Gas Station dining

Gas Station dining is always tricky. How do you decide which small town gas station has the best eats? Do you check with the locals? Do you consult Yelp, Yahoo? Trip Advisor? It’s hard to do in Hallettsville, TX. Not a lot open on a Sunday, except Walmart. And, they don’t serve breakfast.

Do you just pull in where there is a crowd and take a chance? Not a lot of crowds at 7:30 am on a Sunday in a town of 2500. Not even at Walmart.

This is a small town spot. Morton’s gas station on Hwy 77 in Hallettsville, Texas has Diane’s Diner, clean restrooms, antique store, farmers market, and a great color nursery next door.

I took this shot from our table at the diner. I Love the Hub Caps.

The coffee station had a lovely variety of dark roast, pecan, light, and barely coffee.

I love the God Is Good All The Time sign over the coffee. It reminds you where you are.

On Sundays, the Local Catholic Mass is Simulcast into the diner, gas station, and restrooms. Just in case you missed church. God isn’t going to miss you!

Small towns, have such great charm. But what Charmed me most, was my man refilling my coffee, at the coffee bar, at a diner where there were no waitresses, just order and get your own stuff.

It’s always the little things. The big man, taking my coffee cup, and fixing it special for me. It doesn’t matter where you are, Gas Station dining can be quite romantic and special. It just matters who you are with.

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