what…and it’s different for each us. I guess there comes a point when we’ll get our fill. Until then, I’m gonna do the same, and enjoy those who notice I’m breathing too. 😃

      • Right? Having 2 people say something. It’s so valuable. The interaction, connection. The genuine thing is comforting, and safe.
        I guess I’d rather have my genuine 16. What an honor to have real people.

  1. Even the Bible (and Simon and Garfunkel 😉) talk about the seasons of our lives. I can only say that I would miss our interactions on your blog. I enjoy your perspective, but only you can answer your question as to what is right for you at this particular time. You could take a break and pretend you don’t have a blog for a while and see how it feels not to check it or post on it. I do love the sculpture you chose to go with today’s post!

    • My friend, I’ve looked back on my posts, and as much as I’m disappointed in my “stats”, the bottom line is I blog for me. It’s my breathing out, and I adore the 16 who actually respond out of the XXXX who follow and don’t participate. I might eliminate all the followers who have never given a hoot, and not ever look at the stats again.

  2. So many “followers” are there for their business interests. It is hard to sort out the people who really want to communicate or share their passion. I was slow in figuring that out. I have a lot more followers than I really anticipated having, but they are not “real.” I guess it looks good to be able to say you have an enormous number of followers, but there is no way you can actually keep up with that many blogs. I know you can stop following people, but can you actually delete followers on WordPress?

    • I just found out that you can delete followers. If you don’t delete the bots, It just messes up your stats. All those ghosts, just make you look like you have no activities.
      I’m so grateful for my real folks. Better to have 5 real people than 500 hundred non-participants.

      • Ha! I feel like I need a translator for that! I’m really not social media savvy. I’ll have to look into the advisability of doing that. I’d rather not have all the hangers on, but when approving Advance Reader Copies of books, publishers do look at stats. I just don’t know if they look more at views or at total followers. Actually at this point I think I am established enough that it wouldn’t make a difference. It might have when I started reviewing, but now I get approved for most of the books I want to read. All of this is food for thought as we go into the new year.

      • Numbers, sincere numbers to count for your book review. I get that. I’ve bought at least 6 of the books you have reviewed, and I have enjoyed them immensely.
        But How do the book folks measure that? How do they know the books I’ve purchased? What connects me to your blog to their purchases? I have no idea.

        Why do I look my stats? I think because I know the 16 people who actually participate, and it just annoying at so many that are just Word Press Bologna.
        But what really makes me think? Word Press knows who is active, and who isn’t and they aren’t genuine in their actual numbers. That’s not right.
        Thanks for being one of my top 16. Thanks for being genuine. I like that.

  3. Back to the numbers issue. When I first started blogging, I was concerned about the numbers and looked at blogs that had an ENORMOUS number of followers. Yes, they had a lot of commenters, but percentage wise it was really not any greater than, for example, the number you have actually responding out of your total followers.

  4. Now I have a conundrum. I was typing up a post on choosing a “word” for 2019. I want to mention your gratitude blog. I can do it anonymously or I can put a link and your name. Your choice. How’s that for end of the year pressure as you try to decide on the future of your blog?🙃

  5. “WordPress Bologna” 😂😝🙃😎I love it! I’m sure some statisticians think they have a correlation worked out, but I am not convinced it is accurate.
    Thanks for the feedback on the number of books that you have bought as a result of my reviews. That makes me stop and take a breath! I hope you liked the ones you chose.

  6. I for one really hope you’ll still be around next year. ☺️ But I know what you mean about the numbers though. It’s weird how many people subscribe then never show themselves. But I love my loyal readers, like you. 🙂

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